Gundam Seed

Japanese anime television series

Gundam Seed is an "alternate universe" storyline in the Gundam metaseries. It has been noted for extremely sharp-looking mechanical designs, numerous character monologues which keep the series true to the "unglamourous war" message of the first series, and its rising popularity. It is also the first "alternate universe" storyline in the Gundam franchise to spawn a true sequel, Gundam Seed Destiny To Threequel Gundam Seed Destiny Ninja Returned Cosmic Era 82 .

Gundam SEED


PHASE-01 "False Peace"

Narrator: Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. Tensions were mounting between Earth and the ZAFT organization. Due to the Bloody Valentine tragedy, these tensions escalated into a full-scale war. It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Forces, with its superior numbers, would be victorious, but these initial assessments proved to be false. Almost eleven months have passed since the conflict began -- with no end in sight.

Miriallia Haw: Kaohsiung isn't that far away, is it? Will the homeland be all right?
Tolle Koenig: Sure. There's no need to worry. Although they're close, we're a neutral entity. It's unthinkable for Orb to become a battlefield.

Athrun Zala: The PLANTs and Earth WILL see eye to eye. You'll join me in the PLANTs too, right Kira?

Mu La Flaga: What's the status on ZAFT vessels in the vicinity?
Captain: We traced two vessels, but don't worry. They can't do a thing once we're docked.
Mu La Flaga: Because it's a neutral nation? What a joke.

Rau Le Creuset: Don't look so disappointed, Ades.
Captain Ades: Well, I guess it won't be too late if we wait 'til we hear back from the council.
Rau Le Creuset: It will be too late. I have a sixth sense about these things. If we let things slip now, we would eventually have to pay for those actions with our lives. The Earth Forces' new model mobile weapons... we must seize them before they're moved from there.

Tolle Koenig: Sai wrote her a letter? To Flay Allster? Looks like you got some competition, Kira Yamato.
Kira Yamato: But I'm not really...

Natarle Badgiruel: This place is so peaceful... Just think, there are people their age already fighting on the front line.

Yzak Joule: That's it. It's just like Commander Le Creuset said.
Dearka Elsman: What? With the right amount of prodding, they're sure to come out of their hole?
Yzak Joule: After all, the Naturals are stupid and pathetic.

Kira Yamato: You're... a girl?
Cagalli Yula Athha: What did you think I was?! Let's hear it!

Cagalli Yula Athha: I knew it. The Earth Forces' new mobile weapons. Father, I knew you'd betray us all!

PHASE-02 "Its Name: Gundam"

[Kira falls face first into Murrue's chest as she struggled to pilot a Gundam.]
Murrue Ramius: Get out of my way! Do you want to die?
Kira Yamato: I'm sorry!

Miguel Aiman: It doesn't matter how good your armor is... if you can barely move!

Miguel Aiman: Trying to pilot that mobile suit? You're in way over your head, Natural!

Miguel Aiman: Damn piece of Earth trash!

Rau Le Creuset: It seems we have an unforseen problem; a rather annoying fly buzzing around.

Rau Le Creuset: Tell me, do you feel my presence? Do you sense it the same way that I sense yours? A rather unfortunate twist of fate, wouldn't you say... Mu La Flaga?

Murrue Ramius: You kids don't understand anything! By declaring that you're neutral and have nothing to do with this, you can still distance yourselves from what's happening? You don't really believe that, do you?

Mu La Flaga: Bastard! Is that you, Rau Le Creuset?
Rau Le Creuset: You always seem to get in my way, Mu La Flaga! Though I imagine you would probably say the same about me!

Rau Le Creuset: Mu, I'd actually be pleased if you'd vanish right about now!

Arnold Neumann: Launch the ship? That's impossible with the number of people we have!
Natarle Badgiruel: If you have time to argue, spend it on finding a way to do it!

PHASE-03 "Collapsing Land"

Kuzzey Buskirk: I'm impressed that he can sleep in this situation.
Miriallia Haw: He's tired. It was really tough for Kira, you know.
Kuzzey Buskirk: It was tough? Well, I guess that's true, but...
Sai Argyle: What are you getting at, Kuzzey?
Kuzzey Buskirk: Nothing. Just that in Kira's case we can only say "it was tough for him," and that's it. Kira said he rewrote the OS for that thing, right? When did he do that?
Sai Argyle: What do you mean?
Kuzzey Buskirk: I can't imagine Kira had any previous knowledge of that thing. So, when did he rewrite the OS? I figured all along that Kira had to be a Coordinator. To think that Coordinators, born genetically-enhanced, do these amazing things, but to them it's nothing more than "tough." The guys in ZAFT are all like that. Do the Earth Forces have any chance fighting against these guys?

Mu La Flaga: It seems he has no intention of waiting until we head out there. That bastard.
Natarle Badgiruel: Do they intend to hit us again within the colony?
Mu La Flaga: Easy for them! We can't fire, but they can fire as they wish.

Kira Yamato: What you say may be correct, that there is a war going on outside our world. But we don't agree with it! We dislike war! And that is why we chose to be here in neutral territory!

Miguel Aiman: Athrun! Show us that same spirit that made you defy orders!

PHASE-04 "Silent Run"

[Looking at the wreckage of the destroyed colony.]
Mu La Flaga: Amazing how simple... and fragile it was.

Captain Ades: The council won't look lightly on a neutral nation's colony being destroyed.
Rau Le Creuset: How can you call a colony that's manufacturing new weapons for the Earth Forces "neutral"?

Mu La Flaga: From this point on, we'll have to rely on luck.

Mu La Flaga: Kira Yamato.
Kira Yamato: Yes?
Mu La Flaga: Mr. Murdoch is pretty upset, you know? We don't have enough people. So, you maintain your machine, okay?
Kira Yamato: My machine? Wait! What do you mean "my machine"?
Mu La Flaga: Well, let's just say that's what's been decided. The fact is, you're the only one capable of piloting that thing. It can't be helped.
Kira Yamato: Sure, I rode the thing twice, only because I had no choice! But I'm not a soldier or anything!
Mu La Flaga: So, when the fighting starts again, you refuse to use it? Are those going to be your last words, huh?
[Kira is quiet.]
Mu La Flaga: At that moment, you and I are the only ones who can protect this ship.
Kira Yamato: But I don't think it's...!
Mu La Flaga: Kira, you have the power to make a difference, don't you? Then why not put it to use. We have precious little time, including time to think it over.

Sai Argyle: Kira is a Coordinator. But he isn't with ZAFT.
Miriallia Haw: He's one of us. A treasured friend.

Kira Yamato: I may be able to operate the mobile suit... but that doesn't mean I know how to fight a battle!

Rau Le Creuset: Irony abounds in warfare.

Athrun Zala: Kira... fails to see he's being manipulated by the Naturals! Brilliant as he is, he is also naive and good-natured. They're exploiting him, but he's blind to it. That's why I have to go back! I have to reason with him! Kira is still a fellow Coordinator! I'm positive that he'll come around to our way of thinking.
Rau Le Creuset: I know how you feel. However, what if he won't listen to you?
Athrun Zala: If that should happen... I'll shoot him down myself.

Kira Yamato: It's not that I want to fight... but I do want to protect this ship. Because of the people on board.
Mu La Flaga: It's the same for us all. You won't find too many people who wish to fight for no reason at all. We fight because unless we fight, we cannot protect.

Mu La Flaga: In any case, think only about protecting this ship and yourself.

Mu La Flaga: Mu La Flaga, taking off! Don't let them sink you before I return!

PHASE-05 "Phase Shift Down"

Kira Yamato: Athrun, what are you up to?
Athrun Zala: I'm taking you to the Gamow.
Kira Yamato: Get serious. I'm not going to set foot on any ZAFT ship.
Athrun Zala: You are a Coordinator. You're one of us, Kira.
Kira Yamato: No, I won't join ZAFT!
Athrun Zala: That's enough, Kira. Quiet! Just let me take you. Otherwise... otherwise, I'll have no choice but to shoot you.
Kira Yamato: Athrun...
Athrun Zala: I already lost my mom at Bloody Valentine. That's why...

Yzak Joule: Stupid bastard! Are you out of your mind? If it hadn't been your interfering for no reason...
Dearka Elsman: Quite the little disaster. And all because you had to disobey orders.
Nicol Amalfi: What are you doing? This isn't the place. Stop it!
Yzak Joule: We went out in four machines, and we still couldn't get him. It's too humilating for words.
Nicol Amalfi: You can take it out on Athrun all you want. But it won't change anything, will it?
[After Yzak and Dearka leave in a huff.]
Nicol Amalfi: Athrun, I can't help but think that this isn't like you. So if you...
Athrun Zala: Could you just let me be alone for a while? Okay?
[Exits locker room and slams his fist against the wall.]
Athrun Zala: Kira...

PHASE-06 "The Vanishing Gundam"

Dearka Elsman: So what's the strategy then? Kick back until they come out?

Nicol Amalfi: Trial and error of an untested system. I really hope it works.

[Regarding the Blitz's mirage colloid.]
Dearka Elsman: It seems appropriate for Nicol. A weapon fit for a coward.

Kira Yamato: Why can't you go away and let us live in peace?

[Regarding Kira being with the Alliance and operating the Strike against his kind.]
Garcia: But you're already a traitor to your fellow Coordinators, are you not?

PHASE-07 "The Scar of Space"

Patrick Zala: We fight because it is the only way that we can protect ourselves. If we must fight so that we may protect, then we have no choice but to fight.

Mu La Flaga: I am a man who can make the impossible possible.

PHASE-08 "The Songstress of the Enemy Forces"

Mu La Flaga: Give me a break. The minute we solve the problem with the supplies, we get thrown another in the form of a pink-haired princess.

Flay Allster: I don't want any of you Coordinators acting friendly with me!

Kuzzey Buskirk: Are you a member of Blue Cosmos?
Flay Allster: No, I'm not! But the stance those people take... I don't think they're really wrong. Anyone who has their genes operated on, when they are not sick or anything, is against what nature intended. The truth is you all agree with me, don't you?
[Kuzzey and Miriallia look away.]

Sai Argyle: What a beautiful voice! But I wonder... is that voice a result of fiddling around with her genes?

Lacus Clyne: But your kindness doesn't come from being a Coordinator... it's because of who you are, Kira Yamato.

PHASE-09 "The Fading Light"

Flay Allster: I promise I will kill this girl. If they keep firing at my father's ship, I swear I'll kill this girl. Tell them that! GO AHEAD!!

PHASE-10 "Crossroads"

Athrun Zala: Using a rescued civilian as a hostage? So do you still feel justified in fighting alongside these cowards? Kira!?
Kira Yamato: Athrun... I...
Athrun Zala: I'm gonna rescue her! That's a promise!

Mu La Flaga: The only reason our officers would resort to such dubious actions is because we're weak.

Flay Allster: You didn't make any serious effort to fight them, did you? It's because you're a Coordinator too, isn't it?!

PHASE-11 "The Awakening Sword"

Yzak Joule: I suggest the cowards keep their traps shut. Are there only ten minutes or are there a full ten minutes? It's all in how you look at it.

Athrun Zala: I can't exactly fight a war with a big smile on my face.

PHASE-12 "Flay's Decision"

Lacus Clyne: What is it one should be fighting against? War makes that question very difficult.

PHASE-13 "Stars Falling in Space"

Yzak Joule: Come out and fight, Strike! Or else... or else this pain I feel will never go away!

