Heavy Rain

2010 video game developed by Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain is an interactive drama video game developed by Quantic Dream exclusively for PlayStation 3. Heavy Rain's story is a dramatic thriller modeled after film noir, featuring four protagonists involved with the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who uses extended periods of rainfall to drown his victims.

Ethan MarsEdit

  • JASON!
  • I kidnapped my son, but I can't remember what happened. I don't know where he is, but the only way to find him is to let me out of here. I'm the only person who can save him.
  • I love my son, I love my son. If you keep me here, Shaun is going to die.
  • [if choosing to kill a thug] I'm a father, too. But I have no choice.
  • [if choosing to let a thug live] I'm a father, too. But I am not a killer.
  • I... I killed a man. I had no choice. I had no choice!
  • [pointing his gun to Scott] You're mad. You're completely fuckin' mad!
  • SHAUN!
  • I'm nowhere and I'm out of time. Damn fucking, shitty letter from this fucking, fucking address!! Come on! There's gotta be a way to do this!
  • I may only have time for one address. If shaun's not there I'm done (sighs) it's a crapshoot.
  • It's a restaurant...it's a goddamn restaurant! I got the wrong address! I screwed up! Everything! Christ! I'm so sorry shaun...so sorry.

Madison PaigeEdit

  • The owner of the apartment where Ethan cut off his finger lives here. Not much of a lead but it's all I've got...
  • Ethan, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
  • Paco Mendes... He's the guy who rented the Doc's apartment on Marble Street... I better be careful.
  • Paco seems to like his girls sexy, sexy in a kind of dumb way...
  • Looks like I flunked flirt class... He hasn't even looked my way!
  • Time to play the sexy girl!
  • The lamp! If only I could find some way to grab it...
  • [after knocking Paco out] That's what I call kicking butt! You go, girl!
  • [after unlocking the door to Scott's apartment] You haven't lost your touch, girl.
  • You can't let the kid die, Scott. He's not responsible for what happened to you.
  • You killed all these people, Scott, and for what? Nothing! Just to ease your pain! It has to stop now! It won't make your pain go away!
  • I know what you went through, Scott. You lost your twin brother. He was the only one who understood you, the only one who can talk to.
  • I understand you, Scott. There's nothing harder than not being loved by your parents. You must have been very brave.

Norman JaydenEdit

  • Video Memo recording. Agent 47023, Norman Jayden. Tuesday, October 4th, 2011. Time is, 8:14 am.
  • The killer is white, aged between 30 and 45. He doesn't act on impulse but plans his crimes in a very meticulous fashion. He doesn't have anything personal against the victims. That's why he covers their faces with mud, to make them anonymous.
  • Then I studied the geographical distribution of the murders. Generally a killer commits his first murder near to where he lives - so he has a safe place to flee to if any complications arise. The more confident he becomes, the further he roams from his base. By analyzing the locations where the victims disappeared, I was able to isolate a zone where the killer might live.
  • One detail attracted my attention. The interval between the time when a victim disappears and the time when the body is found ranges from three to five days, but the rainfall is always at 6 inches, give or take 10%.
  • I know you don't want to protect a murderer. If you know anything, you must tell us, Doctor.
  • Doctor, a child's life is at stake. You may know something that could help us save him.
  • I'm not here to judge you, Ethan, I'm trying to save the life of your son. We still have time, but it's running out. Help me, Ethan. Tell me what you know.
  • Look at these, Ethan. LOOK AT THESE! Eight photographs, eight lives taken. Drowned in the goddamn rain! Recognize this one, huh? That's your son, Ethan, that's Shaun. He is still alive! Talk to me, Ethan! Say something!
  • [about Blake] Fuck! That asshole has gone too far this time!
  • [to Mad Jack after "impressing" him] Oh shit, Jack, ain't nothing to it - just a little bit of self defense! Page 1 of the police manual - kill or be killed!
  • I seem to spend most of my time getting the shit kicked outta me.
  • [finding Madison's prints in a tape] Madison Paige... What was a journalist doing here?
  • [finding Madison's prints in a vial] Madison Paige... She may be a witness.
  • Better be careful. The killer might be near...
  • The old docks, the perfect place for a killer.
  • Let's hope I'm not mistaken... There'll be no one to save Shaun Mars if I've come to the wrong place.
  • The rainfall has reached critical levels. There's not much time left if I want to find the kid alive...
  • [after getting Scott's gun] Bastard, you're not gonna get away that easily...
  • Agent Norman Jayden, FBI. Tell Lieutenant Blake I've found Shaun Mars. Send men and an ambulance immediately to 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road fast!

