Henrik Larsson

Swedish association football player and manager

Henrik Edward Larsson MBE (born September 20, 1971, in Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden) is a Swedish football player.

Henrik Larsson

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  • You have to look beyond race because as a human being you have to experience the person from the inside first
    • Henrik Larsson [[1]]

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  • "People always talk about Ronaldinho, and everything but I didn't see him today - I saw Henrik Larsson. Two times he came on - he changed the game, that is what killed the game - sometimes you talk about Ronaldinho and Eto'o and people like that, you need to talk about the proper footballer who made the difference and that was Henrik Larsson tonight."
    • Thierry Henry, UEFA Champions' League Final 2006 (Arsenal 1-2 Barcelona) [[2]]
  • "The pleasure has been all ours... Sensational, from a sensational player"
    • Martin O'Neill, Celtic manager, 2004 [[3]]

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