Gwen Ifill

American journalist, television newscaster and author (1955–2016)

Gwen Ifill (September 29, 1955–November 14, 2016) was an American journalist, television newscaster, and author.

Ifill in 2012


  • I really want to keep my mind open to all possibilities. If I make up my mind in advance what I believe about something ... I stop listening. We all stop listening once you've made up your mind … I want to be curious. I want to maintain my curiosity about what the answers to the question might be. And I want to hold out for the possibility that someone will surprise me.
    • On trying to keep an open mind in “Gwen Ifill” (Television Academy Foundation)
  • …I have a flat spot right in the front of my head from trying to break down walls my entire career, forcing diversity of thought and opinion into newsrooms and onto the air. Whatever else you do with your lives, I hope you remember to fight those battles, too.
  • I was drawn to journalism because of the need to be the necessary voice - not to force my opinions on others but to broaden the stage for the debate…
  • I just keep my head down and try to accomplish what my parents set out for me: that there wasn't anything I couldn't do. But I also look up periodically and think, "Who else can I pull along?" Because it's a failure if I'm up here by myself.
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