Gus Arnheim

American musician

Gus Arnheim (September 4, 1897January 19, 1955) was an American band leader and songwriter.


  • Sweet and lovely, sweeter than the roses in May,
    And she loves me, there is nothing more I can say.
    • Song Sweet and Lovely
  • I may seem proud; I may act gay,
    It's just a pose; I'm not that way,
    .'Cause deep down in my heart I say,
    I surrender, dear.
    • Song I Surrender, Dear
  • So rare,
    You're like the sparkle of old champagne;
    Orchids in cellophane
    Couldn't compare to you.
    • Song So Rare
  • I fell in love with you first time I looked into
    Them there eyes.
    You've got a certain li'l cute way of flirtin' with
    Them there eyes.
    • Song Them There Eyes
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