H2O: Just Add Water

2006 children's television show from Australia

H2O: Just Add Water is Australian television show for children and teens, first shown on television in 2006. The show's premise revolves around three teenage girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist: they're mermaids with powers over water.

Season One


Emma "awesome,that’s under my personal best” Cleo "Emma you were really motoring there“ Emma ”i’ll do better than that tomorrow give me two weeks and I’ll be ready for Regionals “ Cleo “ so cool “ Zane”hey Cleo hey Cleo yes that Cleo I am in some trouble here can you help“ Cleo” I don’t think so “Zane”My zodiac won’t Go and all I need you to do is just passed me the tools” Cleo” i’m not good with boats“ Zane” you’ll be fine Took me a while to realize that someone stole my spark plug” Cleo” so does it work without one” Zane” no, no spark plug no spark hey sick of that thing anyway“ Cleo”Why me I didn’t steal your spark plug” Zane” because you’re here Cleo my dad won’t buy me another boat anyway I tell you what if you get a girl being you can keep it” Cleo” this is it funny” Zane” are you kidding it works for me right mate” Cleo”Zane” Zane” looks like y’all had to swimfor it Cleo” Cleo” this isn’t happening (agh) is this supposed to be some sort of rescue because there is a fatal flaw here I don’t mean to state the obvious but we’re just floating out to see both of us you took that”

Rikki: Zane Bennett's a pig. Anything I can do to get under his skin can't be a bad thing, can it? Cleo” cool thanks Rikki” Rikki” do you know my name “ Cleo” yeah well I’ve seen you around school since you arrived oh I mean I’ve meant to say hello and everything” Rikki” hold on” Zane”agh” Both” yeah!”
Cleo: Hey Emma, want a ride?
Emma: Are you licensed?
Rikki: Are you my mother?

Rikki” want to go out to Sea” Emma” isn’t it dangerous in the park this size” Rikki Chill out

[After the Zodiac breaks down]
Emma: Are we chilled out yet?
Rikki: So, we're floating, it's not like we're sinking. Emma not yet. Rikki I think we’re out of fuel feel like paddling to that island Emma mako island forget it CleoNo one goes there it’s divided by sharks and reefs and mangroves Rikki well it’s always got Cleo how are we ever going to get back home Emma Good question cleo ask your friend. Rikki don’t put this on me. EmmaOh it was someone else’s fault someone else took this thing miles off shore you too are lucky I’ve got this
Cleo: Emma's always really prepared.
Rikki: I'm so happy for her.

Emma i’m not getting any signal was trying to get to higher ground. Rikki do you have any idea where you’re going. Emma Just up i’m still not getting any signal. Cleo maybe we won’t get a signal what then what if we can’t call anyone what if nobody finds us. Rikki Will have to draw straws and so which one of us is the others will eat. Emma that’s not funny. Rikki i’m relieving tension. Cleo you’re making it worse. Emma come on. Emma find your step. Cleo I can’t do this it’s just slippery there’s got to be another way (agh). Both Cleo. Emma Cleo x2. Cleo I am OK I am fine. Emma can you climb up. Cleo no. Emma are you sure come on try. Cleo I can’t it’s too steep. Emma i’ve got to go down and get her. Rikki are you crazy it doesn’t make sense if you. Emma(agh) are you OK. Cleo my leg just hurts a little it’s probably just sprained. Rikki whoa!

:' Emma what are you doing here?
Rikki: Well you came down.
Emma: You were meant to stay up top and throw down a rope or something.
Rikki: What am I, a mindreader, and what rope?

Cleo shouldn’t we concentrate on getting out of here. Emma yep. Rikki there’s no way out. Emma let’s try here. Rikki wow this is like the cone of a volcano. CleoIt’s not going to a erupt is it. Emma it’s been dormant for 20,000 years I think were safe look title rings the level of the pool rises and falls. Cleo so. Emma so it’s connected to the ocean there might be a way out. Cleo I am not going to like this Emma Emma. Rikki relax just give her a minute. Emma I was right it’s about a 22nd swim to the wreath outside straight straight to plenty of room we can all fit. Cleo through their no way. Rikki come on Cleo no other way out you can do it. CleoI can’t do it and besides I can’t swim. Emma everything will be fine. Cleo how can you be sure. R listen to her C what alternative do we have say stuck down here forever. C wow. E spooky OK now concentrate and take a deep breath. C that was more than 20 seconds. R ah relax. E i’m proud of you C I knew you could do it. C’s dad this is the war of police please make your way to the boarding ladder at the web vessel. All come on.

Emma: (Gasp).

Kim: (Knocks door) Come on Cleo you can't stay in there forever (Knocks door) Cleo!

C it was orange and covered with scales. E the minute I hit water. R I was worried for a second I was a fish. C that’s what I wanna know. R it’s there anyone else here. C no dad’s at work and my sister and mom are shopping. E OK what happened to us

Rikki: About 10 seconds after we touch water we... we grow these...
Cleo: ...and it vanishes when we're dry. And that's the same with you two right? The tails are like...
Emma: ...exactly like...
Rikki: We look like mermaids.

E I told you before you’re not funny mermaids don’t exist that’s just too weird. C oh no it’s L I forgot he’s helping me with biology today. L C. Cle- -oh. oh... did I get do like at the time wrong. C know we said nine something just came up. L like what. C just something important but not so far and that you need to know about it sorry LI have to cancel. L oh maybe some other time. C L you’re smart do you know anything about mermaids. L no, not really. C oh OK. What. R” do you know anything about mermaids?” Are you crazy. E C this is really serious if anyone would’ve found out about us we could be in big trouble. C well maybe. E look something very strange has happened to us we don’t know how and we certainly don’t know why. R there is a way for us find out more. C House. R go back in the water. C no way not me. R I am going I just don’t think I should go alone any volunteers. E i’m not sure about this. R it’s all right I am. E that gives me no confidence whatsoever. R about 10 seconds. E yep. Both 12345 (agh). C L what are you doing. L why are you asked So I don’t know I thought I had to do some research. C that’s very nice letter L it’s just you didn’t need to do that. LI know but I’ve got wait too much on my hands hey look I found this really cool stuff mermaid miss has been around for at least three 3000 years ago. C and people really believe in that stuff. L yes sometimes they were good omens Sometimes they brought trouble with them. C what kind of trouble oh no . L Just ignore him. C let’s go back. Z nervous. C what do you want Z. Z father didn’t appreciate having a lot of police knock on his door. C well you should’ve told me to keep the zodiac. Z I don’t like people making me look bad C Especially chicks like you. L in front of your dad you mean Z sounds like you’re scared of him. Z you think you’re better than me L is that it. L I was of you guys better than you Live with it. Z Teske got yourself a protector have you C do you and his army is not gonna do you any good you know C one these days with or sell L something really bad might happen to you. E so he come out of the water and everything is back to normal when were dry nothing ever happened. R but it did oh it’s got to be the best experience I mean are they even words for that. E I don’t think so. C where do you want never believe what just happened end it grows even more. R where is the actual water coming from. C I don’t now. E did I do you do that. C it wasn’t me. R OK this is over at the tub I’m getting tingles now. E i’ll I did was. R not fair why don’t I get to shoot stuff. C I don’t think cool is is the word it’s scary but you should’ve have seen the look on Z‘s face. E this isn’t funny You got to keep this a secret from everyone we could end up dissected or in the circus or something. C so the secret is just between the three of us.