PHASE-14 "Within Endless Time"

Rau Le Creuset: Each side strives for justice, but both have a different idea of what that means. And so on the battlefield, all those whose strike at the enemy do so for their just cause.

Rau Le Creuset: The dove is a symbol of peace. It's not born with the sharp beak or claws that can inflict a fatal attack, so they say if these two birds were pitted against each other it would undoubtedly be a long, gruesome battle.

George Glenn: Fellow humans, I have kept something from you. But today my secret shall be revealed: I did not come into this world through natural birth. My genes were altered artificially early in the embryonic stage of my development.

George Glenn: Gazing upon the Earth from outer space, I am reminded of a thought I had... That I am bridge connecting our home planet to the vast reaches of space where so much is yet to be understood. I am also a human, straggling between the present world... and our future. I am the regulator, the coordinator, the one who is meant to guide the way.

Rau Le Creuset: Suspicion, ignorance, prejudice, the dark emotions directed at those who can be loved. If love is the brightest light, then are these emotions created from the shadow it casts? Things that are different, things we don't understand, differences that foster anxiety, leading to hatred, and ultimately...confrontation.

Rau Le Creuset: Even if we know all about the source for the existence of humans, we cannot change their hearts. Those who possess the gift do not understand the feelings of those who don't; and those who don't envy those who do. There are people who still love others who are different to them, but this feeling cannot be transferred by gunfire.

PHASE-15 "The Respective Solitudes"

Flay Allster: Kira, you are going to fight, and fight, and fight... until you die. It's the only way I will ever forgive you.

PHASE-16 "Burning Sandstorm"

Andrew Waltfeld: When the coffee is first-rate, so is everything else. All right, let's go fight a war.

[Pointing Strike's Agni to an overturned BuCUE.]
Kira Yamato: Here! Have some of this!

Andrew Waltfeld: Sorry, but we're going to have to finish you off... for what you did to Maylam.

Murrue Ramius: ...Our guns are useless against moving targets.

PHASE-17 "Cagalli Returns"

Cagalli Yula Attha: Why? What is someone like you doing here, huh?
Kira Yamato: That's right. You're that person I met back at Morganroete.
Cagalli Yula Attha: Let go of me, you jerk!

[After twisting and holding Sai's arm behind his back]
Kira Yamato: That's enough! If I took this seriously, you wouldn't stand a chance in a fight against me.

Andrew Waltfeld: [About razing Tassil] Naughty children must be properly disciplined!

PHASE-18 "Payback"

Mu La Flaga: This is likely payback for what you did to them last night. I'd say it's awfully kind of the Tiger to let you off with something minor like this.
Cagalli Yula Athha: How dare you?! Something minor like this? Having a town burnt down is minor? How could you regard anyone who would do this as kind?
Mu La Flaga: I'm sorry, I apologize if I upset you in any way. But the enemy is an established army. I'm sure you realize if they were serious, it would have been much worse.

[Mu gasps at the angry expression in Cagalli's eyes, and humours her.]
Mu La Flaga: Yeah, the Tiger. What a detestable guy.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Same goes for you!
[Cagalli storms off, but then a crowd of civilians gather in a circle around Mu, glaring at him.]
Mu La Flaga: Oh boy.

Andrew Waltfeld: Whenever people are put to the test, I often hear them boast, "I'd rather die." But do you think they honestly mean it?

BuCUE pilot: I'm gonna stomp on you annoying bugs!"

Andrew Waltfeld: Now, you weird and wonderful pilot, how are you going to get out of this jam?

Cagalli Yula Athha: That's the last straw! You heartless moron! Look! [gestures toward Ahmed's body] They fought desperately! We're all fighting desperately! All so that we can protect the things and people that are so important to us!
[Kira slaps Cagalli across the face]
Kira Yamato: What the hell can you protect when your feelings are the only weapons you've got?

PHASE-19 "Fangs of the Enemy"

Murrue Ramius: Any ideas on how to deal with this problem? You're his senior officer.
Mu La Flaga: Huh?
[Mu adopts a thoughtful pose, but his line of sight soon changes to surveying Murrue from top to bottom.]
Mu La Flaga: ...Any ideas I have might not be worth mentioning.
Murrue Ramius: Yeah, I kinda sensed that from you.

Cagalli Yula Athha: You've got no right to go up to other people and tell them how to eat their food!
[Cagalli squirts chilli sauce onto her donel kebab and takes a huge bite]
Andrew Waltfeld: [horrified] Oh what a terrible waste!
Cagalli Yula Athha: Delicious!

[Kira sees Cagalli in one of Aisha's stunning dresses]
Kira Yamato: You're a... A girl?
Cagalli Yula Athha: What'd you think?
Kira Yamato: No, I was just saying that this reminds me again that you're a girl.
Cagalli Yula Athha: That amounts to the same thing, jackass!

Andrew Waltfeld: Unlike in sports, the game of war has no set time limit and no points are awarded, so how do you determine the winners and the losers? When all your enemies are destroyed? Perhaps then.

PHASE-20 "On a Calm Day"

Siegel Clyne: By allowing the war to spread, you also bring about more hatred. How far do you people intend to take this?

Patrick Zala: There is no meaning in fighting a war unless one can end it in victory.

Patrick Zala: We Coordinators are very different; we should view ourselves as a completely new species. There's no reason to cooexist with Naturals.
Siegel Clyne: How can you call us a new species when signs indicate that we are nearing the end of our road? Even with our push toward regulated marriage, birth rates among third-generation Coordinators are declining!

Siegel Clyne: Patrick, you must face the fact that lives are born here, not simply manufactured!

Patrick Zala: We can no longer throw away our power and turn back from our evolutionary path so that we may return to being Naturals.
[Patrick scoffs and exits the room; Siegel sighs]
Siegel Clyne: You still fail to grasp the underlying truth, Patrick: we didn't evolve.

Rau Le Creuset: Go ahead, Patrick Zala, be conceited! Enjoy it while you can.

PHASE-21 "The End of the Sandstorm"

Mu La Flaga: It's better not to know too much about the enemy. Try to forget. Knowing about a man you're about to fight with for your life just makes the battle more difficult.

Aisha: Oh my, he is good.
Andrew Waltfeld: Told you. He was even better the other day when his intensity was turned up. You should have seen him. Unbelievable!
Aisha: You're taking this rather well. This is difficult for you, isn't it? I can tell you're really fond of him.
Andrew Waltfeld: You think he'll surrender?
Aisha: Not a chance.

Andrew Waltfeld: There's no other way! I'm not giving up until one of us is destroyed!

Kira Yamato: It didn't have to end like this!

PHASE-22 "The Sea Dyed Red"

Cagalli Yula Athha: My feelings toward someone have nothing to do with them being Coordinator or Natural.

PHASE-23 "Fateful Encounter"

Mu La Flaga: Where is that puppy?
Cagalli Yula Athha: What puppy?

PHASE-24 "War for Two"


[Athrun realizes that he's about to stab a girl because Cagalli screams.]

Athrun Zala: A...girl?


Cagalli Yula Athha: That's right, I'm a girl. What is it with you men?!

Murrue Ramius: If you object, then feel free to write about it in your report!

Athrun Zala: It was the Earth Alliance Forces that gave us the "Valentine Present" first.

Athrun Zala: My mother was at Junius Seven, which was only a PLANT for agriculture. Countless people, including children, died instantly from the nuclear attack. Did you expect me to sit back and do nothing?

Cagalli Yula Athha: Hey...what's going on? Shouldn't I still be tied up?
Athrun Zala: Eh?
Cagalli Yula Athha: I'll steal your gun and then the tables would be turned.

[Athrun starts laughing.]

Cagalli Yula Athha: Why are you laughing?
Athrun Zala: It's you. Ya just won't give it up, will ya? [Athrun sighs.] If you go for my gun I'll have no other choice but to shoot you. So, don't even try it.

Cagalli Yula Athha: I know its Orb's fault for making them. But that thing, that mobile suit will kill lots of earth people.
Athrun Zala: Fine, then shoot. Because I'd be the one pulling the trigger. I am a ZAFT soldier to the bitter end. I will not let you tamper with that machine. And if you try to shoot me...then I will have to kill you!

Athrun Zala: What, are you crazy?! Throwing a loaded gun?!
Cagalli Yula Athha: S-s-sorry...
Athrun Zala: Unbelievable.

PHASE-25 "Land of Peace"

Uzumi Nara Athha: Do you honestly believe I would risk the fate of an entire nation and its people for the sake of one spoiled little girl?

Mu La Flaga: I guess we owe another one to the kid.
Murrue Ramius: Yeah... [sighs and puts her head down in her arms]
[Mu reaches over and pats her twice on the shoulder]
Murrue Ramius: Stop it commander, that's harassment.
[Mu looks at his hand in surprise]
Mu La Flaga: Huh? It is?

PHASE-26 "Moment"


PHASE-27 "Endless Rondo"


PHASE-28 "Kira"

Flay Allster: So how... how can you feel sympathy for someone like me?

Kira Yamato: Why the hell did they make me a Coordinator?

Athrun Zala: [giving Birdy back to Kira] Is this... yours?
Kira Yamato: Thank you...yes.

[Kira and Athrun look at each other, then one of Athrun's comrades yells 'Hey! Let's go!' Athrun turns to leave.]

Kira Yamato: A-an old friend...! gave it to me. It's a valuable gift, from a valuable friend.
Athrun Zala: I see...

PHASE-29 "The Turning Point"

Dearka Elsman: Well, how about we try a coup d'etat?
Yzak Joule: Hmph. No, I'm not stupid enough to want to take over this disaster.

Nicol Amalfi: I guess I figured I should do my part and join the fight after hearing about Junius Seven.

Uzumi Nara Athha: If you should kill someone's husband in battle, then his wife will despise you for that. And if you were to kill someone's son, then his mother will hate you for that as well... Because if someone were to take your life, I would hate them with all my heart.

Uzumi Nara Athha: Carrying a gun is not the only way to fight.

Nicol Amalfi: Athrun r-run...
[Nicol recalls his last conservation with his mother]
Romina Amalfi: Be... be careful, Nicol.
Nicol Amalfi: [Last words] Mother... my piano.
[The Blitz Gundam explodes leaving Kira and Athrun aghast.]
Athrun Zala: Nicolllllllllll!

PHASE-30 "Flashing Blades"

[Nicol has just been killed by Kira and Yzak is beating on his locker.]
Yzak Joule: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!
Dearka Elsman: Yzak...
Yzak Joule: Why did he have to die like that? And why out here? Well?
[Athrun slams Yzak against the locker.]
Athrun Zala: Why don't you just come out and say it, Yzak? It's my fault! He died because he was trying to save me.
Dearka Elsman: Athrun, stop it! You too, Yzak. Fighting each other isn't going to help one bit. And remember that the Strike is our real enemy.
Yzak Joule: I know that! Obviously! He's the one who killed Miguel. And he gave me this scar. The next time we meet, I'll get him!
[Yzak runs off with Dearka in hot pursuit.]
Dearka Elsman: Yzak!
[Athrun opens Nicol's locker and some music notes fall out; he recalls some conversations he had earlier with Nicol.]
Nicol Amarfi: Oh Athrun! Thanks for coming to the concert the other day. Come on! You were sleeping. I guess I figured I should do my part and join the fight after hearing about Junius Seven.
[Athrun slams his fist against the locker.]
Athrun Zala: Damn it. It should have been me. I should have been the one to die, not him. Nicol.... it's all because I was too weak to defeat Kira in the past. It was my weakness that killed you. I'll kill him.... the next time we meet.

