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Hard Candy (film)

2005 film directed by David Slade

Hard Candy is a 2005 film about a confrontation between a sexual predator and a 14-year-old girl he attempts to ensnare.

Directed by David Slade. Written by Brian Nelson.
Strangers shouldn't talk to little girls.


Hayley StarkEdit

  • Playtime is over, Jeff. Now it's time to wake up.
  • I shouldn't have teased you like that. I shouldn't have let you think there was a way out of this.
  • 4 out of 5 doctors agree that I am actually insane.
  • [Finding Jeff's stash of child pornography] Oh, Jeff. This is what they make those federal laws for, Jeff. This is officially sick.

Jeff KohlverEdit

  • You're right. You're right, Hayley. Thank you. Thank you. This is me. This who I am. Thank you. Thank you for helping me see it.
  • Which do you wanna fuck first, me or the knife?


Hayley Stark: You really just don't look like kind of guy who needs to meet girls over the internet.
Jeff Kohlver: Well, I think it's better to meet people online first, sometimes. You get to know what they're like inside. When you work as a photographer, you find out real quick people's faces lie.
Hayley Stark: Does my face lie?

Jeff Kohlver: Ah, so you and your mom are both wacked?
Hayley Stark: I dunno. That's that whole nature versus nurture question, isn't it? Was I born a cute, vindictive little bitch or... did society make me that way? I go back and forth on that...

Jeff Kohlver: Those letters are mine.
Hayley Stark: Nothing's yours when you invite a teenager into your home.

Jeff Kohlver: You were coming on to me!
Hayley Stark: Oh, come on. That's what they always say, Jeff.
Jeff Kohlver: Who?
Hayley Stark: Who? The pedophiles! "Oh, she was so sexy. She was asking for it. She was only technically a girl, she acted like a woman". It's just so easy to blame a kid, isn't it? Just because a girl knows how to imitate a woman, does NOT mean she's ready to do what a woman does! [pause] I mean, you're the grown-up here. If a kid is experimenting and says something flirtatious, you ignore it, you don't encourage it. If a kid says "Heeey, let's make Screwdrivers!", you take the alcohol away and you don't race them to the next drink!

Jeff Kohlver: Look, I'm not the monster you think I am. But, okay, I crossed a line. Just call the cops. I'll turn myself in.
Hayley Stark: [as if narrating a headline] Cute Pedophile Pleads Guilty. "Aww, it's not his fault. He's sick. He has an addiction."
Jeff Kohlver: I'll do jail. Isn't, isn't that what should happen?
Hayley Stark: Yeah. You might. You might get jail time. I dunno: therapy, drugs, group discussions, notifying people when you move into a new house. How bad is that, really?
Jeff Kohlver: It'll ruin my career, ruin my life.
Hayley Stark: Well, didn't Roman Polanski just win an Oscar?

Jeff Kohlver: You're getting yourself in terrible trouble.
Hayley Stark: Oh? Oh, and how's that?
Jeff Kohlver: If you cut me in any way, you won't forget it. It changes you when you hurt somebody.
Hayley Stark: Oh, and you speak from experience, I guess.
Jeff Kohlver: I've just lived. Unlike you. The things you do wrong... they haunt you.
Hayley Stark: Tell me what you're haunted by.
Jeff Kohlver: Do you wanna remember this day when you're with a guy? On a date? Or on your wedding night? 'Cause I promise you you will. Don't do that to yourself.
Hayley Stark: Wow... You know, that is so thoughtful! You are speaking to me so selflessly! I mean, you just don't want me to castrate you for my own benefit? Wow, I'm touched. Jeff, why don't we imagine someone saying the same thing to you at a random moment? Imagine that when you downloaded this little girl... I was sitting by your side saying "Stop! Don't do that to yourself!". Would you have listened?

Hayley Stark: Turns out castration is one of the easiest surgical procedures around. There's thousands of farmboys across the country gelding their livestock. If they can do it, I think I can pull it off. If you know what I mean.
Jeff Kohlver: I'm not fucking livestock.
Hayley Stark: You keep telling yourself that, stud.

Jeff Kohlver: I'm not going to beg you.
Hayley Stark: You mean you're not going to beg again? Because you do it so well. "Please, pretty please with a cherry on top!"... One that you just had to pop.

Hayley Stark: Well if Denise was here right now, what would you say?
Jeff Kohlver: I'd say, "Help... a teenager cut my balls off. Call the police."

Jeff Kohlver: God, who the hell are you?
Hayley Stark: I am every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed.


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