unpleasantly rough, severe or cruel
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Something harsh is unpleasantly rough, severe or cruel.


  • Abandoning harsh speech, he refrains from it. He speaks whatever is blameless, pleasing to the ear, agreeable, reaching the heart, urbane, pleasing and attractive to the multitude.
  • I will be as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice.
  • For those who practise tyranny and deprive others of their rights, I will be harsh and stern, but for those who follow the law, I will be most soft and tender.
  • I will be harsh and stern against the aggressor, but I will be a pillar of strength for the weak.
    I will not calm down until I will put one cheek of a tyrant on the ground and the other under my feet, and for the poor and weak, I will put my cheek on the ground.