Mu La Flaga: We're soldiers. We're not murderers. We're fighting a war! If one doesn't shoot, one gets shot!

Kira Yamato: I have to destroy you? So be it, Athrun.

Athrun Zala: How could you do it, Kira? You murdered Nicol!

Tolle Koenig: Kira!
Kira Yamato: Tolle, no! Stay back!
[Tolle fires a missile at the Aegis, but it dodges the attack and smashes the Skygrasper with its shield, beheading Tolle.]
Kira Yamato: Tolle! [enters SEED Mode, damaging Aegis]
Athrun Zala: I'm gonna KILL YOU!!! [enters SEED mode as well]

PHASE-31 "Grieving Skies"

Cagalli Yula Athha: There's something I have to know. Are you the one who destroyed the Strike?
Athrun Zala: It was me.
Cagalli Yula Athha: What happened to the pilot? Did he escape like you did? Eject? Or... we couldn't find Kira... anywhere. Say something!
Athrun Zala: He's gone... Because I killed him. It's true. I did it. I trapped the Strike with my Aegis and blew up. I don't see how he could have escaped. That was the only option I had left... to finish him.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Bastard!

Cagalli Yula Athha: Kira... took too many risks, didn't always know what he was doing and always cried. But he was kind. He was a nice guy!
Athrun Zala: Yeah, I know. Sounds like Kira hadn't changed a bit. He was always like that.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Did you...
Athrun Zala: He was a sentimental crybaby. And he was smart, but he never thought things through.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Did you really know Kira ?

Cagalli Yula Athha: If you were such a good friend, then why the hell would you kill him?
Athrun Zala: I don't know. I have no idea why either, okay?
Cagalli Yula Athha: Huh?
Athrun Zala: We separated as friends and the next time I saw him we were enemies!
Cagalli Yula Athha: Enemies?
Athrun Zala: I asked him to come with us, over and over! Because he was a Coordinator, can't you see? He was one of us, that's where he belonged! It wasn't right for him to be on the side of the Earth forces!
Cagalli Yula Athha: So you...
Athrun Zala: But whenever we talked, he wouldn't listen! He fought against us, even hurting friends of mine! And then he killed Nicol!
Cagalli Yula Athha: And so... that's why you did this to... your friend?
Athrun Zala: He was an enemy! He wasn't on my side anymore! I had no choice but to kill him!
Cagalli Yula Athha: You idiot!
Athrun Zala: He killed Nicol right in front of my eyes! Nicol was fifteen. He loved the piano. He only fought to protect the PLANTs and Kira killed him.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Kira only fought to protect the things he wished to protect as well. That still doesn't explain why he had to pay with his life! And in the hands of his best friend, of all people!

Cagalli Yula Athha: One guy's killed for killing another and then he's killed for killing him. How is that kind of twisted thinking ever gonna bring us peace? Well?

Yzak Joule: Bastard! You dare show your face?
Athrun Zala: I destroyed the Strike like I promised.

PHASE-32 "In the Promised Land"

Sai Argyle: Tolle is missing, Kira is missing. Everybody is upset right now. And that includes me. To be honest, I'm really not in the mood to comfort you right now. Sorry. Go ask somebody else.

Dearka Elsman: Or maybe your good-for-nothing Natural boyfriend went and died on you or something.

Miriallia Haw: Tolle's gone, and he's never coming back! And yet this creep... what is this scumbag doing here!?

Flay Allster: All you Coordinators deserve to be killed!

PHASE-33 "Gathering Darkness"

Natarle Badgiruel: The military must be regulated. It requires both soldiers who follow the orders of their superiors and commanders who look at the larger picture and make the appropriate decisions. Otherwise, the ship cannot be victorious or hope to survive in battle.

Murrue Ramius: I know that this uniform is something that does not suit me well.

PHASE-34 "Seen and Unseen"

[Beginning the disastrous Operation Spitbreak.]
Patrick Zala: As we embark on this historic day, we pray that this operation will lead to true freedom and justice.

Rau Le Creuset: The quickest way to slay the beast... is to chop off its head.

[To Athrun.]
Yzak Joule: Next time I'll be the one in charge. Don't get killed until then. Okay?

Kira Yamato: If you just did nothing because you thought it wouldn't help, then you'd end up doing less than nothing, for nothing would change and nothing would end.

Lacus Clyne: Neither will alone nor strength alone will be enough. That's why.

Lacus Clyne: I'd like you to inform them: from now on, Lacus Clyne will be singing the song... of peace.

PHASE-35 "The Descending Sword"

Miriallia Haw: What kind of strategy is this!? Because this is a war... and because we're all supposed to be good soldiers... if they tell us to... then I guess we're just supposed to throw away our lives.

Murrue Ramius: If the object of this whole battle was to lure the ZAFT forces closer in, then in my opinion this ship has already accomplished its mission. Note that I, Murrue Ramius, captain of the Archangel, make this decision alone. No other crew member is to be held responsible for these actions.
Mu La Flaga: Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Mu La Flaga: Did you forget? I am a man who can make the impossible possible!

Yzak Joule: Don't take me lightly! You're not dealing with the Buster here.

[After witnessing the destructive power of the Freedom Gundam]
Yzak Joule: What the hell was that?

PHASE-36 "In the Name of Justice"

Athrun Zala: Father . . .
Patrick Zala: What did you call me?
Athrun Zala: My-my apologies, Chairman Zala.

Murrue Ramius: It's becoming more and more difficult to understand who or what we're fighting for.
Kira Yamato: Ms. Murrue. What is it you think we should be fighting against to end all of this? Whatever it is, it's about time we started fighting against it.

Athrun Zala: What are you talking about, Lacus? Kira's gone. I--
Lacus Clyne: --killed him with your own hands?

Lacus Clyne: What is it you believe in? What is it you should be fighting for now? Is it for that medal you received? Or your father's orders? Because if that is so, you'll likely find yourself fighting Kira as his enemy again...and you'll be fighting me, too.

Lacus Clyne: So if I am to be your enemy then you might as well shoot me now, Athrun Zala, soldier of ZAFT.

Lacus Clyne: You'll find Kira on Earth. I suggest that you'll have a talk with him. He is your friend.

PHASE-37 "Divine Thunder"

Uzumi Nara Athha: We believe that no one should be judged by whether or not his or her genes were altered. Cagalli is a Natural and Kira is a Coordinator. These are things they have no control over.

Yzak Joule: What's so fun about firing at targets that aren't moving?

Murrue Ramius: Commander...
Mu La Flaga: That title no longer applies, does it Ms Murrue?

PHASE-38 "Decisive Fire"

Uzumi Nara Athha: Have they decided it's not worth the effort to hide their true colors from us now that they've lost Panama? Damn the Atlantic Federation!

Muruta Azrael: I only hope they'll oblige us by continuing to hold out to the bitter end.

Murrue Ramius: You ought to know I really can't stand mobile armor pilots.
Mu La Flaga: Well, I guess it's a good thing I'm a mobile suit pilot now.

Reverend Malchio: Wars spread so quickly, but are so difficult to end.

Kuzzey Buskirk: If I'm the only one who says that he wants to leave then everyone will think that I'm afraid, that I'm just a coward! And maybe that's true, but there's nothing I can do on board; nothing to do with fighting! I leave that stuff to the guys who are able to do it.

Dearka Elsman: Are Naturals really that stupid?

Muruta Azrael: Say, boys?
Orga Sabnak: What?
Shani Andras: Huh?
Clotho Buer: Yeah?
Muruta Azrael: It's extremely important that you not damage Morgenroete or the mass driver. Do you understand?
Shani Andras: But we can do anything else we want to, right?
Clotho Buer: Oh yeah.
Orga Sabnak: Why don't you guys shut up?

Clotho Buer: That white one, it's mine.
Orga Sabnak: Humph.
Clotho Buer: Figures, ya missed it.
Clotho Buer: Annihilate!
Shani Andras: Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!
Clotho Buer: Bastard! You're terminated!

Clotho Buer: Out of the way Shani!
Shani Andras: Your the one who's in the way!

(Shani fires his Forbidden's railguns while Kira dodges them and shoots back) (Kira's beam cannons are deflected and sent in another direction)

Shani Andras: Ha ha ha ha!
Kira Yamato: It deflected the beams?!

PHASE-39 "Athrun"

Athrun Zala: I haven't received any specific military orders regarding this battle. This intervention... is my decision alone.

Shani Andras: Wow, another one of these... funny-looking mobile suits.

Clotho Buer: I don't know who you are, but you're going to be a fatality too!

[Orga begins fires on Clotho, who is supposedly his teammate.]
Clotho Buer: Orga!
Orga Sabnak: You're bugging me!
[He fires on Clotho again.]
Orga Sabnak: The same goes for you, Shani!
[Orga fires on Shani as well, leaving Kira and Athrun aghast.]
Athrun Zala: These guys don't give a damn about each other!

Clotho Buer: I've had enough, Orga. You bug me!
[The drugs begin to wear off causing Clotho painful withdrawal symptoms; Shani and Orga follow suit.]
Orga Sabnak: Aw crap! We're outta time! Clotho!
[The three Extended pilots withdraw from the battle.]

[Azrael is furious that the three Extended pilots were unable to finish the job.]
Muruta Azrael: They're useless!

Athrun Zala: But you . . .
Kira Yamato: I know. [flashback to Nicol's death] I killed a comrade of yours. A personal friend. But I never knew him or even met the guy. And it's not as if I wanted to kill him.
[Everybody in the room absorbs Kira's remorse]
Kira Yamato: And you... [flashback to Tolle's death] ...killed Tolle.
[Athrun gasps as does Miriallia and Dearka]
Kira Yamato: But you didn't know him either. You didn't want to kill him, right?
Athrun Zala: No. But I tried my hardest to kill you.
Kira Yamato: Same here.

Dearka Elsman: Hey!
Miriallia Haw: What do you want?
Dearka Elsman: Uh, well I . . . he's the one who killed that guy... you know, Tolle.
Miriallia Haw: So, what is your point? Weren't you listening to Kira? This is what he meant! Would killing him bring Tolle back to me? Of course it wouldn't. So, why don't you just stop talking about it?

Shani Andras: [About the Justice and the Freedom] They're gonna pay.
Clotho Buer: Those two machines.
Orga Sabnak: That's a promise.

PHASE-40 "Into the Dawn Skies"

Uzumi Nara Athha: We've been declared an enemy, but does that mean we're not even worth listening to!?

Athrun Zala: Both of us completely understood what you meant, and that there are things in this world you want to protect sometimes you gotta fight for them.

Kira Yamato: Athrun…
Athrun Zala: Let's kick ass!

Orga Sabnak: You stupid mobile suit! You're out of energy already!?
Clotho Buer: It's because you keep firing all over the place, dumbass!
Orga Sabank: Say what?
Clotho Buer: If you want to leave, do it yourself. You're on your own now.
[Athrun leaps out of the water in the Justice Gundam and slices Clotho's hammer in half, forcing him to fall back.]
Orga Sabnak: Hey, you're the dumbass!
Clotho Buer: Who do you think you're...
[Orga lands his Calamity Gundam on top of Clotho in his Raider Gundam.]
Clotho Buer: Who said you could get on, freeloader!?
Orga Sabnak: Shut your mouth! We got to go back and recharge. Don't tell me you're not running on empty as well.

