Helen Joyce

Irish journalist and mathematician

Helen Joyce (born 1968) is an Irish journalist and Gender-critical feminist. She studied as a mathematician and worked in academia before becoming a journalist. Joyce began working for The Economist as education correspondent for its Britain edition in 2005 and has since held several senior positions, including finance editor and international editor. Her book Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality in 2021. Since 2022, she has been the director of the Sex Matters pressure group.

Helen Joyce in 2018


  • "It is possible to feel differently about things," I wrote to myself the day I came back from my trip. "You don't have to be who you've always been. More things are choices than you imagined. Ordinary things are very beautiful if you've the eyes to see."
    • "My Adventures in Psychedelia", The New York Review of Books (11 October 2019)
    • On a visit to a countryside retreat in the Netherlands organised by the British Psychedelic Society.
  • As an atheist, I do not have to pay even lip service to any religion – in return for which I gladly accept the right of religious people to discuss their faith, wear its symbols, worship freely and proclaim positions I oppose, such as the immorality of same-sex marriage or the importance of wifely obedience. I demand the same freedom to reject and oppose gender-identity ideology, and in return gladly accept that others have the right to preach it and live by it.
  • It’s a very strange experience to be called "hateful" when all you’re doing is trying to protect human rights. I know what "hate" feels like. I recently had to report a threat made against me by a man who identifies as a woman. He tweeted saying that he would cut up my face and tear out my eyes.
  • When we can't speak freely, we can't expose scandals.

About Helen Joyce

  • [H]er target is the political focus of modern trans activism: “gender identity”. This is the idea that your perceptually invisible inner feelings about whether you are really a man, a woman, or neither, should trump any facts about your actual sex, wherever those feelings may differ. Joyce deals with the philosophical contradictions of gender identity ideology briskly but efficiently. If, as the “thought-terminating” mantra goes, trans women are women, what then is a woman?
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