Hal Clement

American author

Hal Clement (May 30, 1922 – October 29, 2003) was an American science fiction author.

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Assumption Unjustified (1946) Edit

Originally published in the October 1946 issue of Astounding. Page number from the reprint in Crossroads in Time, edited by Groff Conklin.
  • It seems that these men are primitive enough to have a marked tendency toward superstition—ascribing things they don’t understand to supernatural intervention.
    • p. 17

Mission of Gravity (1954) Edit

  • The captain, thinking over this event afterward, realized that by his own lifelong standards he had a crew composed entirely of lunatics, with himself well to the front in degree of aberration; but he was fairly sure that this particular form of insanity was going to be useful.
    • Chapter 9
  • No one likes to be watched constantly by someone he can’t see.
    • Chapter 11
  • What’s the use of a high school education if you can’t recall it when needed later on?
    • Chapter 14
  • Maybe we’ve been taking nova precautions for a red dwarf.
    • Chapter 15

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