Haidakhan Babaji

teacher in northern India

Haidakhan Babaji (Unknown - 14 February 1984) was a yogi and spiritual teacher who lived in the Kumaon Region of Northern India. Because there was no information about his birth or parents, his followers maintain that Babaji was a Maha-Avatar (a manifestation of God not born from a woman).

The Teachings of Babaji


The Teachings of Babaji'

  • We are all equal, despite the country we come from, and national differences should be ignored. We are all a unity. We must shed all jealousy and envy because they are harmful. We are all one with each other and with God.
    • 2 April 1980.
  • You should seek harmony in everything you do. I am harmony. Thank you for your love.
    • 12 April 1980.
  • All religions are incorporated in the principle of Truth, Simplicity and Love.
    • December 1981
  • In any town there is always a central place; all the roads in the town or from out of town lead to that central place. Similarly, all religions lead to one point, and that is God Himself; and therefore following any religion you will ultimately reach God.
    • 24 December 1981
  • To follow and demonstrate the path of Truth, Simplicity and Love is man’s supreme duty and the highest Yoga. Diligent work is a quality of this path, for laziness is death on earth. Only by work can one claim victory over karma. All must strive to do their duty in the best way possible and not wander from that duty. Service to humanity is the first duty.
    • 30 September 1982.
  • Awake! Arise! Go and learn from the wise! Become brave karma-yogis of the Lord!
    • 20 April 1983.
  • (…) This revolution takes place for the sake of world peace. (…) When unrighteousness prevails in the world this is the only path possible.[1]
  • You must awake others and make them arise and be alert. If you are always alert, this will be of great benefit to you. You will achieve happiness and you will be saved from the calamities, which are coming very soon.
    • 27 March 1983.
  • He (Babaji) is not preaching any new religion. He has come to preach the religion, which occurred at the time of Creation, and that is the Sanatan Dharma - the Eternal Religion. He has come to preach the Sanatan Dharma only. We can determine the date from which every religion started. For example, the Muslim religion was started by Mohammed 1400 years ago and this is recorded in their scriptures. Christianity started with birth of Christ, 2000 years ago. Before Christ and Mohammed existed, the world and its people were living. The Sanatan Dharma has been followed for thousands and millions of years and no one is able to trace the date it began. You may try to understand this spontaneous religion this way: the dharma (law or nature) of fire is to burn; the dharma of water is to be wet; the air has to blow. Can one tell on what day the fire started to burn, the water to be wet, and the air to blow? No one can say. Sanatan Dharma is like a great ocean. From that ocean, each country has dug canals according to their needs and purposes. But canals cannot give total satisfaction as the ocean gives complete bliss. The Lord is showing a vision of the Sanatan Dharma, which is like the great ocean, and this is the greatest form of knowledge. Until now, people only had knowledge of their canals. Now the Lord is showing us that we aren't just bubbles in a canal, but rather bubbles in the great ocean. As long as we have individuality, we are seen as bubbles; when we disappear, we are one with the ocean. (Vishnu Dutt Shastriji about Haidakhan Babaji and Sanatan Dharma)
    • 25 March 1983
  • I have come to guide humanity to a higher path. I do not belong to any particular religion, but respect all religions. I seek the elevation of all mankind. (…)
    • 29 July 1983
  • “Sitting here at Haidakhan, Mahaprabhuji has control over every particle of the Creation by the power of His mere wish, by His very thought. (...) Mahaprabhuji has control over the elements, the spiritual world - to say nothing of the world of men. He is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the world. Not a single blade of grass can grow but that He wills it. He has incarnated in a human body for the welfare of mankind. His sole desire - is to make it possible for the whole world to be liberated. He shall do His utmost to achieve liberation of the world.” (Vishnu Dutt Shastriji about Mahaprabhuji)
    • 31 August 1983
  • Everyone must remove differences/distinctions from their hearts. There must be more stress on unity. (...)
    • 21 December 1983.


  • One can follow any religion, one can follow any practice or path, but one must be humane.
    • The Teachings of Babaji, 22 January 1983
  • (…) one should not have hatred towards anyone; one should try not to let down other people; one should try to help others; one should try to love all.
    • The Teachings of Babaji, 25 December 1981
  • The world now is in a state of turmoil. It is suffering from three kinds of pain – physical, mental, spiritual – and there is only one way of being cured from these. We have to root out inhumanity and replace it with humanity. (…) There are people in this world who, when they see someone else’s house burning, are happy. There are people who want to live in comfort at the expense of the labor of others. There is only one God, who created all men in His image. This is why we have to re-establish humanity.[2]
  • The only true man is one who practices ‘humanism.’ (…) this is the only way to success in life.[3]