Scott ShelbyEdit

  • If we don't find the killer, there'll be other mothers who'll find their son's body on a deserted wasteland. But you're right, why should you care? It's not your problem anymore, right?
  • Well, if you remember anything, the smallest detail, give me a call.
  • Goddamn asthma, can't breathe when it rains.
  • Oh, do you sell inhalers? I'm all out and at least I won't go away completely empty-handed...
  • Now I want you to put the gun back in your pocket and quietly walk out of the store. My friend and I will forget about what just happened and you'll have earned a second chance not to fuck up your life. What do you say?
  • Listen, an investigation like this is dangerous - and I don't have time to play the bodyguard.
  • [putting Madison at gunpoint] So you found my little secret.
  • I've been looking for a long, long time, Ethan... Looking for a father that would be able to do what mine could not do: sacrifice himself in order to save his son. Oh, I searched, searched, and searched... And then, I remembered you.
  • Congratulations, Ethan. You succeeded. You're the father that I have been looking for all these years, the man capable of giving his own life to save his son.
  • [encountering Madison] What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead! DEAD!!
  • John and I were like one person. When he died, it was like a part of me died with him.
  • It wasn't bravery, it was love. I held John's hand while he was drowning.
  • [after Madison gets his gun] Go ahead, shoot. What are you waiting for?
  • [encountering Norman] What are you doin' here?! You're NOT his father! Only his father can save him! You got no business here! I've been waiting for so long for a father capable of giving his life for his son, and what do I get?! Nothing! Nobody! What's real love if it isn't sacrifice? All these people saying they love each other - they're just a PACK OF LIARS!!! You shouldn't have got mixed up in this. You discovered my little secret and it will die with you...
  • Save me! Please, save me!


  • Adrian Baker: Everything has a price, my dear. What about you, do you have a price?
  • Adrian Baker: Did your mother ever tell you about accepting gifts from strangers?
  • Adrian Baker: Nosy little ferret... We're gonna have some fun together, my darling. I promise...
  • Adrian Baker: Say hello to Matthew. He claimed he had come for the census... Another one of those goddamn government spies.
  • Captain Perry: To be frank with you, I could have done without the FBI on this one, but the press are all over us. This Origami Killer case crept on us and it's fast becoming a national concern. There are hundreds of killers in this country, but whadda you know, this guy is exotic. He leaves flowers and origami figures. Work that one out. Then the press get on to it and we suddenly become the center of the universe.
  • Carter Blake: Exactly what time did you arrive in the park? Try to remember exactly, Mr. Mars. Every detail can be important.
  • Carter Blake: Goddamn it, we're wasting our time with this bullshit. The killer is out there somewhere and we gotta get off our asses and find him.
  • Carter Blake: Tell me, agent Jayden, did you get your vast experience on the job or did you just fuckin' read about it in some schoolbook?!
  • Carter Blake: Wait, think you can do a better fucking job than me with your psychological degree and your great glasses? Well, let me tell you something, pal, that don't mean zip when it comes to getting out there. You're just a fucking bureaucrat!
  • Carter Blake: FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!!
  • Carter Blake: Doctor, you are really pushing my buttons. The only thing I'm interested in is saving that kid's life. So you're gonna be a good boy and tell me what I wanna know or I'm really gonna LOSE MY TEMPER!
  • Carter Blake: C'mon, doc, there's an easy way and a hard way. It's your fuckin' choice.
  • Carter Blake: Ash, I want you to assign every available man to finding Ethan Mars. I want a man outside his place day and night. Notify all agencies to start looking for him. I want you to keep an eye on the train stations, the airports, the bus terminals. I want every cop in the city on his ass so that if he moves, we know about it. Yes, Ethan Mars is the Origami Killer.
  • Carter Blake: [after seeing Madison entering where Ethan is] She's going inside. Maybe she lives there? Just as well, we don't want anyone hanging around if Mars comes out.
  • Carter Blake: It's over. On your knees! Hands behind your head! Easy, pal. There's nowhere to go. You're surrounded.
  • Carter Blake: [after finding out Norman has let Ethan go] You're suspended, Jayden! The order's on it's way! I had you pegged from day one, you son of a bitch. You'll have all the time in the world to use your fuckin' glasses in prison. I hope you'll have fun.
  • Carter Blake: [when Norman accuses him of being the Origami Killer] Norman, you should be locked up. You're a fucking lunatic!
  • Carter Blake: Take your positions. Suspect is likely to be armed and dangerous. All personnel are ordered to shoot to kill. I repeat, shoot to kill!
  • Dupre: Ethan Mars has had psychological problems since his first son died. He feels responsible for his death. A sort of morbid neurosis. He is haunted by visions of drowning bodies. A few weeks ago, after one of our usual sessions, I found this on the floor - it must have fallen out of his pocket.
  • Mad Jack: Hey cracka, what'chu doin in there!?
  • Mad Jack: One of your cop buddies asking too many questions... I had to solder up his little mouth.
  • Mad Jack: Broke my fucking nose, pig!
  • Mad Jack: What? They letting you dopeheads in the FBI now? God bless America! Now, I'm gonna give you a little help with your drug problem, Mr. Five-O. Permanently...
  • Paco Mendez: [after Madison asks for a drink to "break the ice"] Oh, we already broke the ice baby... let's get wet!


