He Xuntian

Chinese musician

He Xuntian (Chinese: 何训田, born in 1952 ) , Distinguished composer, Creator of a new musical language, professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. [1][2]

He Xuntian in 2006


Sunyata DanceEdit

  • Udumbara don’t smell like papaver.
Source language: 优昙波罗不芬芳米囊的芬芳。
  • Non-Western, non-Eastern, non-academic, non-folk, and non-non.
Source language: 非西方、非东方、非学院、非民间,非非。 [3]
Sunyata Dance, Edition Schott, 2013. [4]


  • On the day / While closing my eyes in the mist of the sacred temple / I suddenly heard / The true world of your prayer
Source language: 那一天/闭目在经殿香雾中/蓦然听见/你颂经中的真言
In that month / I turned around all the prayer wheels / Not for the purpose of purification / But for caressing your finger tips
In that year / I knocked my head for a long time on the mountain path / Not for the purpose of pilgrimage / But for pressing near the warmth of your body
During that life / I turned around mountains, rivers, and Buddhist towers / Not for seeking after a better future life / But for meeting you on the way
那一世 /转山转水转佛塔啊 /不为修来生/只为途中与你相见 [5]
Voices From the Sky III, Warner Music, 1997.

Passing By the Earth (1999)Edit

  • Every single living human being who encountered the first ray of light of this new century will pass away this century
Source language: ( 遭遇新世纪第一缕阳光的全人类所有活着的人都将会在本世纪死去 )
  • If I should make it to
the final destination still clear-minded
Source language: 如果我走完最后的终点仍然很清醒

could you even guess that
my intangible hand would still be strumming your lost lute?

if I should push open that
sunlight-uncontaminated yet-to-be constructed city gate and
still can find no place to rest

do you think that
your departed face could ever find my unborn pair of eyes?
你那逝去的脸是否寻得着我那双未出生的眼睛 [5]
Scent Dance III, Edition Schott, 2013.

Di Wei Shin Kan, New Wei Shin Kan (Paradise Inferno)Edit

But why they turn back seeing it
Source language: 人人都想往天堂 / 为什么人们一见就回头

We all fear the Hell
But why they all linger there long
Source language: 人人都害怕地狱 / 为什么人们一去永不愿归 [5]
Sister Drum IV, Warner Music, 1995.


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