Emma: Our secret. Our responsibility. Whatever happens we're in this. together.
Rikki: That doesn't mean we're married, does it?
Emma: [laughs] Now that was actually

Cleo: No no no no no no no. Kim: Cleo...Cleo! Dad says you have to hurry up if you want to lift to school. Cleo: It’s OK Kim... I’ll walk.

E’s mom Em your phone

Cleo: This is a catastrophe of the highest order! Moisturizer is mainly water.
Rikki: (not paying attention) If dolphins can swim for miles, so can we.
Cleo: We can't moisturize EVER again!
Rikki: We could swim all the way to Fiji, could you imagine that?
Cleo: Our skin will be dry and wrinkly! We'll be Geriatrics by the time we're 21.

E I missed training today I haven’t missed it in six years. C see see how bad this is we have to tell somebody how to parent a doctor the police. R and end up a mermaid in a straight jacket where is my stressed skin Forget it. E Rikki's us right Cleo, we can’t tell anyone. C not even Mom. E no no parents. C but I tell mom everything. E well not this time it’s too dangerous people just won’t understand we could be locked up. C why would we be locked up. E because were different because we couldn’t do things that other girls can’t do because they’re scared of us. C fine I won’t tell anyone except Lewis. R Cleo not Lewis not anyone. C ok,ok don’t worry I’m really good at keeping secrets. M now it’s party time people no excuses in honor of our very own surfing God the beautiful Byron for winning his special prize. C what price. M whatever they give her for surfing. E The coast surfing classic he won by a mile. M I was having a spray tan but I’m sure he was amazing R I am sure I might have a blank. R sorry I’ll be flossing my teeth at night. L hey C. C oh Hi Lewis nothing much has been happening with me nothing much at all just the same old thing. L C are you going to M‘s party. C of course I’m going. M girls bring your best bikinis it’s a pool party. L right well seeing as you’re going. C i’ve change my mind I’m not going C it’s so uncool to miss one of M‘s parties she won’t ask us ever again. R so that’s a plus. C it’s a pool party I know it’s dangerous but maybe if I told L about us he could look out for us. R yes you did the right thing C none of us are going. E what I think we should go for Byron not for M Sir things just like swimming it takes a lot of hard work and training he needs to know everyone’s supporting him. R do you like Byron don’t you. E no way. R well you sound like an ad for breakfast cereal. E well if we learn about what’s happening to us we might be able to control it enough to go to the party. C really? R what’s to learn retouch water and 10 seconds later we go out tails. E maybe it’s about developing some discipline exercise and some control. C perfect that’s great Control then we could go to the party I’ll text L. R you do realize you’re going to have to swim to test this theory. C what no way forget it. R come on it’s not even deep here. C no. R please C. C no no. E fine come on R E Control and discipline starts with the mind of concentrate no tail no tail. Both: No tail, no tail, no tail, no tail...NO TAIL! L Who leaked the information this is my secret highly classified fishing spot someone must have planned. C sorry. L it’s fine hey I got your message about going to the party. C oh yeah that was an old message I’m not going anymore too much homework. L fine well am I just join you all For swim then. R where naked L. L just a quick dip it. E goodbye L. L Arthur was there. C we’re never going to be invited anywhere cool ever again and why because we’ve got tails. E hi swimming career is over. C I just have one question, why me? I didn’t ask for any of this to happen. E you think you’ve got problems I’ve been training to be a swimmer since I was six months old. C well say goodbye to that dream because where merFreaks now. R you too are unbelievable look at yourselves you’re drinking water from mid air and E you just made an instant I Icy pop anybody else would love to be able to do that you both got these amazing Powers anybody else would love to do that and all you guys do is whinge,whinge,whinge I don’t even have a power do you hear me complaining no well I’ve had enough I don’t want to hang out with whingers. C I know how she feels sometimes I don’t ever want to hang around with me

Cleo: Lewis, What do you think of Rikki?
Lewis: You know those stone fish that look kind of look like a rock, yet can shoot out enough poison to kill entire football team in half a second? She kind of reminds me one of those she kind of reminds me of one of those.

Byron thanks guys relax. C congratulations Byron what’s your rating you must be getting up there. Z Control yourself. L hey Z your dry that must feel different it’s. Z looks L I don’t know what happen with that fire hydrant but so much as mentioned it again I’ll remove your head from your shoulders. C let it go L. Byron she’s right. L no. C Byron is such a nice guy E right We should go to M’s party to show some support for him I mean what a hero. L right well go. C you think. L yeah whatever blows your hair back C I don’t get you one minute you’re going and then you’re not and now you’re going again.

E mom and dad are you sure you can’t afford to miss training again I would do you regionals coming up you trained when you had the flu Even when you broke your wrist and swam with one arm if she’s that bad maybe see you should see a doctor. E I don’t need a doctor. E mom sweetheart you have been spending a awful lot of time in your bedroom lately and locked up in the bathroom is there any saying we need to talk about. E it’s nothing. E mom it’s our right to feel moody yeah you’re at an age where you’re going through a lot of changes. E exactly mom you got it in one.

Cleo: Mirium, I was just calling to let you know that I’ll definitely be at your party, probably. Well I just thought I’d let you know. What will I be wearing? Something appropriate. Go! 10, 9, 8, 7... 6, 5... 4, 3, 2... 1... ugh.

Lewis: Rikki, can I sit?
Rikki: I certainly hope so, just not with me. [pushes the magazine she was reading on to a seat]'
',Lewis:' I know we've had our differences. Um, thanks (to waiter) but I want to know what's wrong with Cleo.
Rikki: What makes you think there's anything wrong?
Lewis: Well, I've asked her to go to Miriam's party likea hundred times and every time she's changed her mind.
Rikki: Maybe she doesn't like you. Did you think about that?.
Lewis: Yes, actually that did cross my mind. But then I thought: Oh no, no, she hangs round with you so her standards must be pretty low.

R goodbye L. L no no can you tell me what’s wrong or not. R not. L please I know there is. R i’m not even speaking to her at the moment OK i’m just trying to be a long right now so keep your distance. L what the ow it’s hot.

E i’m glad you called I’m sorry I was talking about all that negative stuff before i’m not normally like that it’s just that I was. R em it’s cool I need to show you something E I’m serious. E OK what do you want to show me.