Scott: Lauren Winter?
Lauren Winter: Sorry, I only see clients by appointment.
Scott: Wait.
Lauren Winter: It's 50 bucks. I don't kiss and I don't do any weird shit.
Scott: Fine by me.

Lauren Winter: You should take your clothes off. We ain't got all day.
Scott: Actually, I'm not a customer.
Lauren Winter: Oh shit, a cop! I shoulda known. What do you want, a freebee, is that it?

Scott: Tell me about Johnny. What kind of kid was he?
Lauren Winter: Johnny was really a good boy. Sometimes, he fought with other kids who called me a... you know. In his own way, I think he understood what was going on.

Scott: Did you suspect anyone after he disappeared?
Lauren Winter: I meet a lot of pretty shady characters in my line of work. Sure, I thought of it at first, but it didn't seem to make any sense. I don't believe any of my clients could have done that to my Johnny... and all those other kids?

Lauren Winter: [about to smoke] You want one?
Scott: No thanks, I quit.
Lauren Winter: That's brave.

Scott: How did your son disappear?
Lauren Winter: He used to go play with the neighborhood kids after school. It was pouring down something awful that day. I'll never forget it. All his friends came home around five. All except him...

Troy: What do you want, asshole?
Scott: Lauren? Is everything alright?
Troy: She's just swell. Now, beat it, loser!

Lauren Winter: Are you all right?
Scott: Better than him, I guess. Who is he?
Lauren Winter: An ex-client who thinks he owns me. He was getting violent, and I told him I didn't want to see him anymore.
Scott: Well, you should be careful. He'll probably be back.

Norman: Lieutenant Blake? I'm agent Norman Jayden from the FBI. I went by your office this morning. They told me you'd be here.
Carter Blake: Now if you're lookin' for rain, dead bodies and highways, you've come to the right place.

Norman: So, what happened?
Carter Blake: Some guy is taking his dog for a piss found the body about six o' clock this morning. We don't know much more right now. Based on what we have seen, it looks like the work of the Origami Killer.

Norman: Has the body been identified?
Carter Blake: No, not yet. We should know more later today.

Norman: Do we know the cause of death?
Carter Blake: There are no marks on the body. Chances are he was drowned, like the others.

Norman: Any witnesses?
Carter Blake: None yet. Given the neighborhood, I'd be surprised if anybody saw anything.

Norman: There are a lot of people on the crime scene. Aren't you afraid your men might destroy some clues?
Carter Blake: You don't find proof sitting behind a desk, and we're not in the habit of trampling things into the ground, even if we're not in the FBI.
Norman: No! No, of course, that's not what I meant.

