Harvey Flaumenhaft

American writer

Harvey M. Flaumenhaft (born October 18, 1938) is a scholar, sporadic media commentator, a Tutor at and a former Dean of St. John's College.


  • We often take for granted the terms, the premises, and the methods that prevail in our time and place. We take for granted, as the starting points for our own thinking, the outcomes of a process of thinking by our predecessors. ... New questions are built from the answers that were given to the old questions, but the old questions are now no longer asked. Foundations get covered up by what is built upon them.
    • Preface to Masterworks of Discovery series (2011)
  • The love of wisdom in its wholeness requires exploration of the sources of the things we take for granted, including the thinking that has sorted out all the various disciplines, making demarcations between fields as well as envisioning what is to be done within them.
    • Preface to Masterworks of Discovery series (2011)

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