L hey is that you guys are you naked again. R um,we’re having a bit of a girl talk L. L yes but are you naked. E go L. L no no I’m here to fish look I’m having with drawls I need the realaxation if anyone’s going it’s you guys. R Don’t push it L. E yeah shouldn’t you be following around C. L no no way I’m totally over that trust me I don’t know what’s going on with C lately she just can’t make up her mind you see what I mean it’s a C she’s going to the party again I give up. E Lewis, you gotta do us a favor make sure C doesn’t go to the party on her own call her back. L no I’m here to fish. R let her out this is important she could be in trouble. L I am not so lucky I am not some all purpose servant do you really think you can tell me what to do and I’ll jump and her phones off. R she could be in big trouble L do you like her don’t you. L well in a friendship kind of way. R well.

M it’s a pool party remember. C I remembered it’s just I’ve got this terrible cold so I won’t be swimming at all so where is Byron. M i’m sure he’ll be here any minute you’re really keeping that on. C oh yeah You can’t be too careful with a cold (achoo). M Ew Gross C I don’t think it’s a good idea that you’re here

Miriam: Sick people make me feel... well, sick you should go.

C no I’m fine really it’s nothing I can still party. M whatever just go outside don’t touch anything and don’t try any drinks better yet just stay away from everyone. C you got it. M loser. Z Look who’s here just when we wanted a bit of fun. C no get back. Z don’t feel like that C you had a good laugh when I got soaked last week now it’s your turn. C I have a cold so I can’t go in the water it’s the flu actually and it’s catchy. Z come onSame time you’re going in. C it could even be a permMonia. All Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo. M L I didn’t think you were coming. L oh no I was just cruising by thought I dropped it. M what was the fishing gear. L I never leave home without it have you seen Cleo. M she’s around by the pool spreading disease. C no stop please. L do you even have a brain. Z you told me to let her go I let her go let’s grab a drink boys come on everyone. L i’m so sorry about this. C Louis there’s something you should know. L no no no you don’t have to say anything. C no I really do you know how I’ve been acting strange don’t freak out but Louis you have to help me don’t leave me I really need your help Louis please. R where is everyone. L they’re inside. can you guys give me a hand she weighs a ton. E we can’t if we get wet with girl tails to is that what you want L both of you I love you seriously I should really go to the gym. C what are we going to do here. L guys what is going on. E no time to explain.

[After vaporizing Miriam's pool]
Rikki: Never liked pool parties anyway

M what is going on

[about Byron when he leaves]
Emma: Nice board.
Cleo: Nice pecs.
Rikki: Nice attitude.

Rikki: This probably goes without saying, but if you tell, we maim you.
Lewis McCartney: I'm not that stupid. If anybody found out, you'd end up as science experiments.
Emma: I quit the swim team today.
Cleo Sertori: Oh Emma, I know how much that means to you.
Emma: Still, what could I do?
Cleo Sertori: This whole thing is just out of control. It's just too big.
Lewis McCartney: Let me get this straight. [points his hands to Emma] You freeze things, [points his hands to Cleo] you explode things [points his hands to Rikki] you boil things, and you all grow tails. It's just too bizarre.
Emma: Bizarre? Yep. Still sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's not so good.
Cleo Sertori: It's...[pause]... It's...[pause]...I don't have a word for it.
Rikki: I do, three of them. Totally, absolutely, awesome.

Catch of the Day

Cleo: There are more important things than seeing how long you can hold your breath for and frolicking with the dolphins.
Rikki: I don't frolic! I glide!

Lewis: Rikki and Emma told me about your dad.
Cleo: Great! So now the whole world knows my dad's a criminal. What would you do Lewis?
Lewis: I'd change my name and move to the country... but that's just me.
Cleo: You're no help.

Cleo: He denied everything, it's really awful. I mean, what could I say? "I know you're lying dad, 'cause my mermaid friends saw you fishing close to the nesting beach."
Rikki: He was using illegal nets too.
Emma: It's true, and they didn't have those grid things in them.
Cleo: This just gets worse and worse.

Cleo: What's going on?
Emma: We've been... you know... swimming.
Rikki: It's the best thing, the reef is out of this world!
Cleo: That's great, so has anyone been able to finish that calculus homework? Question 7's a nightmare.

[Lewis, crouched down, is uncovering some turtle eggs buried in the sand. The girls, in their bikinis, arrive.]
Lewis: Guy, look. Turtle eggs.
Cleo: [Happily] Ohhh! [Crouches down in front of the eggs] Little turtles are so cute.
[Lewis covers up the eggs. As Cleo stands up, Lewis wipes his hands and stands up.]
Lewis: So, you wanna show me something?
Cleo: [To Lewis, smiling] Yes, I do. [To the other two girls] Ready?
[The girls run towards the water. Lewis goes to sit on a rock. The girls dive into the water as Lewis looks on.]
Lewis: [Nods while smiling] Cool.
[The girls swim together happily.]

Party Girls


(Cleo gets wet and Miss Chatham throws a towel at her)

Miss Chatham: Try this...timed well wouldn't you say?
Cleo: Ah, yea, thanks. Nearly got salt water in my eye, would've stung.
Miss Chatham: It does sting doesn't it? But not when you're actually underwater. Why is that I wonder?
Cleo: I don't know.
Miss Chatham: Lots of things are a mystery. Still, you've got time to learn. Staying dry! That's the big one

[On the phone]
Cleo: So have you decided what time for the party tonight? ...
Emma: I know, but... I just don't see how I can have the party this year. Not with recent developments... Your new job! ...The dolphin tank at the Marine Park.
Cleo:Emma! This is tradition we're talking about!
Lewis: The what?!
Cleo: Yes of course the tank's full of water Emma, they're aquatic mammals... Yes I DO remember what water does to me, but I'm not going to let that ruin my life.

[Cleo is trying to blow dry her tail with a hair dryer when she hears a knock on the door.]
Emma: Cleo, it's me, open up.
[Cleo opens the door, allowing Emma to enter. As Cleo resumes blow drying her tail, Emma closes the door and crouches down to wipe Cleo's tail with a towel.]

Emma: [holding the locket] This might be safer with you.
Cleo: With me? no you found it.
Emma: And I nearly managed to get it stolen. I know how much you like it. Here.
Cleo: You're sure?
Emma: Anyone who can hide a mermaid tail in the middle of a party has got what it takes to look after that.

Something Fishy

Emma: Rikki, at least try and pretend you're having fun.
Rikki: But I'm not.

Lewis: So, this is the place that turned you into a fish.
Emma: A mermaid, Lewis.
Lewis: Yeah, that's what I meant. I don't know, I expected something a little more Club Med.

Lewis: So, how did you get here?
Emma: Swim. There’s an underwater entrance.
Lewis: Swim? So the hike was optional. I could have swum?
Emma: Fifty meters, without coming up for air?
Lewis: Right, point taken. Air is good.

