Hard Boiled

1992 film directed by John Woo

Hard Boiled (1992) is a Cantonese action film written by Barry Wong and John Woo. It was also directed by John Woo. It is the last film Woo directed in Hong Kong before moving to Hollywood. The entire movie is in Cantonese, however, some scenes have English but they are limited to one or two sentences.

As a cop, he has brains, brawn, and an instinct to kill.taglines

Tequila edit

  • [After his pants are set on fire and a baby urinates down his leg] You saved the day there, you little pisspot. Thanks a lot.
  • A cop dies and I make a tune for him.
  • Roses are so obvious. Anyone would suspect them.
  • Guy goes through hell for a girl but she doesn't realize it.
  • [after shooting a guy while carrying a baby, covering the babies eyes] Woops, X-rated action

Alan edit

  • To you I'm a thief, to my mother, a son, to the Triads I'm a hero.
  • You know I hated making [paper] cranes. I make one each time I kill someone. How about it, should I make you one?
  • So busy being a gangster, I don't know which me is real.

Superintendant Pang edit

  • [in English] This is a fucking order!
  • Give a guy a gun, he thinks he's Superman. Give him two and he thinks he's God.

Johnny Wong edit

  • [holding Andy as hostage] The hard-boiled cop. You made it. Each side's lost some guys. We're about even so far. But when I kill this one, I win.
  • I thought you were a supercop but you're just a man, like the rest.
  • Slap yourself.
  • There is no room for failure now. The innocent must die!

Dialogue edit

Tequila: Could we ever be friends?
Alan: You got the gun. You can tell me to go out and milk a cow and I'll do it.
Tequila: I'm sorry, I don't like milk.

Tequila: [to Alan, about all the white roses sent to his girlfriend, Teresa] Aren't you the one who sent her all the flowers?
Teresa: Your flowers are beautiful.
Alan: Thanks. I just picked them at random.
Tequila: My girlfriend hates white roses.

[Tequila disguised as a doctor, wheeling in fake dead body]
Doctor: Who have you got there then? Let's take a look.
Tequila: You don't want to, he's a mess; eyes hanging out, guts all around his neck, naughty bits missing..

[After Alan accidentally shoots and kills a police officer]
Alan: I killed one of our own..
Tequila: Bull.
Alan: I'm sure I killed one of our own-
Tequila: Bullshit!
Alan: I definitely saw his ID!
Tequila: You're hallucinating! How many times do I have to say it? You didn't kill a cop! You're your own worst enemy. If you can't conquer your own fears, how can you conquer anything else? [Gives Alan a handgun] Take this!
[They take out a few more enemies]
Tequila: I shot a cop, you know. In the teahouse incident.
Alan: I know. Pang told me.
Tequila: I didn't know he was a cop until afterwards.
Alan: How did you feel.
Tequila: Worst than you do now.
Alan: ...Was the guy I shot really a cop?
Tequila: Yeah.
Alan: Fuck!

Tequila: Don't you have any dreams?
Alan: Yeah. I want to move down to Antarctica.
Tequila: Freezing there. You enjoy the cold?
Alan: It's got a lot going for it. It's always light. I'd like that after all this darkness.

Mad Dog: Are you crazy?! You didn't have to kill all those innocent civilians!
Johnny Wong: I kill whoever is in my way.

Taglines edit

  • As a cop, he has brains, brawn, and an instinct to kill.
  • From the director of "Hard Target" and "The Killer".
  • The most action-packed film of all time.
  • More exciting than a dozen Die Hards

Cast edit

Lyrics edit

    跟我一樣 想找女朋友
    說哦哦沒 關係身邊還有我
  *OH 愛總是讓人發瘋
    為了愛我願意搖 尾又擺頭
    掏心掏肺 只想有人愛我哦
    愛總是讓人發愁 一條狗一個人枯
    坐哦水口 大聲喊著
    全家快樂 是我最要緊的夢
    重唱 *
    OH 愛總是讓人發愁
    一條狗一個人枯 坐哦水口
    大聲喊著 我們都想要女恩

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