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Hello Again (film)

1987 film by Frank Perry


Kevin: Are you trying to get me to fall in love with the dog... and then with you?

Zelda: Are you crazy?

[points to squished fly]

Zelda: You just killed a transmigrating soul. I mean that could have been Beethoven, Boticelli... Jack Benny.

Lucy: [strugling to get into a dress] Argh! I feel like I'm caught in a Trojan! A pleated Trojan! With fringe!

Kevin: That look has real possibilities.

Lucy: You clean? This is cleaning, right? My son is cleaning? I never thought I'd live to see the day... actually I didn't.

Kim: Isn't this party absolutely sublime?
Lucy: Beats a cesspool backup.

Kim: Slim pickings this afternoon. They're married, or they dribble, or they're *otherwise engaged*.
Lucy: To each other?
Kim: Right!

Lucy: Will you lighten up? You didn't marry Hastings for his money!
Kim: Of course I did! What else do you get married for? Love? Love last 6, 8 months top. Money is forever.

Zelda: You should never help a human being who makes his living suctioning thigh fat.

Lucy: He's a brilliant doctor, and so creative!
Zelda: A tushy lift is creative?
Lucy: So, it's a not a sonnet.

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