Have Dreams, Will Travel

2007 film

Have Dreams, Will Travel (also known as West Texas Lullaby, A West Texas Children's Story, and Dream It Out Loud) is a 2007 drama film set in the 1960s. Inspired by true story, It was written and directed by Brad Isaacs and stars AnnaSophia Robb and Cayden Boyd.


  • Yelling is extremely destructive to a relationship. You think you're communicating at the time but... the effect is completely the opposite.


Ben (about his life): But one thing I do know...is my folks never should have married. And they definitely should've never had a kid. But they did. That happens. The randomness of life and all that.

Cassie: Do you even have the slightest concept of what that does to one's appetite?
Ben: Not really.
Cassie: My liver is partially lacerated but... I don't have a clue what it does to your appetite.

Cassie: Well, I'm very flawed. Extremely flawed, if you want to know the truth.
Ben (about his life): I looked up the word "flawed" in the dictionary. I kind of knew what it meant but, after reading the definition... I began to wonder if maybe I was flawed, too.

Ben (about his life): But the strangest part was that for the first time in my life... I started to feel something for someone other than myself. It scared the hell out of me, if you want to know the truth. But I liked it.

Cassie: There's what happens to you in life and there's what you make happen. It's the difference between having a plan and not.

Cassie: How much did you get?
Ben: 25 bucks.
Cassie: Well, it's 25 more bucks than we had before.

Cassie: See, a real plan is more than just some pipe dream.
Ben: Pipe dream?
Cassie: A pipe dream is an unrealistic fantasy... that deludes oneself into thinking that it's an actual plan.
: ...
Cassie: Anyway, a real plan is an actual goal... that you believe in enough to create a set of circumstances... which leads you to and into a plan.

Cassie: So, what's your plan? It's important. I need to know what kind of plan you have for your life.

Ben: OK. I want to be a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals.
Cassie: So, you'll be a pitcher for the Cardinals? I like that plan.
Ben: Do you know how many kids my age want to play in the Major Leagues?
Cassie: No. But I don't think it matters.
Ben: I'm just saying it's more what you'll call a pipe dream than an actual plan.
Cassie: Are you any good?
Ben: I'm always the best in my league.
Cassie: Is it what you really want to do?
Ben: Yeah.
Cassie: Then, it's not a pipe dream, it's a plan. Learn to embrace it.

Ben: What's the problem?
Cassie: Yelling is extremely destructive to a relationship. You think you're communicating at the time but... the effect is completely the opposite.
: ...
Cassie: Hey, don't make promises you're not prepared to keep.
Ben: I'm supposed to try it, you know.
Cassie: It goes without saying.

Cassie: Come on, let's get some sleep. Got a big day tomorrow.
Ben: What's happening tomorrow?
Cassie: We're getting married.
Ben: Cas...
Cassie: Yeah.
Ben: Are we really getting married tomorrow? I mean, actually?
Cassie: Yes. It's a major part of the plan.

Henderson: Missus not here?
Ben: She's in town at the library. She figures I ought to learn how to write so... I have something to do when my baseball career is over.

Henderson: I'm not a good person, I don't think. I've lived a clumsy... selfish life.
Ben: You seem like an OK guy to me.
: ...
Ben: Can I ask you something?
Henderson: Sure.
Ben: Did you start out thinking you were good... my age, I mean?
Henderson: I like to think I did... To be honest, I don't really know. I like that pitch.
Cassie: What's wrong?
Ben: I just don't understand grown-ups sometimes.
(Henderson leaves the scene)
Ben (to Cassie): If that's the lesson to learn, I think he hates himself.

Ben: We're married, you know. That's supposed to count for something.
Cassie: He was a nice guy, sweet talked. It wasn't like I kissed him or anything, geez!
Ben: You know? Whatever!
Cassie: Jealousy. It's a good trait to have in a husband... unless of course he gets overly possessive.

Cassie: You are absolutely incredible. I mean, seriously, it was like watching "Hamlet" or something. Maybe you should be an actor when your baseball career is over.
Ben: I thought I was supposed to be a great writer.
Cassie: Yeah, don't be an actor. It's a way too skittish life style.

Waitress: Some silver dollar pancakes or some piggies in a blanket, I bet?
Ben: Two coffees, both black.

Uncle: I think with children there need to be some rules.
Aunt: Like what?
Uncle: The only one I can think of is when they should go to bed.
Aunt: Midnight?
Uncle: Sounds fair to you guys?
Cassie: It seems reasonable.
Aunt: OK, wait, I mean, let's be realistic. What about the weekends?
Uncle: Right.
Aunt: You know?
Uncle: Two?
Aunt: Who goes to bed at two? Come on. Four.
Uncle: What do you say three? Everybody OK with that?
Cassie: Very generous parameters, uncle.
Ben: We won't abuse the privilege, sir.

Ben: What if I like it here and don't want to leave?
Cassie: Going to Maine is the plan. You want to screw it up? Go throw yourself a party.

Cassie: Ben...
Ben: What?
Cassie: You mad at me?
Ben: Yeah.
Cassie: And I don't like it.
Ben: Then, start talking to me like a real person.
Cassie: I told you I was flawed when we met.
Ben: Cas... Everybody's flawed. Just in different ways.
Cassie: I'm so sorry.
Ben: It's OK.

Ben (about his life): I knew what to do or where to go.

Ben (about his life): I thought about back home. Maybe my folks had half the police in Texas looking for me. But what did it all mean, really? They were living their lives, and I, trying to figure out my own.

Driver (to Ben): You're a good kid. You should see mine, too. Both boys. A little bit older than you, but not much. Every day I look for even the slightest sign of humanity in them... Not a drop.

(In clinic)
Ben: Hey.
Cassie: Hey.
Ben: Cas...
Cassie: Yeah.
Ben: It's time to go.
Cassie: Is that the plan?
Ben: Yeah. That's the plan.
Cassie: What if I'm really, really tired?
(then Cassie frankly tells Ben the true story)

Ben (about his life): Sometimes it's hard knowing if you should or shouldn't do something. So, you do what feels right at the time.

Ben (about his life): When your life becomes what you dreamed it would be... it's amazing.

Ben (about his life): I didn't break Nuxhall's record of playing at 15... but I did become the youngest guy that ever pitched in a World Series.

Ben (about his life): But nothing I did on the field... compared to what Cassie and I accomplished together. It's kind of a miracle really... having the chance to give what you never got. Cas took a job editing children's books... and I pitched until my arm couldn't take it any more. And, like she planned... I became a writer. A lot of what Cassie said turned out to be true. Most people do need a plan. Life is crazy enough without one. But the hardest part of life... is losing someone you love. At first, you almost wish you never knew them... so you stop hurting so much. Feels like it's going to kill you. What you end up missing the most... is the sweet burden of being needed. It gives your life a purpose. It really does. And it makes you feel great. That's something else Cassie told me. It is all a part of the plan.


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