Gustav Solomon Oppert

Gustav Solomon Oppert, (30 July 1836 – 1 March 1908) was a German Indologist and Sanskritist. He was a professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, Presidency College, Madras, a Telugu translator to government, and a curator in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library. He was a professor in Madras from 1872 to 1893. He was also editor of the Madras Journal of Literature and Science from 1878 to 1882. After traveling in north India from 1893 to 1894, he returned to Europe in 1894.

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  • I venture to suggest that the inhabitants of this country would do well if they were to assume the ancient, honorable, and national name ofBharata, remembering that India has become famous as Bharatvarsa, the land of the Bharats.

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