Halyna Kruk

Ukrainian poet

Halyna Kruk (Ukrainian: Гали́на Григо́рівна Крук; born 30 November 1974) is a Ukrainian writer, translator, educator and literary critic.

Halyna Kruk, 2015

Quotes edit

  • War shortens the distance from person to person, from birth to death.
  • The death of these people will leave a gaping wound in our souls, in our culture, science, economy, industry and society. This is not a metaphor; I don’t know of any poetry that can heal this wound
  • We stopped digging deep long ago
    in this uncertain field of ours-yours
    because all kinds of junk can turn up:
    human bones, horses’ heads, unexploded mines

Quotes about person/work edit

  • Halyna Kruk has found a language to ingest violence and horror — blunt and eloquent, witty and aphoristic, her language is layered and electric as it takes on the daily dislocations of Russia’s barbaric war on Ukraine. Idiosyncratic and universal, these poems bring us necessary news as only poetry can.

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