Henry Ford II

American automotive industry executive (1917–1987)

Henry Ford II (September 4, 1917September 29, 1987) served terms as president, CEO and chairman of the Ford Motor Company from 1945 to 1980. He was the grandson of Henry Ford.

Henry Ford II in the Netherlands in March 1963


  • Airbags are a lot of baloney, no matter what Allstate says or no matter what the DOT says.
    • An Unreasonable Man (2006 documentary film, Henriette Mantel and Steve Skrovan; DVD special features)

Quotes about Henry Ford II

  • On occasion, people in power will sing a new tune once absolutely compelled to do so. In 1967 Henry Ford II declared angrily that if the government's safety standards were imposed, it "would shut down the industry." A decade later, in 1977, on NBC's Meet the Press, Mr. Ford recognized, "We wouldn't have had the kinds of safety built into automobiles that we have had unless there had been a federal law."
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