Norman: The case seems to be attracting the attention of the media.
Carter Blake: Yeah, a greedy pack of vultures. These guys would kill their mothers for a scoop. Some investigation, it's becoming a three ring circus!

Carter Blake: Listen, I'm a little busy here. Why don't we discuss all this a little later back at the office.
Norman: No problem, I understand. Do you mind if I have a look around?
Carter Blake: Be my guest! Hey, Jayden, come and see me if you find anything, ok? We're on the same team now.

Hassan: Can I help you, sir?
Scott: I hope so. My name is Scott Shelby. I'm a private detective. I'm investigating the case of the Origami Killer. I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Hassan: My son is dead, Mr. Shelby. I have nothing more to say.

Scott: I also lost someone I loved. I know what you're feeling, and...
Hassan: Then you will understand that I do not wish to talk about it.

Norman: [about waiting for Captain Perry] You think it's gonna take long?
Charlene: No, he should be finish soon.

Captain Perry: I'm off, Charlene. I'll look at the reports later. Cancel all of the appointments for this afternoon.
Charlene: Ok. Oh, captain? Agent Norman Jayden from the FBI is here.
Captain Perry: Jayden, of course. We've been expecting you. I'm in a bit of a hurry? Do you mind tagging along?
Norman: Yeah, of course.

Norman: I wanted to introduce myself before getting started but perhaps, there's a better time...
Captain Perry: No, no, now is fine. I've just got to get to the press conference. We have them everyday now. Believe me, it's not always easy finding something to tell them. Fortunately, today we have some news.

Captain Perry: Have you met Lieutenant Blake yet?
Norman: Yeah, we met this morning.
Captain Perry: He has his own methods, but he's a good cop. I'm sure you'll get on well together.

Captain Perry: Oh, go see Charlene. She'll show you to your office. Check in on the press conference if you're interested. It'll give you an idea of the political climate around here.
Norman: Thank you, sir.
Captain Perry: Welcome to the club, Jayden.

Norman: I'm ready to start. Maybe we should kick off by talking about the case.
Carter Blake: I have some work to finish here. Let's talk about that later if you don't mind.
Norman: Ok, no problem. Just let me know if you're available.

Carter Blake: All right, that's all the questions I have for now. You're free to go, Mr. Mars. We'll continue to look for Shaun overnight. We'll contact you if we have any more questions.
Ethan: Do... do you think the Origami Killer...
Carter Blake: Listen, your son's probably just run off, and he'll turn up in a couple of hours.
Ethan: But what if it is the Origami Killer?
Carter Blake: Well then we've got about four days to find him alive.

Ash: Why does he kill them if he doesn't have anything against them?
Norman: For him, they're more of an image, a symbol. That's why he gives them an origami figure and an orchid as gifts to apologize for what he's done to them.
Carter Blake: Very interesting, and where does all that get us?

Norman: The best way of tracking a predator is to be familiar with his behavior.
Carter Blake: That may be true in novels, but there's a child's life at stake here.
Captain Perry: Continue, Jayden.

Carter Blake: And what size is this er... "zone"?
Norman: For the moment, about ten square mile.
Carter Blake: Oh great, there must be ten thousand people living in that sort of area. You gonna question them one by one?

Captain Perry: So what's next?
Norman: Two suspects whose psychological profiles might fit and can be connected to the "comfort" zone. I'd like to question them.

Captain Perry: You said it took 6 inches of rainfall before the victim died. How much time do we have left?
Norman: If the weather forecasts are right, less than 72 hours.

Norman: [after there is no answer at Nathaniel's door] No answer. We've wasted our time coming here.
Carter Blake: Maybe we should have a little look inside anyway.
Norman: There's nobody home.
[Blake opens the door by kicking it]
Carter Blake: There is now.
Norman: I'm not sure that's entirely legal.
Carter Blake: Call the cops.

Carter Blake: Why didn't you shoot?
Norman: Sorry?
Carter Blake: Back there; Nathaniel coulda had a gun! Coulda killed me! Why didn't you shoot?
Norman: I prefer to have all the information before I make a decision. I try to make rational choices when possible.
Carter Blake: Oh, come on, you had a split second to react. Nathaniel coulda whacked me before you even had time to move!
Norman: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were a tough guy. A street cop who's been through the mill. I didn't think you'd scare so easily
Carter Blake: Why don't you fuck off, Norman.