Emma: I can't go near the river as...
Lewis: Yeah I know, the whole beach whale thing.
Emma: Mermaid, Lewis.
Lewis: Yes that is exactly what I meant.

Kim: Lewis is one of them too.
Elliot: I can't see Lewis... as a mermaid.
Kim: No dork, he'd be a merman.

Cleo: I'm a Portugese Man-Of-War.
[Audience doesn't react]
Cleo: It's a jellyfish.
[Everyone claps]

Young Love

Emma: Elliot, what's going on between you and Rikki?
Elliot: Don't worry, I promise our love won't get in the way of your friendship.
Emma: Come on, let's sit.

Emma: Did he, you know see anything?
Rikki: Other than when I flashed him?
[Emma gives Rikki a dirty look]
Rikki: Lighten up, he doesn't suspect a thing.

[In the JuiceNet Cafe, it's come to light that Elliot has a crush on Rikki; Rikki, Emma and Cleo go to talk behind the pool table, as Elliot remains at their table]
Cleo: It's so sweet! He has a crush on you!
Rikki: [obviously put off by this revelation] Yeah, sweet like a lemon! [to Emma] Did you know about this?
Emma: Well...not exactly. [Rikki looks out the window; Emma continues] Rikki, don't hurt his...
Rikki: Don't even think about asking me to humour him. It's not gonna happen.
Emma: Can you at least be gentle?
Cleo: He's a sweet kid.
Rikki: You're all disturbed! Why is everything sweet and nice all the time?
Emma: Rikki, it's his first crush! Don't you remember what it was like to be a kid?
Rikki: No, and besides, this is just...all because I saved his life. It's like pulling a thorn out of a dog's foot.
Emma: And you'd do that gently, wouldn't you?
Rikki: No! I'd do it fast, and hope I didn't get bitten. OK, I don't do the whole "relationship" thing very well.
Cleo: It's not a relationship. He's eleven.
Rikki: OK, I don't do the whole "people liking me" thing very well.
Emma: What's there to do?
Rikki: Fine, tell me what to say to get him off my case...and I'll say it.
[brief pause, Cleo thinks, shakes her head, and shrugs]
Cleo: I've got nothing.
Emma: Me either.

[Rikki walks into the JuiceNet Cafe; Emma and Cleo are already there, and have worried looks on their faces; Emma's arms are crossed]
Rikki: Hey, guys, what's up?
Cleo: We can't find Elliot.
Rikki: He'll be around. Just...relax.
Emma: He's not, Rikki. We've looked all over, and he's not anywhere. It's not like him to just disappear.
Rikki: Have you told your parents?
Emma: No way. They'd freak out. It's like he's run away. You know, he was acting all weird last night, not his usual, happy self.
[Rikki looks down at the floor, and starts rubbing her neck with her left hand]
Emma: [she leans her head forward a bit] What?
Rikki: Oh, no. [her sentence trails off from the start] It's probably just nothing...
Emma: Rikki!
Rikki: OK, I told him that I wasn't interested, but I think I was gentle.
[Emma and Cleo both glare at her, knowing she's not telling the truth; Rikki grimaces]
Rikki: OK, OK. [as Rikki speaks, Emma closes her eyes, shakes her head, re-opens her eyes, and bites her lower lip in frustration] I told him that even if he was older, taller, and a lot less, I think the words were "squeaky clean," that I wouldn't be interested, and that he should just back off, and leave me alone.
Cleo: Rikki!
Emma: He's just a kid!
Rikki: He kept bugging me!
Emma: [finally uncrossing her arms] You keep acting like he's committing a crime for having a crush on you. [Emma sighs, shakes her head at Rikki, then briefly looks at Cleo before turning back to Rikki] We've gotta go find him before my parents find out, but if anything happens to him, it'll be your fault.
[Emma storms out; Cleo follows, shaking her head as she walks past Rikki; now guilt-ridden, Rikki turns around and sits at a table, leaning her chin on her hand; Lewis walks in, slaps a bucket hat down, and sits across from her]
Lewis: Hey! [he notices Rikki's upset] Why the long face?
Rikki: [quietly, with her chin still on her hand] Elliot.
Lewis: Oh-ho-ho! Oh, lemme guess. You tried to let him down easy, and now he-he's mortally crushed.
Rikki: [taking her chin off her hand] He's gone missing, Lewis. This is serious. Have you seen him anywhere?
Lewis: No. No, I haven't. Not since Lenny's. Maybe you should try thinking like a little kid.
Rikki: [scoffs] Easier said than done. Where would you hide if you were a little kid?
Lewis: Somewhere you'd never find me.
[Rikki thinks hard, then smiles]
Rikki: That's it!
[she gets up and dashes out of the cafe]
Lewis: Wha-?! All right. [throwing his hands up] Be mysterious.

[when Elliot is saved by Rikki]
Elliot: How did you do that?

Rikki: Get on and shut up!


Emma: Harrison, you have a lot of nose hairs. It's a real forest!

Emma: Aunt Thea, that skirt - did you borrow our picnic rug? Haha!

Cleo: I can't help thinking about what that old woman said. 'Beware the full moon...'
Rikki: We're mermaids, not werewolves.

Emma: (grabbing someone's water bottle and pouring it on the ground) I just love the look of water.

Emma: Have you ever thought about how weird people look? Their legs just don't look right.
Cleo: You need to sit down.
Emma: Now, take fish: they're sensibly designed.
Cleo: Can I get you anything?
Emma: I'd love a cheese sandwich...on rye bread..with sardines......actually, forget the cheese and the bread. Just bring me sardines!

Emma: (in the water) Come to Mako Island with me. Its a most wonderful place. We can all live down there forever. (a loving sigh)

Emma: (Rikki having dried Emma, but she is still a mermaid) I like my tail just the way it is. I think its perfect!

The Denman Affair

Cleo: Lewis is usually not like this.
Rikki: Raise your hands if you don't trust him.
Emma: Agreed.

Dr. Denman: Oh, and Lewis, you can call me Linda.
Lewis: Linda? Why?
Dr. Denman: That's my name.

