Hawthorne Heights

American post-hardcore band

Hawthorne Heights is an American rock band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2001.


The Silence in Black and White (2004)Edit

Ohio is For LoversEdit

  • So I cut my wrists and black my eyes

My heart is in Ohio

You kill me well

You like it too and I can tell.

You never stop until my final breath is gone.

  • Spare me just three last words.

"I love you" is all she heard.

Life on standbyEdit

  • Time to let go of all we know

and break our hearts in stride.

  • Just say that it's over,

It's over and she's gone.

  • (WAKE UP!) Wake up now it's over...

(WAKE UP!) Just tell me it's ok to die

Dissolve and DecayEdit

  • Sit back and let her die slowly don't cry, she didn't love you anyway.

Dissolve and decay there's nothing left for me.

  • Just try to make it out alive, yeah, alive means your blood is flowing

Niki FMEdit

  • Let's go down now into the darkness of your thoughts
  • I'm outside of your window with my radio
  • you are the only station. you play the song I know.

w:Fragile Future (2008)Edit

The Business of Paper StarsEdit

  • Don't hesitate to remember everything.
  • Its easy to forget where you are and where you've been.
  • Save yourself from all the trust you'll never earn

We will all learn from the liars mouth. Save yourself from everything you have learned.

  • Let us die or let us live.

If you want more there's none to give.

Rescue MeEdit

  • Just Breathe. The midnight air will do you well.
  • I'll break the fall for you, my dear.

I'll ask the nurse for bandages.

  • Rescue me from everything, I just wanna live.

I wish I could breathe

  • Someone please start making sense

And beg the lord for accidents

Sugar in the EngineEdit

  • Look closely life isn't what it seems sometimes
  • Act lonely and just hope one day you'll feel alive


  • So listen up and just let the music play
  • The night keeps blending in, the only way i can make it through the day is to try to make amends.

Somewhere in betweenEdit

  • Your an angel, I'm a devil, but we'll meet somewhere in between
  • Your a dream and I'm a nightmare, but we'll meet somewhere in between
  • In the dark I'm so far from the stop light

Can you see me now?

  • I turn my back and walk away

Away from the pain Screaming loud Drowning out by the sound of the rain

  • Your the minutes, I'm the hours

But we'll meet somewhere in between I say we meet at a quarter to three

  • Listen up I found enough of arms waiting

I need you more, right now that I ever did

Corps of CorpsesEdit

  • And all of the corpses walk step by step to the rythm of your once beating heart
  • Sometimes it hurts the most to be who you are
  • You can change your mind but you cant change your heart.
  • To find the end you gotta know where to start.
  • You said she is so evil but she looks like heaven to me

I'd follow her to hell and back again.

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