Carter Blake: Was that the first time?
Norman: Sorry?
Carter Blake: First time you killed somebody? It always does something to you the first time. Then you get used to it...

Carter Blake: Miroslav Korda?
Miroslav Korda: Yeah?
Carter Blake: Lieutenant Carter Blake. I'd like to ask you some questions.

Lauren Winter: I-I just remembered something. Maybe it's not important, but a letter arrived in the mall the morning Johnny disappeared.
Scott: A letter? What kind of letter?
Lauren Winter: It was addressed to Johnny's father. I don't know what was inside it, but he read it and then he left. That's the last time I saw him.
Scott: And you think there is a connection between that letter and Johnny's death, is that it? Do you remember anything else about the letter?
Lauren Winter: Well, I don't know why, but I kept the envelope.

Scott: Well, thanks for your help, Lauren. I'll let you know if it leads to anything.
Lauren Winter: Wait, I-I can't just sit around and do nothing while you're out there looking for the man who killed my son. Ever since you came 'round, I've been thinking, and I... I want to come with you, help you in your investigation.

Scott: You're really somethin' special, Lauren. I'll give you that.
Lauren Winter: I'm just a mother, a mother who wants to find out who killed her son. Are we partners?
Scott: We're partners.

Scott: Maybe you better stay in the car.
Lauren Winter: We're partners, remember? Wherever you go, I go!

Lauren Winter: So, what are we doing here?
Scott: We've come to see Gordi Kramer.
Lauren Winter: Kramer? That bigwig tycoon from Kramer Construction?
Scott: His son.
Lauren Winter: You think maybe he's the Origami Killer?
Scott: For now, I just have a few questions that need answers.

Lauren Winter: [about the Kramer mansion] What a joint! Kramer must be loaded. Whatcha think he paid for all this shiny crap?
Scott: We'll discuss Kramer's decor another time.

Scott: Mr. Kramer?
Gordi Kramer: Sssshhhh, this is the best part.

Scott: It's a dangerous game you're playing, Kramer.
Gordi Kramer: Do you know who my father is? He only has to lift one finger and you won't wake up tomorrow morning. You're the one that should be afraid, Mr. Shelby, not me.

Norman: You have no right to hit him.
Carter Blake: I'm saving a kid's life for Christ's sake! If you don't like it, leave!

Norman: If you don't let go of this man immediately, I'll report you, and you'll be off the case.
Carter Blake: What the hell is the matter with you, Norman? What, are you getting cold feet? You don't want to save Shaun Mars anymore?
Norman: I want to save Shaun Mars just as much as you do, but that doesn't give me all rights. So you're gonna stop this shit right now!

Carter Blake: [after Norman pushes him for beating Dupre] What's up with you, Norman? You getting cold feet? You don't like to get your hands dirty, huh?! I thought you wanted to save that kid!
Norman: I want to save Shaun Mars just as much as you do, but that doesn't give me the freedom to do what the hell I like. So you're gonna stop this shit right now!

Scott: Nice shot.
Charles Kramer: Thank you. Please come in, Mr. Shelby. Would you care for a coffee?
Scott: No thanks.

Charles Kramer: My son had nothing to do with that sordid case.
Scott: Well then he has nothing to fear from my investigation.

Charles Kramer: I'm an influential man, Mr. Shelby, and I pay very well for loyalty.
Scott: Are you trying to buy me?
Charles Kramer: Let's just say I'm trying to show you where your interest lies. How much do you want to leave my son alone?
Scott: I think you misunderstood me. I don't play that game.
Charles Kramer: Don't go near my son, Mr. Shelby. If you do, you'll regret it.
Scott: Have a nice day, Mr. Kramer.

Norman: What's he doing in there?
Carter Blake: Beats me, you're the profiler, right? I thought you were supposed to be right inside the killer's head.
Norman: That's just it. What I know of Ethan Mars doesn't match the killer's psychological profile.
Carter Blake: I know what the jury's gonna choose between your theories and concrete proof.

