Ham on Rye (film)

independent film directed by Tyler Taormina

Ham on Rye is a 2019 US independent film directed by Tyler Taormina.


  • Hailey: Are we gonna be late?
    Girl #1: Yeah. That's the idea. We don't wanna rush a day we're gonna remember for the rest of our lives.[...]
    Girl #2: Hello? We want to be late!
    Hailey: Right...
  • No milk in the car! (Boy #1)
  • Hailey: The whole thing is just kinda strange. If you think about it just make me kind of uncomfortable.
    Girl #1: Don't you just love the food there?
    Hailey: Yeah. I love the food at Monty's.
  • [reading the holographic card from Amy]
    Girl #1: "Gwen, I'm so good. Life is so good. Honestly, everything is so good. Love, your sister Amy."
    Girl #2: Wow! Being older is like really good.
    Girl #1: Well, soon we will be too. Some of us are close to seventeen.
  • Hailey: Hey, ehm... so you guys think we're gonna be like Amy?
    Girl #1: Like... Happy?
    Hailey: No, like ehm.. were do you think we'll go?
    Girl #1: You think too much.
  • It looks like he's having a panick attack! (Boy #2)
  • When they invented mathematics they took a picture of the sky and they flip it around and they had sponges back then so they put a sponge right down on the picture and then expanded it. And that's... That's the beginning of everything. That's actually how they invented the vacuum too. (Bearded man)
  • I was 20 years old when I saw my first... oyster. Oysters make pearls. Pearls go on necklaces. Boys and girls wear necklaces. So necklaces are in jewelryes. Jewlers occupy shopping districts. Shopping distristcs are occasionally converted into malls. My uncle owns a mall. I don't like my uncle. (Bearded man)
  • Dad: Daniel! Daniel, it's me, dad. I went by the campus and I didn't see you.
    Daniel: Hi dad.
    Dad: We're all here having dinner.
    Daniel: What?
    Dad: Were all here having dinner! Haley's here. She's gonna be sticking around.
    Mom: Is he wearing his coat?
    Dad: Daniel, are you wearing your coat?
    Dad: Are you there Daniel?
    Daniel: I really can't hear you.
    Dad: It was good to hear from you, Daniel.
    Daniel: Hello.
    Dad: Bye bye.


  • It's the most important day of your life, try not to think about it.
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