Hasan al-Basri

Arab Muslim scholar, theologian, preacher and judge (c.642–728)

Hasan Al-Basri or Saint Hasan of Basra (Arabic: الحسن البصري‎; full name: Al-Hasan ibn Abi-l-Hasan al-Basri) (642–728) was a well-known Sunni preacher, theologian, saint and scholar of Islam.


  • "I am astonished about those people who are ordered to prepare their provisions, then the start of the journey is announced, however they remain unmindful in their vain discussions and fruitless deeds."
  • "The dunyâ distracts and preoccupies the heart and body, but al-zuhd (asceticism, not giving importance to worldly things) gives rest to the heart and body. Verily, Allâh will ask us about the halâl things we enjoyed, so what about the harâm!"
  • "The life of this world is made up of three days: yesterday has gone with all that was done; tomorrow, you may never reach; but today is for you so do what you should do today."
  • "When a man sought knowledge, it would not be long before it could be seen in his humbleness, his sight, upon his tongue and his hands, in his prayer, in his speech and in his disinterest (zuhd) in worldly allurements. And a man would acquire a portion of knowledge and put it into practice, and it would be better for him than the world and all it contains – if he owned it he would give it in exchange for the hereafter."
    • Quoted in Ibn Al-Mubârak, Al-Zuhd wa Al-Raqâ`iq Vol.1 p. 156.
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