Hellsing (manga)

Japanese manga series

Hellsing (1997–) is a manga, created by Kohta Hirano about the Hellsing Organization, a part of the Protestant church who hunts vampires.

Alucard edit

  • The Bird of Hermes is my name, Eating my Wings to make me tame.
    • Inscription on his coffin
  • What memories. I can smell everything...
    • On destroyed England
  • I can kill them without a moments hesitation, without a moments regret I can massacre them. Because I am a Monster
  • Hellsing . Hells gate Arrested . Gott Mit Uns . And Shine Heaven Now.
    • Inscription on Alucard's left glove

Alexander Anderson edit

  • Speak with Dead (later changed to 'Speak with the Dead.')
    • On the back of his Right Glove
  • Jesus Christ is in Heaven
    • On the back of his Left Glove

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