Uzumi Nara Athha: The Earth Forces' present actions are being guided by the leader of Blue Cosmos, Muruta Azrael. To make matters worse, the PLANTs are led by someone who believes Coordinators are a new species, for Patrick Zala rules them now. The way things are developing the world will soon be trapped between two forces who refuse to accept each others' existence.

Kira Yamato: But just because the odds are against us doesn't mean we should give up and let them do whatever they want to us.

Uzumi Nara Athha: Stop giving me that look! It doesn't suit a child of the Lion of Orb.

Uzumi Nara Athha: I feel very fortunate to have been your father.

Uzumi Nara Athha: We can't leave Orb, or this world, in the hands of those bastards.

Murrue Ramius: This small yet strong flame will never be extinguished.

Mayura Labatt: I didn't think we'd be going out into space.
Juri Wu Nien: Suits me just fine.
Asagi Caldwell: Damn the Earth Forces!

PHASE-41 "Trembling World"

Lacus Clyne: We must understand that the people of Earth are our brothers and sisters. We Coordinators haven't somehow evolved into a separate species.

PHASE-42 "Lacus Strikes"

Patrick Zala: What's going on? What happened? Where's Justice? And what happpened to the Freedom?
Athrun Zala: First things first. I have a question for you. What exactly are your true intentions regarding this war?
Patrick Zala: What did you say?!
Athrun Zala: You heard me, Father. How long are we going to keep fighting this war?
Patrick Zala: What are you blathering about? What's important is the mission you were assigned. Now stop wasting time and make your report!
Athrun Zala: I came back... because I felt I had to ask that one question in person. That's it, Father.
Patrick Zala: Athrun, you little bastard!

Athrun Zala: All you can think about is meeting power with more power! Tell me, Father, is that really your true intention? Do you believe that will ever bring an end to this war?
Patrick Zala: Of course it will! When the very last Natural is dead, this war will end!
[Athrun's eyes widen in shock and disbelief]
Patrick Zala: Now tell me, Athrun, what happened to our machines, the Justice and the Freedom? And answer carefully because I forgive no one!
Athrun Zala: Are you serious? Do you mean what you just said, Father? About how you want all the Naturals dead?
Patrick Zala: That's the whole point of this war! That reason and that reason alone is why we are fighting this war! How could you possibly have forgotten that fact?

Patrick Zala: Don't kill this fool! There are still some things he needs to tell me.
Soldiers: Yes, sir!
Patrick Zala: Take him away and pry the location of the Justice and the Freedom out of him. Use whatever means of persuasion you find necessary. I'm very disappointed, Athrun.
Athrun Zala: I feel the same way.

Kira Yamato: You have every reason to want revenge on me.
Andrew Waltfeld: That's what happens in war. Everyone has some kind of reason, but no one does.

PHASE-43 "What Stands in the Way"

Rau Le Creuset: Nobody is ever born into this world as a soldier.

Murrue Ramius: Do you think they're planning to launch an all-out attack on the PLANTs?
Andrew Waltfeld: Their military is full of people who have always wanted to pull off that kind of stunt. "For the preservation of our blue and pure world."
Mu La Flaga: That's enough.
Andrew Waltfeld: Hey, they're the ones saying it, not me.
Mu La Flaga: I know, but you're right.
Andrew Waltfeld: I can't see how getting rid of all the Coordinators would lead to a pure world. I don't even know what a pure world is.

Lacus Clyne: Whatever human beings have begun, other human beings can then put a stop to.

Cagalli Yula Athha: I bet your head is like a hamster running in its wheel right about now.

Murrue Ramius: This isn't only about what happened in Alaska. We have serious doubts about the Earth Forces in their entirety. No surrender, no return to the military!

Natarle Badgiruel: In these conditions, we hit our own machines too!
Muruta Azrael: Who cares if we hit our own machines? They have Trans-Phase armor, don't they?

Clotho Buer: [About the Justice and the Freedom] They want these guys intact!
Shani Andras: How about just one of them?

PHASE-44 "Spiral of Encounters"

Natarle Badgiruel: Are you that eager to meet your maker!?

Orga Sabnak: Shani!
Clotho Buer: We have orders to withdraw, dimwit!
Shani Andras: [About Athrun] That guy! Do you know what he did?
Orga Sabnak: We have to retreat! Do you want them to punish us again!?
[Shani's eyes widen in fear and he finally backs down from his assault.]

Rau Le Creuset: If it's my fate to be shot down by you, I thought this place would be appropriate... However, it doesn't look like there's any chance of that happening. After all, how could the child ever hope to defeat the parent!

Dearka Elsman: I can't just quietly follow orders when it looks like all we're trying to do is wipe out every last Natural alive.

Rau Le Creuset: Aren't you the least bit curious? About the ultimate extent of humanity's insatiable desires? About the fools who pursued their insane dream in the name of progress? Because after all, Kira, you're a child of this too.

PHASE-45 "The Opening Door"

Rau Le Creuset: You are the dream of humanity. The Ultimate Coordinator. It was Dr. Hibiki who first created the artificial womb. And you were the only viable child it ever produced. For that reason, a large number of your siblings were sacrificed.

Rau Le Creuset: George Glenn was the first Coodinator whom humanity knew. Do you have any idea how much darkness spread across the world because of the chaos he unleashed?

Via Hibiki: Please stop it! That's a human life in there! Not just a thing!
Ulen Hibiki: I know that! That's why I must see this through to the end!
Via Hibiki: A life should be born into this world! Not just manufactured!

Via Hibiki: You liar! Give him back! Give my other child back to me!
Ulen Hibiki: He's my son! I'll use the highest technology to make him the Ultimate Coordinator!
Via Hibiki: And what is this for? For your sake?

Via Hibiki: The Ultimate Coordinator? Is that supposed to bring this child happiness?
Ulen Hibiki: The urge to make things better has always driven progress, and then that is what brings about happiness.

Rau Le Creuset: They thirsted for knowledge. They sought to fulfill their desires. And ultimately, they forgot why they were doing it. Even as they proclaimed their reverence for human life, they began toying with it. And then they began destroying it!

Rau Le Creuset: No matter what we learn, no matter what we manage to obtain, nothing ever changes! People are amazing that way! They become envious, hate each other, and destroy each other! If that's what they truly desire, why don't they simply exterminate each other?!
Mu La Flaga: What gives you the right to sound so superior?
Rau Le Creuset: I am the only one who has earned that right! In the entire universe, I alone have the right to judge all of humanity!
Mu La Flaga: Cut the crap, you crackpot!

Ulen Hibiki: But cloning is illegal.
Al Da Flaga: Laws can be changed. After all, they are only made by humans.
Ulen Hibiki: But still—
Al Da Flaga: This technology came at great cost. You should put it to use. You want funding for your research, don't you?

Al Da Flaga: But are you sure that's me? Oh well. He will be my successor, in any case. Why should that woman's child be my heir? Keep a close eye on him and educate him well. Whatever you do, don't make him into another weakling.

Rau Le Creuset: I am he, that arrogant fool, who thought he could thwart death itself with his money. Al Da Flaga, your father. But I am merely that man's defective clone.
Mu La Flaga: What?! My dad's clone? You expect anyone to believe that fairy tale?
Rau Le Creuset: I don't want to believe it either. But unfortunately, it's true!

Natarle Badgiruel: Making the first move will put us at a great disadvantage. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee success.
Muruta Azrael: It's easy for anybody to declare the impossible as being impossible. But it's another matter to actually make things possible. Everyone knows that in the business world.
Natarle Badgiruel: But this is a battlefield. Failure means death.
Muruta Azrael: It means the same in the business world. Are you one of those people who only fights battles that you know you'll win? Although that's fine by me. When push comes to shove, you've gotta do what you've gotta do to be victorious. We can't remain sitting here forever, can we? Give it your best shot. Think positive. Winners never quit, quitters never win.

Dearka Elsman: I'm not as devoted or resigned to this cause as those two are, but I've seen some things...
Miriallia Haw: [in flashback] Tolle's gone! And he's never coming back! And yet this creep, what is this scumbag doing here?!
Dearka Elsman: I watched them. And after I saw Alaska, Panama, and Orb, there's no way I can return to ZAFT and fight like the military tells me to.

Shani Andras: Do you think we'll get in trouble again if we fail this time?
Clotho Buer: Bet on it. [About Azrael] That guy is just using us to make himself look good.
Orga Sabnak: It could be worse. At least we're kicking butt instead of getting our own butts kicked.

Rau Le Creuset: The final door is about to open. And I am the one opening it! And this world will come to an end! This world of insatiable desires will end! And the conceited fools floundering in it will finally have their wish come true!

Rau Le Creuset: Do you think you can change what's about to happen?! Nobody can do anything about it. The whirlpool of hatred is engulfing the universe!

Dearka Elsman: If you insist I'm your enemy just because I'm no longer with ZAFT, then shoot me.
Yzak Joule: You're being deceived!
Dearka Elsman: I wonder which one of us is really being deceived. I don't know for sure, but I'm going.

Rau Le Creuset: [To Flay] I'm very tired now. So please deliver this key to the final door for me. If that key makes it into the hands of the Earth Forces, this war will come to an end.

PHASE-46 "A Place for the Soul"

Flay Allster: I-I have something... a key! A key that's supposed to end this war. So help me! Please help me!

Clotho Buer: Time's up!
Shani Andras: You bastard!
[Shani and Clotho behead the Freedom.]

Kira Yamato: [About Flay] She's someone that I hurt! I have to protect her!

Mu La Flaga: My father was... an arrogant and unreasonable man... always doubting other people. He died when I was little, and that's about all I remember about him. But this is just... unbelievable! Why'd this have to happen? [About Rau] And a failed product? He ages too quickly. Shortened telomeres. What's it all supposed to mean?
Murrue Ramius: None of this is your fault, Mu.
Mu La Flaga: He has no past and no future. Perhaps not even an identity.
Murrue Ramius: So he wants to take the whole world down with him.
Mu La Flaga: I won't let him get away with this. I won't!

Kira Yamato: I'll be all right... because I swore that I'd never cry again.
Lacus Clyne: It's okay to cry. You should cry, while we're still able to.

Lacus Clyne: You have too many sad dreams, Kira. But what's important is the person you are. Right here, right now.

Athrun Zala: It seems like everybody's crying.

PHASE-47 "The Nightmare Reborn"

Muruta Azrael: That was nice and quick. Even ZAFT's fortresses are simply no match for nuclear warheads.
Natarle Badgiruel: Director Azrael...
Muruta Azrael: Hm?
Natarle Badgiruel: I understand that they are our enemies, but don't you feel any remorse for using nuclear weapons?
Muruta Azrael: I must say, I'm surprised to hear that kind of comment from a professional soldier. Why, I'm almost a saint, compared to some commanders who would knowingly send their troops out to die, knowing full well that it was a battle they could never win.

[The Earth Forces have just used nukes to destory Boaz.]
Patrick Zala: Damn those Natural scum!

Clotho Buer: [laughs] You know what I see? Targets!
[Orga is also delighted at all the potential targets for him to shoot.]
Orga Sabnak: Well now, I can't make up my mind. Right there!
[Meanwhile, a ZAFT grunt pilot futilely fires on Shani.]
Shani Andras: Why you little... nobody takes a shot at me!