[Cleo opens the gate and runs to the end of the dock, with Rikki and Emma behind her. They stop and see Denman's boat sailing away.]
Emma: That's her boat!
Cleo: Come on. If anybody can catch her, we can.
Rikki: [Grabs Cleo's arm before she can jump into the water and swim after the boat] Wait. I think that might defeat the purpose of all the secrecy, don't you?
Cleo: [Remembers what they were really at the end of the dock for] Oh. You're right. [Rikki lets go of her arm] Sorry. But are we just gonna let him go like this?
Lewis: [Approaches the girls] Like what? [Rikki and Emma turn to him and smile]
Cleo: [Unaware that Lewis has approached them] Well, you're just sailing away without saying... [Turns to Lewis and smiles] Lewis! You didn't go.
Lewis: Keen observation, Cleo. Very, very good. [Holds up the slide]
Emma: [Happily] You got the slide back. [Lewis hands her the slide. She takes it]
Rikki: And she didn't suck you in?
Lewis: What, are you serious? You think I'd buy that stuff about being a good scientist? [Scoffs] Please.
Cleo: What about her records? All the stuff I saw?
Lewis: When she opens the file, I think she'll find it's recently been erased. Oops. [The girls smile] No, I don't think the good doctor and I are a team anymore, guys.
Cleo: [Smiling] It's good to have you back, Lewis.
[Cleo and Lewis try to hug, but decide to settle on a high-five.]
Lewis: [Smiling] Thank you.
[The girls and Lewis leave the end of the dock.]

Dangerous Waters

Rikki Chadwick: [Rikki had been unsympathetic after Cleo's fish had died. She tried to make up by getting Cleo a new fish, but wasn't even aware that Cleo keeps only salt-water fish] Cleo, look, I'm sorry. I didn't know about the salt-water thing. I should have, but I didn't. What can I say?
Cleo Sertori: That's okay. I know you're not good with the whole empathy thing.
Rikki Chadwick: Yeah, well, it's... you think?
Cleo Sertori: Oh yeah.
Rikki Chadwick: You mean I'm self-centred?
Cleo Sertori: No, it's just that other people's feelings aren't really on your radar. But I'm not complaining. Sometimes I think I'm too worried about other people's feelings.
Rikki Chadwick: Yeah, maybe.
Cleo Sertori: But I know you mean well, Rikki. That's the main thing.

[Rikki is hiding in the bathroom. Emma, Cleo, and Lewis are sitting on the bed.]
Emma: Come on, Rikki. We need to sort this out.
Rikki: [Comes out of the bathroom and sees Emma and Cleo wearing sunglasses] What?
[Emma and Cleo remove their sunglasses.]
Emma: I figured there was something going on.
Rikki: What do you mean?
Emma: With the amount you were spending. [To Cleo] How much do you get paid at the Marine Park, Cleo?
Cleo: $975 an hour.
Emma: [To Rikki] And how much were you getting paid?
Rikki: Not much more than that. [Emma gives her a look as if to say "Anything else?"] All right, yeah, it was a bit more than that. [The other two girls and Lewis stare at her] Fine, okay, yeah, it was a few hundred dollars more, but I was working hard.
Lewis: And it is a niche market.
Rikki: Hey, you two were happy enough letting me spending up big on you. You could have said something, but no!
Lewis: Rikki, didn't you ever there was something suss about him? I mean, not even once?
Rikki: What can I say? He didn't look bad.
Emma: He was doing business out of the back of a boat, handing out big lots of cash. Hello?!
Rikki: We don't all have your vast underworld experience, Emma.
[Rikki leaves, while Emma, Cleo, and Lewis look regretful.]

[Rikki goes down the stairs, with Emma, Cleo, and Lewis behind her.]
Emma: Okay, I'm sorry. At least you found out before you got into any real trouble.
Lewis: Yeah. And you made quite a good deal of money out of it. [The girls give him a confused look] That's me being supportive.
Rikki: This isn't about the money. He strung me along. Made me feel like I was some dumb kid. [Removes her necklace and hangs it on the end of the railing]
Emma: He's probably done this loads of times.
Cleo: I'm sure you're not the first one, Rikki.
Rikki: Yeah, but I'm the one who's gonna get even. [Starts to go towards the door]
Emma: [Stops Rikki before she can go towards the door] And the best way to do that is to tell the police.
Lewis: Ordinarily, yes, but in a case like this, they'd require quite a deal of evidence to gain a conviction.
Rikki: And I don't need evidence. This guy's a creep. And I'm gonna do something about it.
Cleo: Like what?
Rikki: Just watch. [Exits the house]
Emma: Okay, just because she won't call the police doesn't mean we can't.
Cleo: Good idea. [Dials the police number on her phone]
Lewis: Um... [Takes Cleo's phone from her] ...one of the things the police will ask is how Rikki happened to come by the fish she sold this guy. [Emma and Cleo sit on the stairs] What's she gonna say? [Imitates Rikki] "Oh, no, no, no, it's okay, trust me. I'm a mermaid."
Emma: All right. We might have to bend the rules a little for this one.
Lewis: [Normal voice] Ooh, coming from you, that's big.
Emma: Let's not overreact. Rikki's not crazy.
Lewis: Sometimes she's crazy.
Cleo: Sometimes she's really crazy.
[Emma and Cleo look at each other, then at Lewis, who shrugs. Emma and Cleo stand up to after Rikki.]

Kim: Mom told me that she's about to start making dinner. She wants to know if any of you guys want to stay?
Lewis: Sure.
Rikki: I'm starved.
Cleo: What are we having?
Kim: Fish!
Lewis: Oh no! (Laugh and groan)

The Camera Never Lies

Lewis: Amazing.
Harrison: Not exactly the word I'd use. I've been at the juice bar hosing Wilfred down for two hours. He was about to go to the police.
Zane: It's your windsurfer, not his.
Lewis: Okay, maybe we should've asked, but this footage is fantastic. It'll make a great film.
Zane: You can't do that.
Harrison: I sponsored that competition. You think I want my son on public view looking like...that?!
Zane: There was a twenty-foot shark out there, Dad! There were heaps of them!
Harrison: Did you see anything?
Lewis: Well, um...
Harrison: I didn't think so. Zane created this charade because he knew he couldn't really break my record. Now get rid of that.
Lewis: No, no, no, no, no. I shot this footage; that disc belongs to me! It's mine.

Sink or Swim


I just love it

The Siren Affect


Cleo is about to sing the Siren Song to the boys and to love the song as well and fall in love with her singing


Lewis: (about Miss Chatham) Some people say she's a witch.
Rikki: And if they said she was an Easter Bunny would you believe that?
Lewis: There was a time I didn't believe in mermaids either.

Miss Chatham: They're just after my treasure!

Zane: You are a disgrace to this port! You left a scratch on my boat!


Emma: Oh no, my tail!
Lewis: See, that's why I'm hanging around with you guys. Cause all the other girls at school are like, oh no my make-up.

Rikki: Well this is a valuable lesson. Next time Zane's drowning, don't help.
Lewis: Zane's trying to track down a sea monster and he's offered me a job helping.
Rikki: That you should take.
Lewis: That's interesting logic... that could work.
Emma: Hang on. Two steps back here.
Rikki: Well, Zane's trying to track you down and you know how not to find us.
Emma: Yeah, and Lewis could steer from any no-gone zones like Mako Island. This is good! Keep your friends close, keep your enemies out in the middle of the ocean

Zane: I'm on a hunt and if I find what I'm looking for, I'll rewrite the history books.