Karma yoga

  • (…) In every Age people reached salvation through different types of action and sadhana (spiritual practice), but in this Age one can reach liberation only through hard work. (…) We need not consider religion or caste, but only look to hard work.[4]
  • In this Age, work purifies and is the best spiritual practice (…) Work is so good that it prevents disease and gives you mental ease. Work is such a good thing that it relieves man of all ailments.[5]
  • If you are engaged in doing good deeds and go on doing good acts, you will have good sleep, good appetite and bad thoughts will not cross your mind. Otherwise, you will always be criticizing others. In inaction, your minds will always be engaged in thinking critically of others. Karma – activity – is the only thing which can drive out all evils.[6]
  • No work is low or bad in this world if it is done in the right spirit. (…) That is why a man should never hesitate to do any work. Whether it is high or low, big or small, no work is bad. Work is work.[7]
  • Science has made great progress in this world. Where we used to engage a thousand men to work, now a bulldozer does the work in seconds. But that makes a thousand people useless and unemployed. While unemployment is increasing in the world, people have lost their peace of mind. The reason for this is because man has ceased to work. Due to this inaction, all kind of pains and sicknesses are increasing in the world. I want you to take the energy of the machines into yourself and work like machines![8]
  • Train your children in karma yoga that they may become people of good and strong character.[9]
  • (…). Everyone should be able to stand on his/her feet. The problems of all countries can be solved when everyone becomes hard working. As long as there is laziness in the world, people cannot attain happiness.[10]
  • (…) This is a great teaching for the whole world because Karma Yoga is capable of achieving everything. (…) You can even change your fate or destiny by sheer hard work. (…)[11]
  • One should work to his last breath. Idleness should always be avoided.[12]
  • Therefore, you must never be disappointed in life and you must remember that what even God cannot achieve, you can achieve through hard work. Karma is a thing, which can even change the course laid down by God.[13]

Repetition of God’s name

  • This world is transitory; the Name of God is the true reality. Everything in this world is destructible, transient, ephemeral. So you must all repeat God’s Name (…).[14]
  • Man’s mind is very fast, faster than the wind. By doing work while repeating God’s Name, your mind becomes cleansed of thoughts and useless, negative thoughts cannot enter it.[15]
  • Of great importance is that the repetition of God’s Name increases daily. In this way your heart and mind will be purified. Only then you will find God in yourself. (…) The water to clean your heart is the Name of God. So teach everyone to repeat the Name of God – everywhere.[16]

Maha Kranti

  • Today the world is playing with fire. We have to be ready to face fire, water and great storms and not be shaken. We have to go beyond the hope of life and the fear of death. Whatever happens we must go ahead. Then only can we benefit the world. We have to bring the path of karma into the light. Now the world is in deep darkness. The Revolution spreading in this world can be controlled by karma alone.[17]
  • The calamities which are coming to this world are unavoidable. Only he who has strong determination to do good acts and who is strongly devoted to God can survive this destruction.[18]

Courage and alertness

  • (…) Only courageous people can survive such critical times. (…).[19]
  • Walk on with courage and bravery. Go on working to improve humankind and establish the Path of Truth. (…) Fight for truth! To face life you must have great courage every day.[20]
  • (…) Now people with courage are needed. It is better to die, facing life with courage. To live as a coward is shameful – it is better that the coward drown himself in the river. (…) Awake! Arise! Be brave![21]
  • (…) when a man is fearless, no man can stand against him in battle – either a battle in material life or in spiritual life. He is victorious in all battles of life.[22]


  • Everything in this world is ‘PHURO’ – transient. It has no reality. True reality is to proceed on the path of truth, to keep the company of saintly people, and to render service to men.[23]
  • (…) inspiring words are eternal; the physical body will go, it is perishable.[24]
  • Awake! Arise! Go to the wise and gain knowledge! Realize the Self! Be of firm determination – fully concentrated – achieve your goal! (…)[25]


  • (…) you should look to the areas of your countries where people are poverty-stricken and helpless and then do all you can to raise their standard of living, teaching them cleanliness and high morals. To serve the needy truly and from the heart is true service to God. (…).[26]

About Himself

  • I am Bhole Baba (Simple Father). I am nobody and nothing. I am only like a mirror in which you can see yourself. I am like a fire. Don’t keep too far away or you will not get warmth. But don’t get too near or you may burn yourself. Learn the right distance. My name is Maha Prabhuji (The Great God).[27]
  • I am no one’s Guru, but I am the Guru of gurus.[28]
  • I am everywhere – in your every breath. I have come to help you realize unity beyond division. I will show you a freedom you have not imagined. You must seek that unity from whence there is awareness that we are all one. Seek harmony in all that you do. I am harmony. If you are in peace, I am in peace. If you are troubled, I am troubled. If you are happy, I am happy. Be happy. Have faith – everything depends on faith.[29]

The Teachings of Babaji. (1983, 1984, 1988). Haidakhan, U.P.: Haidakhandi Samaj.

  • "(...) first concentrate on the love for the girlfriend and when you are satisfied, then come to God."[30]
  • "I want a world of brave and courageous people. Indeed, those who work hard and are agnostics are more acceptable, for a time, than lazy spiritual hypocrites."[31]
  • "The fear of death is born with man, though this is the only thing that he knows is certain to happen to him. Attachment to material things makes man cling to life. When you chant the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the divine, you accept death. While you are attached to life and afraid of death, you die with that fear and that weight clinging to you. If you have attained liberation you are free from death (you accept the inevitable). You die without fear and by remembering the Name of God, your soul leaves the body free of that fear and attachment. If you are reborn, your soul is still free from that fear. If you die in "unity", you are free from rebirth, unless you will it."[32]
    • 1 December 1982

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