ZAFT Green Coat: [Noticing the Peacemaker Force] What are those!?
[He maneuvers his mobile suit in their direction, but Clotho blows it up and kills him.]
Clotho Buer: Oh no, you don't! Nobody stops playing until I say they can.

[The Earth Forces' nuclear missiles hit their target, Boaz.]
Clotho Buer: Yeah!
Orga Sabnak: Awesome!
Shani Andras: Sure is bright!

Mu La Flaga: Nothing surprises me any more. Not after JOSH-A.

Flay Allster: But I... I really have to see him again. Kira is alive. So, I really have to see him and talk to him and the others... properly this time!
Natarle Badgiruel: You may want to stay off the bridge. It won't be as frightening if you stay in your sleeping quarters. You look scared.
Flay Allster: I-I'm terrified! But I'm just starting to realise now... everybody else saw it and understood what was happening as it unfolded, but I...
Natarle Badgiruel: Most people are lucky they don't see those things. From here on, this war is only going to get worse. We're going to see a lot more of what we just witnessed.
Flay Allster: But that man... he said the war was going to end now!
Natarle Badgiruel: Oh, it will end all right. Once every last enemy is destroyed. Only then will it end.

Lacus Clyne: Everyone please... we cannot afford to let even one nuclear missile hit the PLANTs. If the blade of light strikes down those who are innocent, it can only lead to neverending tears and hatred.

Lacus Clyne: The choices we're making may be one of evil as well. For we call for peace, but with weapons in our hands. Nevertheless allow us to break this chain of endless conflict. Give us strength.

[ZAFT prepares to fight back against the Earth Forces with GENESIS]
Patrick Zala: All you Naturals mark this moment well. Let this light usher in the creation of the Coordinators' world! NOW FIRE!!!

PHASE-48 "Day of Wrath"

Kira Yamato: Why do things like that exist in the first place? Nuclear weapons... or for that matter, why are there even mobile suits and guns?

Lacus Clyne: Is it weapons that are the cause of all this fighting or does the real cause lie within the human heart?

Andrew Waltfeld: The first time I actually ever had to shoot somebody, it turned my stomach. They told me I'd get used to it in time. And after a while, that's what happened.

Patrick Zala: This is no longer a war, it is a campaign of extermination!

Shani Andras: You know, I think there are even more of them than last time.
Orga Sabnak: Although, it's really not much fun fighting the small fry.
Clotho Buer: Who cares? If I'm ordered to go out and attack, I'll do what I'm told.

Patrick Zala: Le Creuset... I'm only going to say this once: no more blunders. To make up for not destroying the Eternal, the least you can do is prevent them from attacking the PLANTs with it.
Rau Le Creuset: Even if that means killing Athrun, Your Excellency?
[Patrick's eyes widen briefly, but then he grits his teeth.]
Patrick Zala: Of course!
Rau Le Creuset: Very well then, sir. Excuse me.
[As Rau walks away, Patrick clenches his fist.]

Dearka Elsman: So, they want us to stop the nukes and GENESIS while fighting at the same time!?
Miriallia Haw: Then why don't you just give up?
Dearka Elsman: Hey, I didn't mean—
Miriallia Haw: Just kidding. I'm sorry. Be careful out there.
Dearka Elsman: Thank you.

Murrue Ramius: I thought I wouldn't make it in time.
Mu La Flaga: What are you talking about, silly?
[Mu notices Murrue's locket.]
Mu La Flaga: Was he a mobile armor pilot?
Murrue Ramius: ...Yes.
Mu La Flaga: Don't worry. I'll be right back, with victory in hand.

Rau Le Creuset: I'll give it a try. Anything that man can do, I'm sure I can do just as well. This is Rau Le Creuset, Providence taking off!

Cagalli Yula Athha: I'll be watching after that guy who might be my little brother.
Athrun Zala: Little brother? Couldn't he be your big brother?
Cagalli Yula Athha: No way! He's definitely younger.
Athrun Zala: Yeah I guess you're right.
[hugs her]
Athrun Zala: I'm pretty lucky to have met you.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Athrun...
Athrun Zala: You and I can protect each other.
[they kiss]

PHASE-49 "The Final Light"

Muruta Azrael: It's simple; even a single Coordinator is a threat to the Earth's survival, and our purpose here is to get rid of them all!

Clotho Buer: What's the deal with you two anyway? Why are you fighting so desperately?
Athrun Zala: I want to ask you the same thing. What do you guys think you're fighting for?
Clotho Buer: Don't ask me, I don't really know. I hate losing; that's my only reason!
Athrun Zala: What?!
Clotho Buer: Not that I'll ever lose!

Mu La Flaga: Le Creuset! Is this what you were hoping for, you bastard?!
Rau Le Creuset: You shouldn't blame me! This is mankind's dream, mankind's desire, mankind's destiny! To be the strongest, to go the farthest, to climb the highest!
Mu La Flaga: You're pathetic!
Rau Le Creuset: To compete, to envy, to hate each other, and to devour one another!
Mu La Flaga: I won't let your twisted logic make things worse!
Rau Le Creuset: But you're too late, Mu. You see... I am the product of all of this, that's how I know! I know that humanity will be swallowed by the darkness it's created!

William Sutherland: Mr. Azrael?
Muruta Azrael: Send out the nuclear attack force!
Natarle Badgiruel: Director Azrael!
Muruta Azrael: Destroy every last one of them! Smash those annoying hourglasses into dust!

Lacus Clyne: Possibly... we humans can exist without fighting. but many of us have chosen to fight. For what reason? To protect something? Protect what? Ourselves? The future? If we kill people to protect ourselves and this future, then what sort of future is it, and what will we have become? There is no future for those who have died. And what of those who did the killing? Is happiness to be found in a future that is grasped with bloodstained hands? Is that the truth?

Natarle Badgiruel: You're a monster who deserves to die, right here with me.

Muruta Azrael: Damn it! I can't die like this!
Natarle Badgiruel: Azrael, what now?
Muruta Azrael: I can still win. [his eye twitches] That's right. I always win.
[Azrael targets the Lohengrin on the Archangel]
Natarle Badgiruel: You bastard—!

[Last words]
Mu La Flaga: [Final words] Didn't I tell you I could make the impossible possible...!

Muruta Azrael: [Seeing that he failed to destroy the Archangel] No, but I . . .
Natarle Badgiruel: Hm, looks like you lose.
Muruta Azrael: How dare you mock me!

Natarle Badgiruel: [Final Words] Now! Murrue Ramius! FIRE!
Murrue Ramius: [At the same time] FIRE!

FINAL PHASE "Towards an Endless Tomorrow"

Lacus Clyne: I demand that ZAFT cease firing GENESIS immediately! We've experienced the pain and sorrow of nuclear attacks, yet we are trying to inflict the same suffering on them now? Will anything be made right if we fire it? Or if more innocent men, women and children keep loosing their lives?! Is that justice!? Don't you realize yet what these attacks on each other are giving birth to?! Do we want more sacrifices?!

Cagalli Yula Athha: Stop running! The hardest battle, is to keep living!

Yzak Joule: Give me that weapon!
Dearka Elsman: Yzak!
Yzak Joule: He's not beating me!

Rau Le Creuset: Oh Azrael, what a disappointment you were.

Rau Le Creuset: This is our destiny! People knew where they were heading when they chose to walk this path!
Kira Yamato: Shut up!
Rau Le Creuset: Justice and faith! Ignorance and escapism! They never learn! They never listen! We have reached the end of that path! There is no way to prevent it now! Mankind vanquished, at last! Just as they deserve!
Kira Yamato: I won't allow it!

Kira Yamato: You don't understand anything else!
Rau Le Creuset: Of course! After all, people can only understand what they've experienced!

Kira Yamato: You're wrong! People aren't like that at all!
Rau Le Creuset: Ha! How are they not like that? What's your proof?

Rau Le Creuset: This is a world where people's hearts are filled with hatred, where fingers have no other purpose other than to pull triggers!!

Rau Le Creuset: You're something that shouldn't have been allowed to exist, boy!
Kira Yamato: Just shut up!
Rau Le Creuset: If people learned of your existence, they would want to become just as you are! They would want to become like you!
Kira Yamato: That's garbage!
Rau Le Creuset: And that's the reason why... your existence cannot be allowed!
Kira Yamato: I'm not... even if that's true... I'm not defined by my abilities alone!
Rau Le Creuset: And who's going to believe that line? Will they understand that? Of course they won't! Nobody will!

Flay Allster: I'll always protect you... my true feelings will protect you...

Rau Le Creuset: It's a shame really, I did enjoy your songs. But the real world isn't as kind as the one in pop songs!

Rau Le Creuset: Why torment yourself saying. "Eventually, someday"? How long have you been fighting with your thoughts clouded by that brand of sweet poison?

Athrun Zala: Stop it! Lay down your weapons! Do it now! Is this really what you people want!? You'll wipe them out completely!
ZAFT Green Coat 1: They're the ones who fired first!
ZAFT Green Coat 2: My brother was stationed at Boaz!
Athrun Zala: Damn!

Patrick Zala: They're right there! Our enemies are still out there! Why would you even suggest we not fire it? We must fire it again, before they have a chance to retaliate! The enemy must be annihilated! Why can't you all understand that?
Subordinate: Your Excellency, our forces are still in the line of fire!
Patrick Zala: All of our soldiers are fighting for one thing: victory! I'm sure they're prepared to pay the cost!
Subordinate: But, sir...!
Ray Yuki: You... bastard...!
[Ray shoots Patrick.]

Rau Le Creuset: [Laughs] Whatever happens now, I've won! When Jachin self-destructs, GENESIS will fire!

Rau Le Creuset: The Earth will burn! And the cries of the victims will ignite battle anew!

Patrick Zala: [to Athrun, as he is dying] Fire Genesis... we must... make the... world... ours...

Rau Le Creuset: This will be a day of reckoning for everyone!
Kira Yamato: I won't allow it!
Rau Le Creuset: This is their destiny! They led us to the inevitable end!

Rau Le Creuset: You even helped bring this about, boy!
Kira Yamato: So what?!

Cagalli Yula Athha: Stop running! The hardest battle is to keep living!

Kira Yamato: This world is still worth protecting!

Kira Yamato: What are we? What'll happen... now that we've come through to this time and space...? This is... our world...

OVA "In the Valley of Stars"

Lacus Clyne: [referring to the beliefs of others] If you don't trust your enemy, then don't lower your gun.

Gundam SEED Destiny


PHASE-01 "Angry Eyes"

Cagalli Yula Athha: Please do me a favor and stop calling me "princess."

Cagalli Yula Athha: But still too much strength will only invite another war.
Gilbert Durandal: No, princess. Power is a necessity because there will always be conflict

Shinn Asuka: Why is this happening? Are you trying to start another one? Another war?!

PHASE-02 "Those Who Call for War"

Auel Neider: Should we take along its head as a souvenir? Now that would be one hell of a cool present!

Auel Neider: Then I guess you'll just have to die here! I'll tell Neo your last words, all she said was "Goodbye!"

Stella Loussier: I'm not dead... everything is all right, Stella, isn't it?

PHASE-03 "Warning Shots"

Shinn Asuka: Making excuses has always been a specialty of the Athhas, hasn't it?

Gilbert Durandal: A name reflects its owner's nature. But, what if a name is merely a fake? If something goes by a false name, wouldn't it mean that thing is fake? False by nature? Is that what it would mean? Alex... or is it Athrun Zala?