Lewis: Wilfred, just the man I wanted to see.
Wilfred: This is the place to find me.
Lewis: Yes a two part proposition.
Wilfred: Try one to start
Lewis: How many time have you actually spend on the waves since opening the business?
Wilfred: Try none. Then what can you do? Business is business.
Lewis: Well that's all about to change. Cause you're about to hire me... and spend the rest of the day at the beach.
Wilfred: Lewis that's not a bad idea.
Lewis: Yes. Get to it.
Emma: Wait a minute, you call that a job interview?
Lewis: Eh yeah work for me. Wilfred?
Wilfred: Got all the information I need.
Emma: No, you got to talk properly. You got ask him questions
Wilfred: Like?
Emma: Lewis, why do you want to work at the Juicenet Cafe?
Lewis: I'm committed to providing fresh juice and friendly service to the masses and I need money quickly. Wilfred I am prepared to work for as little as 30 dollars.
Wilfred: A day?
Lewis: An hour.
Wilfred: That's unrealistic Lewis.
Lewis: Really? Well part two of my proposal will have to wait until I've got some money.

Zane: Lewis! Buddy, just the guy I was looking for. See I've got a problem...
Lewis: Well let me guess; You're self-centered, you're vain, you're disgustingly rich... Did you just call me buddy?
Zane: Lewis, look in the past we haven't exactly seen things eye to eye.
Lewis No we haven't. I tend to see the glass as being half full, you tend to see the glass as being something to hit people with!
Zane You're trying to be funny right?
Lewis: I know, it's wasted.

The Big Chill



Cleo: You're so devious, Zane.
Zane: You say that like it's a negative.

Rikki: Why would Cleo want to waste her breath talking to you?
Zane: Well, she wastes it on you daily.

Under the Weather


The girls Cleo and Emma and Rickki will fake sick and to get to lie to there parents about not taking the test at the school

Bad Moon Rising

Lewis: Don't go all independent-female on me, I just spent 40 dollars at the hardware store.

Lewis: So that's the thanks I get? I gotta say it hurts, it hurts right here.
[Puts his hand to his chest]

[after Emma and Cleo leave to follow Rikki]
Lewis: So much for independent women

Rikki: Did I get a little too much moon last night?
Emma: Yes, you could say that.

Hurricane Angela

Cleo: Can I get a padlock on my door?
Kim: Can I get a new sister?

Kim: Where'd you buy it?
Cleo: Why?
Kim: So I can return it!

Hook, Line and Sinker

[To Harrison Bennett]
Rikki: I would like to say it's been a pleasure meeting you...but that would be a lie.

[To Zane]
Rikki: Pretend I'm a painting you admire.
Zane: A...painting??
Rikki: Or a speedboat or some stupid car.

[To Rikki]
Zane: What are you doing here?
Rikki: What are YOU doing here?
Zane: I asked first.
Rikki: "I asked first", how old are you, ten?.

Red Herring

Rikki: I'll think about it.
Zane: Really?
Rikki: No.

[Zane walks out of the Juicenet Café, with Rikki running after him.]
Rikki: Zane! Zane, wait!
Zane: What? Do you want to humiliate me some more?
Rikki: [Catches up to Zane] No audience. No point.
Zane: Oh, that's very big of you.
Rikki: I want to go out with you. [Zane stops and turns to her] But the mermaid talk stops. [Zane looks down] Look, I like you. Don't ask me why because I have no idea, but I do.
Zane: [Looks up at Rikki] No mermaids?
Rikki: That's the deal. Take it or leave it.
Zane: [Slowly smiles, then nods] Okay. No mermaids.
[Rikki smiles at Zane before the two walk away together.]

Fish Out Of Water

Emma:[Commenting on Rikki's dress]
Lewis: It was red, it was elegant, it was sexy!
Cleo: Elegant and sexy? That doesn't sound like Rikki.

Rikki: I don't interfere in your life, so stay out of mine. Maybe you could try showing a little trust!
It's Zane we don't trust. It's up to you to make a decision.
Rikki: Between you two and Zane?
Cleo: We can't let Zane get to us Rikki.
Emma: We're your friends and YOU need to make a choice!
Rikki: Friends don't give each other ultimatums.
[Rikki swims out of the moon pool]

Rikki: So you're not going to ask me where I've been, who I've been with, what color bra I'm wearing?
Lewis: Just out of curiosity, what color-
Cleo: Lewis!

In too Deep

Cleo: Miss Chatham was just telling us about her friends. They sounded great.
Louise Chatham: Oh well, we didn't always get along. Sometimes we argued. Sometimes we lied to each other. Even best friends will do that. Right, Rikki? My friends and I were all very different. Julia was very headstrong, like you Rikki.
Emma: So she could be a pain?
Louise Chatham: Oh we were so close until...well, we found out that she had a boyfriend. She wanted to tell him everything. We tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen. It was our secret too. She...uh, she threatened us. She was too powerful. There was nothing we could do.
Rikki: I don't see what the problem is. Secrets are what make this whole mermaid thing a pain. At least she had someone she could trust.

Louise Chatham: So like Julia. I always thought the best way was to ignore her moods. And I often carried a tennis racket. It came in very useful.

Louise Chatham: It was up there. His name was Carl. He was smart, funny, rich...bit of a bad boy, but very good-looking. She told him everything. At first he was very upset. He wouldn't see her for a long time. And then one day he called wanting to meet. I begged her not to go, but she thought she could trust him. She thought he understood. She was so terribly happy...and so terribly wrong! He wanted to expose her to the whole world. He tried telling everyone about us, but people made a mockery of him. No one believed him. Julia closed up after that. She never really got over the betrayal.

Louise Chatham: It took time, but life goes on. We rebuilt our friendship and our trust. We gave each other the lockets as a symbol of our friendship...our secret. And we swore an oath-keep the secret, be there for one another, and always be friends. She needs you. She doesn't know how much but she does.

Julia: I'm a mermaid.
Karl: When were you going to tell me this?
Julia: When I thought the time was right...and then you gave me this.
Karl: I gave you this, not a fish!

Lookooloo===Love Potion #9=== Loloolooloolooloolol"ll9ol

Dr. Danger


A Twist in the Tail

Dr.Denman: Stay right were you are. We don't want to have to hurt you.
Rikki: I wish we could say the same.

Emma: But Miss Chatham was really clear. We gave away our powers.
Lewis: Only for twelve hours.
Rikki: What do you mean?
Lewis: I... It's temporary. During a lunar eclipse the moon pool draws away your powers for twelve hours.
Emma: She didn't say that.
Lewis: She did to me. She said that if you guys believed that your powers were gone forever, so too would Dr. Denman. It's funny cause she told me not to tell you.
[Sees the girls glare at him angrily]
Lewis: What's up?