Carter Blake: [after seeing Madison] What the fuck is that girl doing there? If Mars comes out now, she's gonna be in trouble.
Policeman: What do we do, lieutenant? Wanna get her out?
Carter Blake: No, stand down.

Carter Blake: Stay here, Jayden.
Norman: Out of the question. I'm coming with you.

Policeman: Lieutenant, there's a man and woman exiting the alley.
Carter Blake: A woman? Shit, it's that girl who went in! Everyone, downstairs! They're in the alley! Follow them!

ARI Barman: Problems with the investigation?
Norman: Blake is convinced that Mars is the killer.
ARI Barman: Not you? I thought there was some evidence to that effect.
Norman: That's true, but it just doesn't make sense. His psychological profile doesn't fit, neither does the geolocalization. I can't see this father drowning eight victims before kidnapping his own kid. Mars is not the Origami Killer, I'd stake my life on it.
ARI Barman: Then who is?
Norman: I haven't the faintest fuckin' idea...

ARI Barman: Oh, one last thing sir, you should be careful not to over-indulge in 'you-know-what'. It can be dangerous. Very dangerous.
Norman: I'm trying to keep a handle on it. But... it's difficult. It gets more and more difficult.
ARI Barman: It'll end up killing you if you're not careful. That would be most unfortunate, sir.

Carter Blake: Time's running out, Ethan, and frankly, I don't care why you did it. The only thing I want to know is where you've hidden Shaun.
Ethan: I don't know. I would have already saved him if I knew where he was!
Carter Blake: Ok, this is your last chance, Ethan, and this time, I suggest you think carefully before you answer. Where is Shaun?
Ethan: I told you I don't know!

Carter Blake: [putting Norman at gunpoint after he punches him in the face] You wanna play games, asshole? Come on, let's play a little game!
Norman: You're out of your mind, Blake! This is gonna cost you your badge!
Carter Blake: You'd better get the hell out of here, Norman, before I give in to the temptation to paint the walls with your fuckin' brains!

Norman: Carter, stop! I'm gonna report you for this!
Carter Blake: Go ahead, get the hell outta here. I couldn't stand you from the very beginning, Norman. Now get the fuck out!

Norman: Blake is trying to beat a confession out of Ethan Mars. You've got to do something!
Captain Perry: Which is more important, Norman? Finding little Shaun Mars or sparing that lowlife a few bruises? You can't make omelets without breaking a few eggs.
Norman: Goddamn, Ethan Mars is innocent! We've got to get back to looking for Shaun if we want to have any chance of finding him alive.
Captain Perry: This case has worn you out, Norman. You need some time-off to think it through.

Perry: Did Mars confess?
Carter Blake: No, not yet. he lost consciousness. We'll give him a break and then we'll get back to him.
Perry: He must be tougher than I thought.
Carter Blake: Tough or not, he'll crack. They all do.
Perry: In any case, congratulations, lieutenant. You've done a fine job. I've called a press conference, gonna kick off in one hour. I expect it'll be quite an event.
Carter Blake: Don't you wanna wait until we've actually got his confession.
Perry: No point, we got him dead to rights.

Ethan: I've gotta go. I've gotta save my son.
Norman: I'll see what I can do...

Norman: Here, put this on. They're having a break. If you're quick, you'll be able to slip out without being noticed. Head straight to the exit - Don't stop, don't talk, don't even think. Just walk...
Ethan: I don't know what to say.
Norman: Just say you're going to save your son. I hope I won't regret that.

Scott: What are you doing?
Lauren Winter: I'm calling the police.
Scott: The killer has already called the police. I think he wants us to be his scapegoats. We've got to get the hell out of here.
Lauren Winter: What do you mean? We have nothing to do with his death. We were just here when it happened.
Scott: Look, we're running out of time to find Shaun Mars. The last thing we need is 24 hours in a police station explaining this whole thing.