Neo Roanoke: We don't want to lose what we have by being greedy.

Neo Roanoke: The day is coming when everything will begin for real... and we'll be the ones in charge.

PHASE-04 "Stardust Battlefield"

[Regarding Rey Za Burrel's Blaze ZAKU Phantom.]
Neo Roanoke: You're something else, aren't you, White Baldy?

Lunamaria Hawke: You're starting to sound like Rey. It's throwing me off!

Neo Roanoke: We had them on the ropes, now they're back in the game.

Neo Roanoke: I suppose this is goodbye, but I look forward to our next encounter. Farewell for now, White Baldy and your little friends.

PHASE-05 "Scars That Won't Heal"

Athrun Zala: You seem to have some kind of grudge against Orb; may I ask why? I thought you used to live there. If you're looking for some kind of trivial excuse to drag the Representative into an irrelevant fight, I won't stand for it.
Shinn Asuka: Trivial!? I won't let anyone call it trivial! And you're wrong about it being irrelevant too! I lost my entire family because of the Athhas. They believed in the nation, and they believed in your so-called ideals. And in the end, they were all killed at Onogoro. [Turns toward Cagalli] That's why I will never believe a word that you say. I'll never believe in Orb. I'll never believe any of your self-serving lies again. When you said you were going to uphold justice, did you ever stop and think of the innocents? Of how many people would die because you insisted on following through your values to the bitter end? I wish people who didn't understand stuff wouldn't talk about things as if they did.

Sato: Now fall, our great tombstone! On a world that has forgotten the voices of sorrow! That closes its eyes and chooses to wallow in deceit! The hour of correction is now at hand!

Lord Djibril: Regardless of the cause, no one can deny that very soon, one stupid, clumsy object up in the sky is going to come crashing down on our heads. It's a humiliation! A shame! Think of how this looks. Because of that cursed thing, we all run around looking scared and spineless. Somebody must pay for this disgrace But who? Why, who else but the Coordinators who put that thing in space in the first place.

PHASE-06 "The End of the World"

Sato: You're nothing but pests. It's gone too far! No one can stop the inevitable now!

Athrun Zala: You haven't changed a bit, Yzak.
Yzak Joule: Yeah, well, neither have you!
Dearka Elsman: There they go...

Yzak Joule: Shut up! I'm the one in command here. Stop giving orders, you damn civilian!

Sato: Have you forgotten the innocent lives thrown away here!? You're living in a damn dream world laughing with the butchers who caused this, you bastards! The cowardly successors of Clyne have deceived us; they have corrupted and weakened ZAFT. Can't you see that!? Patrick Zala knew it all along; the only true path for Coordinators was the one that he had chosen for us.

Sato: They'll suffer this time! The Naturals will feel our wrath!

Talia Gladys: We have to make a decision as to which lives we can afford to lose. Who we can save... and who we cannot.

PHASE-07 "Land of Confusion"

Lunamaria Hawke: Look, the truth is, all of us here know who you are and what you have done. Formerly a ZAFT Red with the Le Creuset Team, in the final stages of the war, you defeated the seemingly unstoppable Strike. After that, you were assigned to the national committee's special forces FAITH Team. Then they made you the pilot of the ZGMF-X09A Justice. Your name is Athrun Zala.

Athrun Zala: Only a handful of people were responsible for this, but that doesn't matter. all anyone will remember is that they were Coordinators. You think they'll be quick to forgive?

Lord Djibril: I swear this time we shall send those bastards to their deaths. For the preservation of our blue and pure world!

PHASE-08 "Junction"

Yuna Roma Seiran: We fully understand that, but what do we say to the tens of millions of people affected by this calamity? Do we say, "Yes, we know you're suffering, but please forgive them because Earth was saved"?

Shinn Asuka: Perhaps it means that I can't be fooled. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will just wipe them out.

PHASE-09 "Bared Fangs"

ZAFT Green Coat: [Noticing the Earth Forces' nukes] Bastards!

PHASE-10 "A Father's Spell"

Meer Campbell: I'm just Meer. Nobody really needs me. But I don't mind if it's just for now. I'm game.

Athrun Zala: We cannot allow ourselves to exchange blows base on just anger and hatred alone. If we were to exchange blows for those reasons alone, the world will once again become a pointless battlefield! I beg of you... Please don't let that happen!
Gilbert Durandal: Alex...
Athrun Zala: My name... my name is Athrun Zala. I am the son of Patrick Zala, the man who fanned the flames of war and poisoned the whole world with his hatred. I believed what my father said. I fought in the war, I killed the enemy, I fought my best friend... and even when I realized how wrong he was, I couldn't stop him and I lost everything.
Gilbert Durandal: Athrun.
Athrun Zala: There's no way I can let this happen again!

Gilbert Durandal: But the things you are capable of doing, and the things you want to do... You should be the one who is most aware of the answers to those.

PHASE-11 "The Chosen Path"

Gilbert Durandal: Though it was the adults who started this war, it was the young who actually fought it. And if we label those who made mistakes as criminals and punish them, then I ask you, where will the future leaders of the PLANTs come from? We should honor the young for their sacrifices and look to them to build a peaceful future.

Yzak Joule: You have the ability. Why not put it to use?

Yuna Roma Seiran: Little girl's playtime is over and done, Cagalli. Even though I'm sorry that this is all happening so fast, both you and I are Naturals. And ORB will ally with the Atlantic Federation. At any rate, it is impossible for you and that Coordinator boyfriend of yours to stay together. The worlds you live in are different.

Shinn Asuka: If you've become our enemy, I will destroy this country... with my own hands.

Talia Gladys: Do you want to throw gasoline on the fire?

Yuna Roma Seiran: Politics is reality, not the ideal.

Dearka Elsman: So, where do you want to go?
Yzak Joule: And if you say shopping, I'm going to kill you!
Athrun Zala: Not even close. I wanted to pay visit to the gravesites of Nicol and the others... Since I can't come to PLANT that often. That's why I thought that I'd like to go.

PHASE-12 "Blood in the Water"

Yuna Roma Seiran: This country isn't your plaything! Will you stop making decisions based on how you feel?

Captain Todaka: They want us to side with the army that invaded us and fire on a ship that fought heroically to save Earth. I believe the appropriate word here is "ungrateful."

Captain Todaka: Hell if I care. I'm not a politician.

Shinn Asuka: [activating his SEED mode for the first time] I won't let it end like this!

PHASE-13 "Resurrected Wings"

Rey Za Burrel: Being alive is a gift, the most valuable of all because it means there will be a tomorrow.

Andrew Waltfeld: Lacus. You have the keys, don't you? We'll open the door. There's no choice. Or do you think it'd be better for everyone here to die obediently?

PHASE-14 "Flight to Tomorrow"

Kira Yamato: [[after rescuing Cagalli]Wow, this is a pretty amazing dress.
Cagali Yula Athha: Shut It!

Captain Todaka: I'm counting on you, Archangel. Take good care of Lady Cagalli... and the future of our world.

PHASE-15 "Return to the Battlefield"

Cagalli Yula Athha: What were you people thinking? That was a very stupid move--kidnapping a country's head of state from her own wedding basically makes you international criminals!

Neo Roanoke: Ah, we meet again. I found you, little puppy.

PHASE-16 "Struggle in the Indian Ocean"

Auel Neider: You don't think that's gonna hit me, do you?

Sting Oakley: Come on! Show me what you got, newbie. Let's have some fun.

[Auel Neider has just fired on the Nyiragongo]
Nyiragongo Captain: Hard to port! Engines at maximum! Evade!
Nyiragongo Crewmate: Too late, sir! We're finished!

Shinn Asuka: If you want to hit me, go right ahead! But I don't give a damn! I didn't do anything wrong back there; all I did was help those people in that base!
[Athrun hits Shinn again]
Athrun Zala: War is not some game to play the hero. Stop making decisions to please yourself. If you have all this power, take responsibility for it!

PHASE-17 "A Soldier's Qualification"

Cagalli Yula Athha: We can't keep hiding at the bottom of the sea like a bunch of oysters in their shells.

Andrew Waltfeld: Well, you could say that tricking people is what politics is all about.

Yolant Kent: Y'know, it wouldn't be all that hard to remove a couple of circuits from the Saviour......
Athrun Zala: I can still hear you, ya know.
Yolant Kent and Vino Dupre: AHHH!
Athrun Zala: And everything you said earlier.
Yolant Kent and Vino Dupre: Sorry, sir!

Athrun Zala: Anyone who has ever wept because they felt weak or powerless has always had those kinds of thoughts. Oh, yes. But the moment you acquire all that power you dreamt of, you become the one who causes others to weep tears of loss. Never forget that.

PHASE-18 "Attack the Lohengrin!"

[After Lunamaria congratulates Athrun on his handling of Shinn, Athrun enters an elevator and closes the door]
Lunamaria Hawke: Did he just brush me off?
Rey Za Burrel: Um... beats me.

Shinn Asuka: To hell with that bastard and his "I think you got what it takes" crap! He just didn't want to fly this stupid maze himself!

Athrun Zala: You know, when you thought yourself 'If only I have the power! I need more power!' Anyone who's ever wept because they felt weak and powerless, has had those kind of thoughts. Yes! But the moment you acquire all that power you dreamed of, you become the one who causes others to wept tears of loss. Just try not to forget that.

PHASE-19 "The Hidden Truth"

Sting Oakley: We don't need to understand the big picture. The goals of this war don't matter to us. What's important is what we can do for them.

PHASE-20 "Past"


PHASE-21 "Roaming Eyes"

Shinn Asuka: Do you want to die, you twit!?

Stella Loussier: Shinn... you said you'd protect me.

PHASE-22 "The Sword of the Azure Skies"

Lord Djibril: There were embers out there primed to flare up and destroy the Coordinators, and I added fuel to them. Now you're telling me you're putting that fire out!? When all is said and done, the weak will always have to conform to the views of the powerful! The victorious are the righteous ones!

Heine Westenfluss: I just don't think it's a very good idea to build walls of that nature between you and your fellow soldiers, Athrun. When we're out on the battlefield, all of us ZAFT mobile suit pilots are the same, right? Regardless of whether we're FAITH, red uniforms, or green uniforms. We're nothing like the Earth Forces who seem incapable of fighting except in huge groups under orders.

Heine Westenfluss: Stop worrying! You have to concentrate. We're in the middle of a war and we're soldiers. If you forget, you'll die.

PHASE-23 "The Shadow of War"

Yuna Roma Seiran: We can't just turn around and say, "Sorry, we quit."

Heine Westenfluss: This is no ZAKU, pal! No ZAKU!!

Uzumi Nara Athha (Cagalli's flashback): We vow not to attack another nation, not to allow another nation to attack us, and not to intervene in the conflicts of other nations. We of Orb have been able to maintain these ideals in a era of sweeping changes, because we believe that it is the framework we human beings call a nation. Like-minded individuals gathered together in the spirit of harmony. As we face the present situation, I still believe this to be true. The Earth Forces are threatening to attack us unless we join their camp; however, in light of our beliefs, we can not comply to their demands. For to accept that would be to accept the invasion of the most essential principles of Orb, no, the most important principles of humanity itself. The Earth forces vow to attack us if we do not flow the line and fall in with them; however, we can not submit to their ultimatum. For if we agree to join them, then the day would come when we as a country would be forced to fight against other contries, other nations, whose only crime is that they are enemies of the Earth forces. We will not allow another nation to attack us. This is integral to Orb's ideals and we will defend then until the very end, but unfortunately my fellow citizens, the threat is at our very door.

