Helen Pluckrose

British author and cultural writer

Helen Pluckrose is a British author and cultural writer known for critiques of critical social justice and promotion of liberal ethics, most notably in the grievance studies affair.

Pluckrose in 2019

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  • Helen Pluckrose: I thought I knew the rules but there were more layers and layers of rules than I thought, and I've actually been studying it for seven years.
    Heather Heying: Do you think that there is a kernel, inside all of this, that has some integrity?
    Helen Pluckrose: I don't think so because that base isn't liberal feminism, it's not gay pride, it's not the civil rights movement or anything like that. The base is postmodernism which had then had layers of critical theory and then, joined on the end, of the civil rights movement and appropriated it. So right at the base there is the hole. There is no objective knowledge. Everything is systems of power. So it didn't have a chance from the start.
    Heather Heying: The foundation is rotten.
    Helen Pluckrose: Yeah.

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