Ash: So, you claim the victim was killed while you were in his shop, correct?
Scott: Yes, he went to get something in his office. A few minutes later I went in to see if he was ok, that's when I found him.
Ash: You should have called the police immediately, Mr. Shelby. It would have saved us dragging your ass down here.
Scott: Listen, we had nothing to do with this murder. We were only there by coincidence. I just wanted to spare myself a few hours declaring I didn't see anything to a police officer!
Ash: P.I. or not, Mr. Shelby, don't leave town. If you end up next door to any more dead bodies, remember to call us, ok?

Carter Blake: Well, well, Scott Shelby, you in trouble again?
Scott: Wrong time, wrong place! You know what it's like...
Carter Blake: Don't sweat it. I'll take care of it, for old time's sake.
Scott: Thanks, Carter, I owe you one.
Carter Blake: Are you onto anything at the moment?
Scott: Well, I've got some ideas, nothing concrete...
Carter Blake: Well, if it goes beyond the ideas stage, you'd tell me about it, wouldn't you, Scott?
Scott: Sure.

Lauren Winter: Where are we, going?
Scott: I'm taking you home. This is getting way too dangerous.
Lauren Winter: No way! We're partners, remember? We had a deal!

Madison: Hi, I was told you can get Betropen without a prescription.
Adrian Baker: Sorry, you were misinformed. Goodbye.
Madison: Hold on! I-I-I really need your help here. I can pay!
Adrian Baker: Why didn't you say so? Please come in.

Adrian Baker: Sooo, you're looking for Betropen, my dear? Are you having trouble sleeping? How much do you need?
Madison: I don't know. About three or four boxes?
Adrian Baker: Well now, that shouldn't be a problem.

Madison: I heard you had some apartments for rent? I'm looking.
Adrian Baker: Sorry, darling. Those are all booked up.
Madison: Shame... I was looking for something 'round Marble Street.

Norman: I'm looking for the owner of a blue Chevrolet Malibu 83. I don't give a damn how the car got here or whether you stole it or not. I just want to know who bought it from you.
Mad Jack: Sorry, man, don't ring a bell. I got a real bad memory for names.

Mad Jack: Broke my fucking nose, pig!
Norman: Next I'm gonna blow a hole in your face! Now spill! All of it!

Norman: Do you like fireworks, Jack? 'Cause I'll bet them gas tanks are gonna blow up real nice.
Mad Jack: Shit, man, don't mess with the gasoline!
Norman: We'll just say it was an accident, or rather, I'll say it was an accident 'cause you won't really be able to talk, will ya, Jack?

Madison: I'm looking for Paco, Paco Mendez!
Bartender: What?
Madison: Paco Mendez! Do you know him?
Bartender: I should, he's the boss! He's over there in the VIP lounge.
Madison: Ok, thanks.

Madison: I've got to speak to Paco.
Bouncer: That's not possible. Mr. Mendez has asked not to be disturbed.

Madison: I'm sorry, I think there's been a little misunderstanding. Look, I'll just go. No harm done? Another time!
Paco Mendez: I think it is you are misunderstood, honey. I'm tired of wasting my time. It's now or never, and I never take never for an answer.

Paco Mendez: Shit, what you want?
Madison: You rent an apartment on Marble Street. I want to know why.
Paco Mendez: An apartment? I don't know what you're talkin' about.

Norman: I'm here to see Paco.
Bouncer: Paco? There ain't no Paco here, fella. Get lost.
[Norman shows his ID]
Norman: Are you absolutely certain?
Bouncer: He's in his office. Take the stairs over there.

Norman: Did Paco know the guy who came to see him?
Guard: Sorry, I don't speak "cop".

Norman: Watch my lips, asshole, 'cause I've got no time to translate. Did Paco know the guy - yes or no?
Guard: John... He said his name was John. Friend of Paco's, always let him straight up.

Charles Kramer: You should have listened to me, Mr. Shelby. I told you to drop the investigation.
Scott: Your son is a serial killer. How many people does he have to kill before you turn him in?
Charles Kramer: Gordi has his faults, but he's still my son! You have no children, Mr. Shelby. You can't possible understand. You leave me no choice. Your investigation is over. For good.

Scott: You got a car back at your place. Mine's obviously pretty fucked up.
Lauren Winter: Yeah, sure. What are you gonna do?
Scott: I'm gonna go settle a few scores. C'mon, I'll take you home. Lock your doors and windows, and don't let anybody in but me.
Lauren Winter: Be careful, Scott. I don't want to lose you.

