Hardball (film)

2001 film directed by Brian Robbins

Hardball is a 2001 American dramedy film directed by Brian Robbins. It stars Keanu Reeves, Diane Lane and D. B. Sweeney. The screenplay by John Gatins is based on the book Hardball: A Season in the Projects by Daniel Coyle.

In a place where all bets are off, he's got nothing to lose.taglines

Connor 'O NeillEdit

  • I want you guys to take a good look at yourselves and feel proud. We made it here. We're here. What I've learned from you is that really one of the most important things in life is showing up. I'm blown away by your ability to show up through everything that's gone on. The league never wanted you to play this game, but you showed up. But, uh, we only have eight players, so, we can't play.
  • Good morning. Um, Gerius was on the Kekambas baseball team that I coach. Honestly he, uh, he was too young to play. But he wanted to be a part of the team so badly, I couldn't say no. He had a great smile too though I'm not telling anything you don't know. He was a really tough guy. Just a boy who really, uh, wanted to be around his older brother. The other day we played a really important game against a good team. And two outs in the last inning, I had no choice but to let Gerius bat. He was fearless as he stepped up to the plate. I was terrified for him. With two strikes and our hopes dingiling, he hit a shot down the first base line. We won the game. And watching him raise his arms in triumph as he ran to first base, I swear I was lifted in that moment to a better place. I swear he, uh, he lifted the world in that moment. He made me a better person, even if just for that moment. I am, uh, forever grateful to Gerius for that.
  • What? Since you can't talk shit, you got nothing to say?
  • Hey! Can we cool it with the bitches?
  • I love it when you call me big poppa!


  • You suck... just like my girlfriend.
  • It was booty. That girl Meg was dumb. Thinkin' her father comin' back from whenever. That's stupid to believe in. That girl and her mom are both trippin'. Cuz where I'm from, don't nobody's father come back.


  • Jefferson: Coach Connor, you're not really trying to get Mrs. Wilkes, are you?
    Connor: No.
    Ray Ray: Good. 'Cause I already tried and she ain't havin' it.
    Andre: Yeah, me too.
  • Kofi and G-Baby's mother: Miss Wilkes said she had a good feeling about you.
    Connor: Miss Wilkes said that?
Miss Wilkes: So you work for Smyth and Stevens Securites?
Connor: Yes.
Miss Wilkes: What deal did you blow?
Connor: What?
Miss Wilkes: Well, I'm sure you're not coaching this team by choice.


  • In a place where all bets are off, he's got nothing to lose.
  • The most important thing in life is showing up
  • The story of ten kids and a coach who never had a chance... until they took a chance on each other.


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