[Cleo traps Lewis on a spout of water]
Lewis: Come on, you can't do this! Where's your sense of humor!?
Emma: Next time he better remember who his friends are.
Rikki: Leave him up there for a couple of hours.
Lewis: No, no, no, no! Don't you listen to her, Cleo!
Cleo: Yeah! No one messes with mermaids.

[hearing the sound of the gate being dragged away]
Dr. Denman: What was that?
Rikki: That was the sound of goodbye!
Dr. Denman: You did this!
Harrison Bennett: What you've done here is unforgivable! You're a fool Zane!
Zane: You spent half your life criticizing me! Have you looked at yourself lately!? when did you become a liar and a thief!?
Harrison Bennett: Do you understand what we lost here!? What we both lost?!
Zane: Do you?! 'Cause I'll tell you exactly what you've lost... Me.

Season Two


Stormy Weather

[Swimming into the Moon Pool]
Emma: You swam like a turtle! What kept you?
Rikki: A few more seconds and I would've had you!
Emma: [Laughing] Please! I beat you easy!
Cleo: I'm starting a protest! You guys cut me off!
Rikki: Cleo, you were so far behind me I forgot you were even there!
Cleo: Winning isn't everything, you know!
Rikki: And that is why you're third! [To Emma] I'll beat you on the way back!
Emma: You'll try!

[When the full moon rises]
Rikki: [to Lewis] It's important, Lewis. Check on us.
Emma: In case something happens.
Lewis: [seems distracted] Yes. Yes. I am hearing you.
Rikki: [to Lewis] We're gonna go upstairs and have a pillow fight in our jim jams. Wanna come?
Lewis: [distracted] Mhmm. Mhmmm. Sure. Sounds interesting.
Rikki: [throws her hands up in the air] Hopeless!

[When the girls find Lewis on Mako Island]
Rikki: [to Lewis] Your pants will take ages. I'll just dry them.
Lewis: [seeing his pants on fire] Ahh! Why are my pants on fire?
Rikki: [puts out the fire] Uhh...
[brings the pants over to Lewis]
Rikki: Slighty charred, but still wearable.



The One That Got Away

[To Emma when Zane comes back]
Rikki: Stop worrying! Last time Zane saw me I was perfectly normal!
Emma: And the time before that we were mermaids! He's not gonna forget that!
Rikki: Then we'll just have to keep clear of water around him, same as we do with everyone!
Emma: Zane is not everyone! If he wants something he doesn't give up. Like...
Rikki: Like what?
Emma: Like you, for instance! What's he gonna do when he finds out we're mermaids? Are you sure you can trust him?
Rikki: Emma, I don't have to trust him! We broke up, that's where it's at!
Emma: I just thought it might be hard seeing him round again.
Rikki: Well, it won't be. If Cleo can handle breaking up with Lewis, I can handle keeping clear of Mr Self-Absorbed! Ok?

[Mako Island: Rikki is leaning against the ledge of the Moon Pool, staring at the cave walls and the sand covering the cave floor. She hears footsteps, prompting her to turn around and see Zane entering.]
Zane: [Jabs his thumb towards the pool entrance] I knew I'd find you here. It's okay. [Lowers his arm] I'm alone. [Walks towards the Moon Pool]
Rikki: So now you know.
Zane: [Slowly walks closer to Rikki] Yeah, you're still... [Gestures to Rikki's tail] You're still a, uh...
Rikki: A mermaid, Zane. I'm still a mermaid.
Zane: [Stands in front of Rikki, then bends down in front of her in the sand] That's what I meant.
Rikki: [Looks up at Zane] Thanks for covering for me with Nate.
Zane: No problem. [Beat] You should have just told me.
Rikki: [Raises her eyebrow] Really? [Takes her arms out of the water and crosses them on the rocky ledge, then rests her chin on her arms] And what would you have said? What would you have done?
Zane: Look, I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you, but this time it's different. [Rikki glances away for a second. He gives her a small smile] Come on, Rikki, just risk it. I don't care... [Gestures to Rikki's tail] ...about this. About everything. [Rikki looks up at him] Let's get back together. [Rikki glances away, thinking about his words. He glances down, then looks back up at Rikki] Look, for a long time, I was the only one around here who believed in mermaids. I can handle it.
Rikki: [Shrugs, then shakes her head] I wish I could believe you.
Zane: [Leans forward on his elbows so he could be at Rikki's level, his face inches from hers] Listen carefully. I can handle it.
[Rikki and Zane slowly lean in and kiss, then pull away.]
Zane: [Smiles and nods at Rikki] Believe me now?
[Rikki slowly smiles.]

[Rikki and Zane are walking side by side down the path toward the entrance ramp, the latter pushing his motorcycle.]
Rikki: Okay, there's two conditions to us getting back together. Number one: You have to keep our mermaid identity a secret.
Zane: No problem. What's the other catch?
Rikki: We don't let Cleo and Emma find out we're back together. Promise?
Zane: Promise.
Rikki: Seriously.
Zane: Okay. I promise.
Rikki: And we can't be seen together in public. You'll have to say goodbye to me here.
Zane: [Kicks the stand out for the motorcycle and turns to Rikki, smiling] You sure make a lot of rules, don't you? Okay... okay. I'll play it your way. [Rikki smiles] You know where to find me. [Glances at the track, then turns back to Rikki] Whenever you want to see me, just call. Okay?
Rikki: [Smiles, then nods] Okay.
[Zane leans in for a kiss. Rikki leans in slowly. However, with his arms around Rikki's back, Zane raises the helmet that he is holding and puts it on his head, blocking the kiss. Rikki looks at him in slight surprise. Zane raises his eyebrows at her before turning around to run down the entrance ramp, rolling his motorcycle as he does so. Rikki shakes her head in amusement, then walks away. Zane turns on the motorbike, then hops on, speeding off down the track as he does so. Rikki watches him go as she walks away. Zane continues down the track, speeding up, dirt flying everywhere as he goes.]

Fire And Ice

[At the moon pool]
Rikki: Show off.
Cleo: I thought we were coming here to relax.
Emma: You can relax at my place, for the whole weekend. My parents are going away
Cleo: Where to?
Emma: A crystal-ware convention. My mum collects figurines.
Rikki: You know the worst part about that is that I'm not even surprised.
Emma: Well, how about it?
Cleo: I can't stay over. Dad's working, and I have to look after Kim. What about you, Rikki?
Rikki: A sleepover in my jim-jams, you're kidding, right?
Emma: Yeah, it's not really Rikki's scene.
Rikki: Then again, you've got cable, wide-screen TV, hot and cold running snacks. Why not? I'll be there.
Cleo: Excellent, all fixed. What?

Hocus Pocus


Pressure Cooker


Hey all.

In Hot Water


Wrong Side Of The Tracks


Riding For A Fall


Missed The Boat


In Over Our Heads


Fish Fever




Lewis: Fine, I admit it. You defeated the full moon without my help.