Heine Westenfluss: Attacking all of us!? What the hell makes you so special!?

PHASE-24 "Crossing Glances"


PHASE-25 "The Place of Sin"

Shinn Asuka: This is crazy! It's unbelievable! They go on about Coordinators being a mistake and a crime against nature, and then they create these!?
Athrun Zala: Shinn...
Shinn Asuka: How the hell can they say tinkering with genes is wrong when they are doing things like this!?
Athrun Zala: I couldn't agree more.

Auel Neider: Calm down!? How do you expect me to calm down!? That lab is the place where my mother... m-mother... she's still there.

Kira Yamato: But Athrun, I understand what you're saying, but we don't want you fighting against Orb even with things the way they are now... and actually not only Orb, because Athrun, what is lost in pointless battle is gone and never returned.
Athrun Zala: I've had enough of your sanctimonious talk. You think you've got all the answers!? Or have you forgotten all the lives you've personally taken!?
Kira Yamato: Yes, I know; and that's why I'm so sick and tired of all of it.
Athrun Zala: Kira...
Kira Yamato: I don't want to kill any more, and I will not let others kill.

Kira Yamato: If that's the case you've told us that you've gone and joined the ZAFT Forces again whats the next step? You were looking for us weren't you?
Cagali Yula Athha: Kira I don't think....
Athrun Zala: Because I wanna stop you from doing something like that again, I understand about the Junius 7 Incident but ever since then the Earth forces are completely to blame for this fiasco. Even so the PLANTs are making every effort to bring this foolishness to an end and the you guys show up and confuse the situation even further!
Kira Yamato: Are you sure about that, and that other Lacus Clyne? Whats the story with that other Lacus up in the Plants?, Maybe you can tell me why a squad of Coordinators showed up and tried to kill the real Lacus, Who in the world would want to have Lacus killed and for what reason? Until I have a clear answer to those questions I'm not trusting the PLANTs.

PHASE-26 "Promise"

Andrew Waltfeld: We got here early because we are in a hurry. And that's why we need you to hurry.

PHASE-27 "Unreachable Feelings"

Lord Djibril: I'm not a man who likes to dwell on the past. However, I'm also not one to tolerate repeated failures.

Lord Djibril: The common masses are utter fools. They fail to give the future any thought at all. They raise whatever is most convenient to them at the drop of a hat.

Neo Roanoke: I know you're not here to take your revenge, Stella. But this is the day we send that ship to hell.

PHASE-28 "Survivors and Sacrifices"

Shinn Asuka: Why do you keep making... these pathetic excuses?!

Cagalli Yula Athha: Orb should never fight like this. Don't be a slave to the Earth Forces!

Talia Gladys: Even though that ship may not mean us any direct ill will, we suffered extensive damage because of its intervention last time. All hands are to consider that ship hostile.

Auel Neider: I'm sick and tired of looking at that face! Today I'll gut you like a fish.

Sting Oakley: Hey, hey, were you asleep or something? Stop running away!

Captain Todaka: [To Yuna] A real battle is far different from those games you're so good at. It's not as easy as you seem to think.

Neo Roanoke: [After witnessing the Abyss Gundam's explosion] Auel...

Lieutenant Baba: Today you will see our tears... and our determination!

Captain Todaka: I will try to carry out your order to destroy the Minerva to the very end. I will take the blame for the ships and soldiers that we lost today. With this action, Orb's bravery will be unquestioned. The whole world will learn what we did here.

Captain Todaka: If you're so eager to lay down your life, then gather everyone who feels the same and go to the Archangel. One day I know they'll find the right path.
Lieutenant Amagi: Captain Todaka...
Captain Todaka: Please do this. For me, and all those who gave their lives pointlessly today.

Kira Yamato: I know what you're saying... I know what you're saying, but it doesn't matter. Because at this moment, Cagalli is crying her heart out. She's crying because all of this is exactly what she feared. Why won't you understand that? And now, are you telling me that this battle... these terrible sacrifices... they can't be helped!? That all of this is the fault of Orb and Cagalli? If you are saying that, then you are attacking the very thing that Cagalli is trying to save!
Athrun Zala: [Athrun is shocked by Kira's words] No, Kira... I...
Kira Yamato: Then I have no choice. I must defeat you! [Kira enters SEED mode]
[They confront each other and the Freedom demolishes the Savior, leaving only the cockpit intact.]


Rau Le Creuset: All things are born into this world... and eventually they die. That is the pure and simple truth.

Rau Le Creuset: A path not chosen is the same as a path that never existed.

Rau Le Creuset: No matter how much we look back at the past, we never go back. We can not change what has already happened.

Rau Le Creuset: People like you walk a path thinking something you desire is waiting for you. I walk to confirm there is nothing there.

Rau Le Creuset: But then what is hope? That all of your wishes and all of your dreams come true? To have your prayers answered? To turn back time because things weren't supposed to happen like that? Could you say with absolute certainty that you would not make the same mistake again? Who decided all this, and what's been decided?

PHASE-30 "Ephemeral Dream"

Rey Za Burrel: Whatever her life is like, I'm sure she'd like to live if given the chance.

Rey Za Burrel: All life, no matter how difficult, is worth living.

Neo Roanoke: Even if it's a trap, you have to trigger it to know what's going on.

Neo Roanoke: "What are we fighting for?"... we'll be jeopardized if we start to think about this kind of thing.

PHASE-31 "The Neverending Night"

Shinn Asuka: I guess this just goes to show that you don't know everything after all. Later.

Rey Za Burrel: What's in the past is in the past, and no one knows what the future holds. So it's hopeless to discuss either. All you can do is wait and hope for tomorrow.

Lord Djibril: You have to cut off diseased limbs quickly before the rot spreads.

Kira Yamato: I just wish we're not the fools here. That we're not the ones making mistakes.
Murrue Ramius: Oh, Kira. For my part, I don't think there's anything foolish or mistaken about trying to protect the people who are important to you. We can't be sure about what's best for the entire world, but I believe, we love this world as much as we do, because of the people we love, who are in it.
Kira Yamato: Ms. Murrue.
Murrue Ramius: I think everyones the same. That's why they struggle, and that's why they fight. But there are times when their methods, or rather our thoughts are different when it comes to achieving these things. Even though the world is what it is because of those we love.

PHASE-32 "Stella"

Lord Djibril: Wherever there is a ZAFT presence, we'll torch everything in sight. Anyone suspect of being intimate with them needs to be taught the lesson again. They need to remember that Naturals and Coordinators are different. And anyone who betrays that fact will find they've bought a one-way ticket to Hell.

Sting Oakley: A mobile suit's performance doesn't decide who is strongest! I'll defeat you myself!!!

Kira Yamato: What are you trying to do!? Be a sitting duck!?

PHASE-33 "Revelation of the World"

Shinn Asuka: It's all right now, Stella. You don't have to be afraid any more. You no longer have to suffer. You're free. Nothing will ever scare you again. Don't worry. It's all over. You can rest here in peace. Good night. I said I'd protect her. I said... I said I'd protect her. Stella! I'm sorry!

Murrue Ramius: [Regarding Neo] This person is... Mu La Flaga. But... only in body.

Chief Murdoch: But he's definitely the Commander, right?
Kira Yamato: Yeah.
Neo Roanoke: That's funny. When did I become a commander? I already made it clear to you that I'm a captain. I'm your prisoner, but that doesn't mean you can demote me.

Neo Roanoke: [to Murrue] What? Did you fall in love with me at first sight, Miss Beautiful?

Shinn Asuka: Never mind, Rey. Advice from someone who lost a battle is no good to me.

PHASE-34 "Nightmare"

Shinn Asuka: [To Kira] You are not going to get away from me. You were the one who killed Stella! Even though I tried to stop you!
Shinn Asuka: [To Kira] I'm the one who's gonna defeat you! Right here, right now!

Shinn Asuka: [laughing after defeating the Freedom] I did it, Stella. I can finally...
Athrun Zala: KIRA!!!!!

PHASE-35 "End of Chaos "

ZAFT Recruit 1: [to Shinn], are you the one took down the Freedom?
Shinn Asuka: Yep!
ZAFT Recruit 2: You deserve another medal for that
Rey Za Burrel: Shinn, congratulations
Shinn Asuka: [To Athrun] I took revenge today... for you, too. [Athrun grabs Shinn by the collar dropping the latter's helmet in the process] What are you doing?
Lunamaria Hawke: No, Athrun, Shinn.
Athrun Zala: You bastard! Kira wasn't even trying to kill you. He was just... he was just... But you, you took revenge on him?
Shinn Asuka: I have no idea what you're talking about (Athrun), let go of me.
Athrun Zala: Does it make you happy that you shot him down? Does it make you proud?!? What was the point, huh?
Shinn Asuka: And why shouldn't I be happy? I have beaten a powerful enemy. Why shouldn't I feel good about that? Tell me, what would I feel, should I be crying like a baby? Should I be praying? Or maybe it would be better if I died out there, is that what you want?
Athrun Zala: Shinn! [Punches Shinn in the face]
Shinn Asuka: Why you... [About to charge Athrun but is restrained by one of his comrades]
Rey Za Burrel: Athrun, please show some restraint. Athrun, I understand that Shinn has a problem with his attitude.

Athrun Zala: Kira and the Archangel they are not our enemies.
Shinn Asuka: What are you talking about? Of course...
Rey Za Burrel: They're enemies. I have no idea what their intentions were. But if our nation says they're enemies, they are.
Neo Roanoke: [To Murrue] This "Mu La Flaga", who is he to you?

PHASE-36 "Athrun on the Run"

Meer Campbell: Athrun! Athrun, how come?
Athrun Zala: The chairman only wants people who will play the roles he assigned them.
Meer Campbell: What?
Athrun Zala: He wants a Lacus he can use, and he wants me to be a pet mobile suit pilot. You're useful to him now, but he's not going to need you forever. And when he's finished with you, he's gonna have you killed. You must come with me!
Meer Campbell: But I'm... I'm Lacus Clyne.
Athrun Zala: Meer!
Meer Campbell: No! I am Lacus Clyne. I'm Lacus! I'd rather be her!
Athrun Zala: You're not...
Meer Campbell: I don't care if it's a only a role! As long as I... as long as I play it right! What's wrong with that kind of life anyway? We can still go back, Athrun. Come on. It'll be okay.
Rey Za Burrel: I see you've chosen to run away. Again!
Athrun Zala: Rey!
Rey Za Burrel: This is unforgiveable! You've betrayed Gilbert's trust!
[Rey fires his gun at Athrun and Meyrin.]
Athrun Zala: Stop firing Rey! Meyrin's here!
[Rey doesn't listen and keeps shooting at them.]
Ray Za Burrel: Shinn! Get the Destiny and the Legend prepared for launch!

PHASE-37 "The Darkness of Thunder"


Shinn Asuka: (to Athrun) This is all your fault! Because you... YOU BETRAYED US!!!

PHASE-38 "A New Flag"

Lord Djibril: It is okay to blame, it is okay to have ideals too... Well, everything is pointless if you don't win it. It has been decided since the ancient times that the victor wins it all.

PHASE-39 "Kira of the Skies"

Andrew Waltfeld: [Reading Durandal's Journal]People are not born for the world's sake. Only places where there are people are called the "world."

