Halyna Hutchins

Ukrainian-American cinematographer and investigative journalist

Halyna Hutchins (Ukrainian: Галина Хатчінс, née Androsovych, Ukrainian: Андросович; 10 April 197921 October 2021) was a Ukrainian-American director of photography and journalist.

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Rising Stars of Cinematography (2019) edit

American Cinematographer (November 2018 interview, released 27 February 2019)
  • One thing I learned is that cinematography is not something you do by yourself. It’s a group [project]. You need to develop your own vision, but the key to a successful film is communication with your director and your team.
  • Right now, I'm just really interested in finding fruitful collaborations.
    To me, it’s the collaborative effort between creative minds that elevates each other’s work.

  • No. That was no good. That was no good at all.
    • 21 October 2021 response to boom operator saying "Oh, that was no good" after Baldwin accidentally shot her, reported 31 October 2021

About Hutchins edit

  • She had this amazing background that you just sort of instantly romanticize.
    She had this whole Ukrainian vibe that made her seem both super cool and serious about truth.

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