Rikki: No, Lewis. We defeated the full moon despite your help.

Get Off My Tail




Double Trouble


Moonstruckcleo:we want you to... CLEO: to come with us... RIKKI:to makooo


The Heat Is On


The Gracie Code, Part One


The Gracie Code, Part Two


And Then There Were Four


Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble




There's Company

Emma: Rikki was so right about Charlotte! She's way out of line!
Cleo: Out of line!? She's just really mean!!

Sea Change

Charlotte: (to Cleo) Look at you. You call yourself a mermaid. You're pathetic. (takes Cleo's necklace) You don't deserve this. It was my grandmother's. And now it's mine. Just like it always should have been.

Cleo: (leaving voice-mail for Lewis) Lewis, you really let me down. I always thought that you, um, you were on my side and I was on yours. I thought deep down, that you, um, still cared for me. I guess I was wrong.

Lewis: Did she really just give you that? (looks at Cleo's necklace) Be honest with me.
Charlotte: (scoffs) Of course not. I made her.
Lewis: Well, what's that supposed to mean?
Charlotte: It means she's lost, Lewis. In more ways than one. (Charlotte smirks) (Lewis angrily goes over to the boat) Don't do this, Lewis. If you leave, that's it. Understand? You know you can't have it both ways, Lewis. Your going to have to choose: it's her or me.
Lewis: There really is no choice, Charlotte. I never want to see you again.
Charlotte: What, so you're dumping me?
Lewis: Absolutely.

[Lewis walks over to Cleo, who is sitting on the sand, and sits next to her.]
Cleo: Why'd you come after me, Lewis?
Lewis: Why do you think? I made a big mistake. I never should have agreed to not seeing you. You mean everything to me.
Cleo: What about Charlotte?
Lewis: I broke up with her. We broke up. That was never gonna work.
Cleo: No?
Lewis: No.
Cleo: Took you long enough to realize.
Lewis: Sometimes I'm little slow. But... I realized that you were right. In your message, I let you down, and I am so sorry. I never want to do that again. It's just us. You and me... if you want it.
Cleo: You mean as friends?
Lewis: I mean, a lot more than friends.
[Cleo and Lewis smile at each other before kissing.]


Lewis: Any mermaid in that pool when the full passes over tonight, loses her powers. Forever. So how did you find out?
Charlotte: That's how my grandmother lost her powers. Tonight is the first time in the fifty years when all the planets have aligned with the moon. When you warned me about the strength of this full moon, it all made sense.

Charlotte: What's happening!? Where is she!?
Rikki: Don't get all steamed up.
Emma: We're here to cool you down. (Cleo hydrokinetically creates an orb of water, Emma freezes it and Cleo hurls it at Charlotte who uses her own mermaid abilities to throw it right back)
Charlotte: Did you really think you could beat me? (Uses her strengthened hydrokinetic abilities to conjure three water snakes. Cleo attempts to push them back, Rikki boils them, Emma partially freezes them)
Lewis: Don't mess with magic, Charlotte. It could get out of control.

(Emma, Cleo and Rikki start to combine their abilities to summon a thunderstorm)

Charlotte: Who wants to be the first to lose their tail!? How 'bout I chose- Cleo! What's going on!? (the thunderstorm gets stronger and the girls' utilize their combined abilities to hold a screaming Charlotte over the Moon Pool as the full moon passes overhead. They let her fall as the full moon's immense power causes her orange-and-gold fish tail to vanish)
Rikki: Nice legs.

Season Three


The Awakening


Cleo what’s wrong ?

Rikki: No. It's not that.
Cleo: Emma? You should be happy for her. Not everyone gets to travel the world with their parents.
Rikki: I know. But why did she have to leave? It's her last year of school.

Rikki: Water wouldn't attack us! We're mermaids. We're supposed to control it.
Cleo: I know Rikki, but it's what I saw! And it's a full moon.
Rikki: I thought we had that sorted.
Bella: You alright, Rikki?
Rikki: Shouldn't you be singing?
Cleo: Lewis thinks we do.
Bella: There's something I need to ask you.
Cleo: Well, whatever it is it can wait.
Bella: There's something going on here, isn't there? Something magical.
Rikki: That's ridiculous. There is no such thing as magic.

Rikki: Nice tail.
Bella: Likewise.

Lewis: You been a mermaid since you were nine?
Bella: We were living in Ireland at the time. My parents were working, so I took off to the coast. And I found this sea cave, and I went into a pool and... (Demonstrates her different mermaid abilities by turning the water into jelly)
Lewis: Wow.
Rikki: So when my bike still had training wheels, you had a tail.
Bella: When did you guys change?
Rikki: Oh, we been mermaids for ages.
Lewis: Do that again.

Jungle Hunt


Keep Your Enemies Close


===Valentine's Day Rose felix

Big Ideas


Secrets and Lies


Happy Families




The Sorcerer's Apprentice



Bella: I was nine years old. We were in Ireland, so I took off to the coast. I found this sea cave, it felt so beautiful...like I was at home. And then something magical happened.
Will: What about the others- Cleo and Rikki? Are they...
Bella: No.
Will: You sure.
Bella: Yeah. I'm the only one. We can keep this between us, right?
Will: I don't know. Let stay here to think things through.

Just A Girl At Heart


Crime and Punishment


To Have and to Hold Back

Cleo: I can't stand in your way, Lewis, even if that means losing you.

Mermaid Magic


Power Play


The Dark Side


(The water tentacle goes after Will)

Rikki: No! Don't! Leave him alone!! You want a mermaid?! Come get me!
Will: Rikki, are you okay?

Will: Rikki, what happened out there? You spoke to it and the water stopped. It was like it was under your control. And why did you lie to Cleo and Bella? Why tell them I saved you?
Rikki: What's the big deal?
Will: It's a very big deal. I think you should tell the girls.
Rikki: No.
Will: Why?
Rikki: Don't, please. I need to figure this out on my own. Promise me you won't tell them.

A Magnetic Attraction

Rikki: Look, if you want to go out with this guy, go out with him. But don't use Mako as an excuse. And don't put the rest of us at risk in order to do so.
Cleo: Rikki, how could you say something like that?
Rikki: Believe it or not, I'm just trying to protect Mako.
Cleo: Protect it from me? Look, I don't know what's gotten into you. I don't know who you are anymore.

Will: Okay, guys. Ever since the full moon, Rikki and I haven't been totally honest with you.
Bella: Why? What happened between you two at Mako?
Will: I didn't save her from the water tentacle. Rikki saved me.
Cleo: What? How?
Will: She has some connection with it, the energized water. It's like she can control it. Like it was listening to her, obeying her.

Into the Light




Queen For A Day


The Jewel Thief


Mako Masters


Beach Party


Too Close For Comfort


A Date With Destiny





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