Scott: Your idiot son killed all those kids, didn't he? He's the Origami Killer!
Charles Kramer: No, no! He's innocent! He's not a killer! Not a killer!

Scott: You're a fuckin' liar! Now tell me the truth!
Charles Kramer: No, no, please don't hurt me!
Scott: Last chance.

Carter Blake: All packed up and ready to go?
Norman: What are you talking about?
Carter Blake: The investigation's over. We know who did it. We no longer need your services anymore, Norman. So you can ride your files all the way back to Washington. I'd be lying if I said I was going to miss you.

Norman: Blake, you're are an unbalanced, psychopathic asshole!
Carter Blake: I'll take that as a compliment.

Carter Blake: You let Ethan Mars go, you fuck!
Norman: What are you talking about?
Carter Blake: Asshole, you fucked up! You forgot about the camera in the interrogation room! We got it all on film!

Norman: Show me your left wrist.
Carter Blake: What?
Norman: Your left wrist.
[Carter Blake shows his left wrist, revealing a gold watch]
Norman: The killer's got the same gold watch.
Carter Blake: Yeah, and so does every cop in this precinct whose made lieutenant, so does every person who's ever bought one in some shitty mall. What's your fucking point?
Norman: It's a pretty odd coincidence.
Carter Blake: What are you trying to say, Norman? Are you accusing me of being the Origami Killer?

Captain Perry: [after Norman accuses Blake of being the Origami Killer] Jesus Christ, Jayden, you completely off your head?! Accusing Lieutenant Blake of being the Origami Killer?!
Norman: I have proof, captain.
Captain Perry: Your proof is a load of bull, Norman! All you have is a load of crack pot theories! I'm taking you off the case. Pack your bags and go back to Washington. Your superiors will hear about all this, believe me!

Madison: It's over, Scott. All those children killed just to find a father capable of saving his son?
Scott: Shut up! You don't understand.
Madison: There's one child left. There might still be time to save him. Let him go! Do what your father couldn't do!

Ethan: Hello?
Madison: Ethan? It's Madison. I know where Shaun is! He's at 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road. He's still alive. You can still save him.
Ethan: I'm on my way.
Madison: Be careful, Ethan, the killer's still out there.
Ethan: No one's gonna stop me from saving my son.

Norman: Norman Jayden.
Madison: My name is Madison Paige. You don't know me, I'm a journalist. We don't have much time so listen carefully. Ethan Mars is innocent. The killer's name is Scott Shelby. Shaun Mars is at 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road. Got all that?
Norman: Wait, I know this already. I'm on way to the warehouse. I gotta go.

Ethan: All those murders just to find a father capable of saving his son?
Scott: Just to find a father?! Do you have any idea how it feels to be a worthless nothing in your father's eyes? Believe me, I've suffered! Just as much as my victims...

Carter Blake: Ash, are the snipers in position?
Ash: Yes, lieutenant, they're ready on your command.
Carter Blake: Perfect, he won't get away this time. We'll gun him down as soon as he shows his face.

Carter Blake: Hey, you there! What are you doing?
Madison: Lieutenant, my name is Madison Paige, I'm a journalist. I have proof that Ethan Mars is innocent. He's not the Origami Killer.
Carter Blake: Ash, what is a journalist doing here? I thought I told everybody to keep their mouths shut. Now get her out of here. I don't want her getting in the way.

Ethan: Madison, what's going on?
Madison: The cops, they're out there. They have the building surrounded. They'll shoot you if you go outside!
Ethan: I'll go out alone. I'll talk to them, I'll explain.
Madison: You'd be dead before you can even open your mouth! Look, we'll all go out together with our hands in the air. They can't possibly shoot us. I have the evidence that proves your innocence, Ethan.

Ethan: You got what you wanted. I finished your trials. Now let us go!
Scott: I'm afraid that's not possible. Your lady friend knows my little secret. I don't intend to end my days in prison. I'm going to have to kill you both. I'm sorry, Ethan. You earned my respect.

Norman: Did you find Shaun Mars?
Madison: He's stuck in the well. He's drowning. Quick, help me get him out!

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