Heat Guy J

Japanese anime television series

Heat Guy J (2002–2004) This Science-fiction animé series chronicles the cases and adventures of a young Special Services officer named Daisuke Aurora and his powerful android partner simply named "J." Despite his robotic nature, J has a strict moral code and frequently espouses his personal aphorisms on how "A Man" should behave, while Daisuke affects a laid-back cynical air which conceals his compassionate heroism. Other characters include Kyoko Milchan, the young auditor of the Special Services division and Antonia Belucci, a scientist responsible for maintaining J.

Season 1


Machi (Guy) [1.1]

[Unwelcome advice]
J: Daisuke, it's time to get up; A Man should not show signs of pain in front of the enemy.
Daisuke: If I'm lucky, the rain'll rust your mouth shut!

[Discussing how J keeps his energy up]
J: A Man recharges his being by letting his soul float peacefully in the semi-darkness.
Daisuke: You mean sleeping?
J: Actually, I was referring to meditation.

Honô (War) [1.2]

[When J is stripped to his chassis following an explosion]
Daisuke: Oh I think you look fine just the way you are J, really.
J: A Man's appearance is a very personal choice.

[Tenacity vs. boredom]
Daisuke: It's always the same, J; Same old boring routine!
J: When a Man starts to question the limits of his endurance, defeat prepares to pounce!
Daisuke: You mean "Don't complain", right? Easy for you to say, but I'm not a machine.
J: Then face it like a Man, Daisuke.
Daisuke: Yeah, yeah, yeah; I'll do my best - starting tomorrow OK?
J: A self-respecting and honourable Man does his best every day.

Uwasa (Bomb) [1.3]

[Weight-loss and other superficial concerns]
J: Antonia, your body-fat percentage has decreased; are you eating regularly?
Antonia: Yes, nothing to worry about; but I am worried about the damage to your body.
J: A Man shouldn't worry about his body. Vanity is the fertile soil for the seeds of self-destruction.

[When making a foolhardy attempt to find a bomb hidden in your office building]
Daisuke: A Man ought to protect his own home, don't you think?

Kemono (Chaos) [1.4]

[Finding the right amount of sentimentality]
Daisuke: J, the stars are all out!
J: The stars shining in the sky; the legacy of the past guiding you to your destiny.
Daisuke: The starlight we're seeing now was actually emitted a long time ago, right?
J: It is dangerous for a Man to be too sentimental, he must accept reality in its own terms.
Daisuke: Sometimes reality is too harsh, J. A man's gotta enjoy life too.

Warabe (Doll) [1.5]

[Facing possible oblivion]
Antonia: J, I'm shutting your power down in 30 seconds.
J: A good sleep gives a Man great comfort.

[Male bonding]
J: A Man must fight for his good and true friend.
Daisuke: Oh sure, go ahead and pretend like we're good friends now!

[On being the midwife of destiny]
Daisuke: Hey J, Check out all the colours in the sunset!
J: At day's end, a Man will often fall into deep thoughts. However..
Daisuke: I Know that one; "If you look too deeply into your past, you'll lose sight of the future.", right?
J: A Man only exists to bring the future into being.
Daisuke: It's all I can do to get through today.

Yoku (Money) [1.6]

[Daisuke gets the last word]
J: A Man should not have to make excuses.
Daisuke: Augh! Whose side are you on anyway? And let's not forget, you went in first!
J: You have a point

[Daisuke is not in the mood for philosophy]
Daisuke: Hey J, check out the clouds!
J: When a Man looks up to the sky there is an expectation of hope.
Daisuke: I just don't like walking around with my head hanging down.
J: It is in the aesthetics of a Man not to reveal true feelings.
Daisuke: I don't care about aesthetics, I just want to take a shower.

Kataki (Circulation) [1.7]

[Losing his pendant causes Daisuke to lose a fight]
J: A Man must always keep his eye on the enemy. It's absolutely imperative.

[Then J knocks the pendant down a drain]
J: Although it was an accident, a Man must take responsibility for actions that are his fault. I am sorry Daisuke.

[More bonding-through-beating-people-up]
Boma: So why did you come to help me?
J: It is because a Man does not desert a friend.
Boma: A friend?

[On superstition, and the benefits of keeping an open mind]
J: A Man who is overly influenced by accepted ideas cannot step into the future.
Daisuke: I just like to take a detour here and there, that's all.

Hibiki (Brother) [1.8]

[After rescuing someone from a mugging]
Daisuke: Tch! Didn't even bother to say thanks!
J: A Man should never expect to be thanked.
Daisuke: Yeah-yeah.

[J fails the Turing test]
Daisuke: I'm feeling really good!
J: A good feeling in a Man will often cause him to do things that bring forth a new challenge.
Daisuke: I'm not in the market for any trouble, you know.
J: A real Man has a true feeling like this deep in his heart.
Daisuke: So d'you think you know how I'm feeling right now? Is that what you're trying to say?
J: A Man shouldn't be too curious unless it's necessary.

Kizuna (Trust) [1.9]

[After Daisuke gets slapped by Monica's mother for dropping Monica on the floor after she yells at Daisuke to let go]
Daisuke: So how did I end up being the bad guy?, i didn't even get a thank you.
J: If a man has good itentions, he should not expect thanks.
[Monica smiles at Daisuke]
J: Words are not the only way for one to express appreciation.

Tama (Guns) [1.10]


Maboroshi (Mirage) [1.11]


Hikari (Visitor) [1.12]


Daisuke: J, find the shortest route. Ahhh, J?
J: This is the shortest route.
Daisuke: You can't really call it a route if you can't actually cross it. Maybe it's best if I stay up here for now.
J: A man shouldn't back away from the fear that lies in front of him.

J: A man should try hard and always do his best at work and never be concerned with what the outcome may be.

Geki (Encounter) [1.13]


Tamashî (Arrow) [1.14]

Princess: Hatred is something that can be forgiven in time. That is a sign of true human strength.
Daisuke: i don't know about that, I think if someone can follow their hatred with pure resolve, then that's a sign of true strength as well. It also seems to be a strength that I am yet to possess.

Daisuke: There's a little thing in this city called "the law". I'm afraid that criminals aren't forgiven.

Hana (Target) [1.15]


Riku (Survival) [1.16]


Wakare (Independence) [1.17]


Kokoro (Truth) [1.18]


Omoi (Fake) [1.19]


Tomo (Tears) [1.20]


Shima (Fortress) [1.21]


Chichi (Play) [1.22]

Ken Edmundo: (Getting annoyed at Monica) Having money does not mean that you'll live a happy life.
Monica: Oh yeah! Then how come you can't live happily without it?

Kurui (Alteration) [1.23]


Yuki (Revolution) [1.24]


J: " A man should not speak through words, he should instead speak through his heart so that everyone understands how he feels "

Otoko (Guys) [1.25]

Soldier: If you go against the laws of the Revelutionary new government you will be deported from Judoh!
Clair: I'm really sorry, but I made a man promise and I intend to keep this promise even if I have to defend it... (Picks up a grenade.) ... with my life!

J: " A man should find what he searches for on his journey "


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