Kira Yamato: Thanks, Lacus. With this new machine, I can fight properly. The way I know how.
Lacus Clyne: Kira...
Kira Yamato: Wait here. I'll be right back. And then we'll return... back to our friends.

PHASE-40 "Legacy Of Gold"

Uzumi Nara Athha: [on a recorded message.] If the day should come when you wish for power. I will send this to you in response to your emergency.There were many things that I could not teach you. But as long as you strive to learn, you should be able to obtain those things from the people who love and support you.Therefore I will send this and this alone. Although it is foolish to wish for only more power, It is also foolish to balk at power as a reckless thing. If you are in need of a sword to protect others, take this now. If it is for the sake of doing what you have determined you must do of your own free will. But what your father truly wishes for is that the day you have to listen to this never comes. Although this wish may not reach you as you have opened this door. Please live happily, Cagalli.
Cagali Yula Athha: The Akatsuki?.....Yes

PHASE-41 "Refrain"


PHASE-42 "Freedom and Justice"

Neo Roanoke: Sorry for that intrusion, but I have a score to settle with the Minerva. Don't worry, you can win this. After all, I'm the man who can make the impossible possible.

Kira Yamato: Wanting to help out, but not being able to could be the worst thing to happen...

Lacus Clyne: It's scary when someone closes their mind. That is it. That's all there is. They only see an end.

Lacus Clyne: Power is whatever one makes of it.

PHASE-43 "A Call Of Counterattack"

Neo Roanoke: [to Murrue] I think that maybe... I know you. Yes... I know you. My body knows. My eyes, my ears, my arms... And that's why I couldn't just fly off. I think I know how hard it's been for you. It's been hard for me too. I would like... to stay right here, with you, by your side.

Kira Yamato: [while seeing the Legend] That's not his (Mobile Suit). [referring to Rau Le Creuset which made Kira remember a flashback of the Providence Gundam]

Athrun Zala: You can't just fight without knowing the true reason behind your anger!

Athrun Zala: Know what you're fighting for. Fighting for its own sake is pointless. Understand why you are so angry.

PHASE-44 "Lacus Times Two"

Rey Za Burrel: Everyone seems to be so concerned about the question of truth. But why? Why are people always concerned with it? Is the true always right, and the false always wrong?

Talia Gladys: I'm also confused by it. However, the only thing I know is that our commander is not Lacus Clyne. We are not acting according to her orders.

Lord Djibril: And now, Chairman Durandal, I shall play... A REQUIEM FOR YOU AND ALL YOUR KIND!!
[Djibril fires the Requiem Cannon, destroying several PLANTs]

PHASE-45 "Prelude to a Revolution"

[After Rey kills Djibril during his escape attempt]
Gilbert Durandal: Thank you, Djibril. Goodbye, and good riddance.

PHASE-46 "The Song of Truth"

Lacus Clyne: If it's my name you want, you may have it. Take it all. But even then... you and I will still be different people, and that cannot be changed. None of us can be anything other than ourselves.

PHASE-47 "Meer"

Meer Campbell: I'm Lacus. Because I am, aren't I!? Because my voice and face are the same! What's wrong with that!?

Why did it turn out like this? Even if we think about it, we already know it is meaningless, yet my heart is wandering in search for it. We experienced a devastating war not too long ago, and we swore at that time that we would never repeat such catastrophes again. And yet, Junius-7 has fallen, our efforts were in vain, and hostilities have opened up once again. The war has spread without any protest, and we have gained the same sadness and pain once again.
Honestly, what is the meaning of the foolish repetition of a tragedy? For once, as I have mentioned in the past, the cause was definitely due to the existence of Logos. Those who fabricated false enemies, stirred fear into the hearts and minds of the innocent, and made people fight against one another, while reaping the ill-received gains of war. Those behind the scenes fueled this conflict with disastrous results, leading to the deaths of countless individuals; these people deserve to be named “The Merchants of Death”. We, after this long struggle have triumphed and defeated them. That is why I dare to address this... that we have to fight an enemy that has existed since the beginning of time. We have to overcome and release its influence it has on all of us.
Everyone must be well aware of it by now; it is the reason why ever since man had the capacity to understand, conflicts never disappear from human history. Our greatest enemy is ever-present is the ignorance and desire within us that we can never keep subdued. We distanced ourselves from the violent Earth and took refuge in space, and now that we have achieved the physical and mental abilities we desired above all else, people still do not understand each other. They still do not understand themselves, and with fear blocking their judgment, people cannot see the future.
As equals? No, with more riches and more enjoyment, the hand that grasps those evil desires within all of us... that is what we have become today: the seed of all conflicts. But the time has come to put an end to all this endless suffering. We have achieved a way to subdue all of that, and the only true answer is within us. All of mankind’s greatest questions are within all our bodies. With this, people will be able to understand their own, as well as others past and future. This is the only cure to prevent the infinite cycle of pain and suffering. As my final escort plan, with all of mankind’s future at stake, I hereby declare the execution of the Destiny Plan.
— Gilbert Dullindal's speech

PHASE-48 "To a New World"

Talia Gladys: War is a part of politics, in which the whole picture cannot be read.

PHASE-49 "Rey"

Rey Za Burrel: We are all born to this world as flawed children. So this time, we must end everything, in order not to let any more children like us be born again!

FINAL PLUS: "The Chosen Future"

Rey Za Burrel: Kira Yamato...! You shouldn't have been allowed... [scene changes to that of Rau, two years ago] exist, boy!

Lacus Clyne: Orb is more important than us. Orb is the only thing left standing on in the way of their plan. If we lose Orb, we lose the world, we must protect it at all cost! So Athrun, Captain Ramius, please go. Now hurry

Shinn Asuka: Rey! Freedom, you bastard!

Rey Za Burrel: Shinn, join forces with the Minerva, go after the Archangel. I will deal with the Freedom.
Shinn Asuka: No, Rey!
Rey Za Burrel:You take care of the Justice, and make sure you get that traitor. To everything that happened before.

Shinn Asuka: Yes, I understand!
Rey Za Burrel: That's right, the end is ahead...
Kira Yamato: (seeing flashbacks of his final duel with Rau le Creuset) What's this? How is this possible?
Rey Za Burrel: This time for certain...
Kira Yamato: It can't be.
Kira Yamato: Who is that? Who are you?
Rey Za Burrel: (as Rau le Creuset) I'm sure you recognize me now... I am Rau le Creuset!
Mu La Flaga: They've got a lot of guys, yep. But you need more than just numbers!

Gilbert Dullindal: I have to admit, it's amazing.
Rau le Creuset: [appearing as a ghost beside him] What is?
Gilbert Dullindal: The fights...the battles...the wars. People really love to fight, don't they?
Rau le Creuset: And how are you different?
Gilbert Dullindal: All I want is to win. Preferably without fighting.
Rau le Creuset: But you know, there are some things that you can't win.
Gilbert Dullindal: [thinks of Talia] Yes...I lost that day. Sometimes even when you fight, you can't win; an unobtainable victory. Then...why do people fight, even when death is inevitable? Why are we even born, for that matter?
Rau le Creuset: [laughs] Like I said before: they exist only to find out that reason. You probably don't like that answer, though.
Gilbert Dullindal: That's right. I'm sorry, but I'll have nothing to do with it; I will not be caught in an internal struggle, nor will I you did.

Kira Yamato: Rau le Creuset?
Rey Za Burrel: Mankind's dreams... mankind's future! You are the splendid result: Kira Yamato! And because of that, your existence must come to an end... you will disappear along with us...! For the sake of the new world that is to come!!

Rey Za Burrel: Gil, where's Rau?
Gilbert Durandal: Rau is no longer with us. But you are also Rau. That is your destiny

Gilbert Dullindal: [flashback] The one thing you cannot run away from is yourself.
Rey Za Burrel: [to Kira] And one thing you cannot recover is your past! That's why... we must put an end to all of this, to sweep everything away! So we shall return what we were meant to be! Humanity... the world!!
Kira Yamato: No, you're wrong! We all have just one life to live. This is your life you're living, not his!

[Kira then attacks Rey in burst mode destroying Legend in the process]

Athrun Zala: Shinn, just stop it already, it's pointless now!
Shinn Asuka: Damn it! Why am I... I can't lose to you! Not to you!
Athrun Zala: You must stop fighting to change your past, you've got to move on!
[Shinn and Lunamaria are stunned by Athrun's words.]
Athrun Zala: No matter what you do, you cannot bring them back!
[Flashbacks of fallen comrades and families as Athrun emphasizes his point.]
Shinn Asuka: How dare you?!
Athrun Zala: And now you're gonna destroy the future too? Is that it?!
Shinn Asuka: I understand. I understand that! But, that's exactly why the world has to change!! Also, that's why Orb must be destroyed!
Lunamaria Hawke: [Lunamaria is shocked and horrified by Shinn's destructive motives and remarks..] Shinn...!
Athrun Zala: Stop talking back to me in that nonsense! Destroying everything like this... and even killing the future...! Is this really the world you desired?! Or the power you desired?!
[Shinn reflects at his painful past]
Shinn Asuka: It's not the same... it's not!
[Shinn charges head on at Athrun, but Lunamaria jumps in between the two, trying to stop them fighting each other.]
Lunamaria Hawke: Shinn, stop it already! Athrun, you too!
[Shinn wildly screams at seeing the ghosts of his past.]
Shinn Asuka: Stella! Mayu! MAKE IT STOP!!!
[Shinn continues to attack, to Lunamaria's shock. Athrun goes into Seed Mode, and shields Lunamaria from Shinn's attack.]
Athrun Zala: You crazy bastard!!
[Athrun then cripples Shinn's Destiny Gundam, and Shinn screams in pain as he crashes upon the moon surface.]
Lunamaria Hawke: Shinn!
[Lunamaria rushes to look after Shinn, as Athrun looks on with regret]

[Athrun, Shinn, Lunamaria, Meyrin are present at the Orb War Memorial as Shinn lays flowers and pays to his deceased family]
Lunamaria Hawke: Then, your parents don't have their graves at all?
Shinn Asuka: Yeah. There's only a small memorial for them.
[Athrun, Shinn, Lunamaria, Meyrin silently remember the dead, and sadly looks around the memorial, and Shinn grips Mayu's cell phone very hard in anguish and anger.]
Shinn Asuka: I've been always hating this place... for a very long time. But, it's been always on my mind. This isn't used to be like this; it didn't look like this either. Maybe this means that no one should be deceived by what they see. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will always blow them away all over again. But this place... looking at this place, making me hate even more!
Lunamaria Hawke: Shinn...
[Athrun, Shinn, Lunamaria, Meyrin stands in silence, then Birdy flies in, followed by Kira and Lacus]
Athrun Zala: Kira!
(everyone else looks in surprise)
"[Lacus lays flowers on the memorial as others stand by her]"
Kira Yamato: You're all here, I guess?
Athrun Zala: Yeah...
(Another silent moment passes by, and Athrun steps forward to introduce Kira to Shinn)
Athrun Zala: Shinn, this is Kira. Kira Yamato, the pilot of Freedom.
(Both Shinn and Lunamaria are surprised with wide eyes, as Shinn remember meeting Kira not long time ago)
Kira Yamato: (Extends his hand to Shinn as a friendly gesture.) Won't you accept it?
(After a brief hesitation, Shinn return his hand and gives Kira handshake.)
Shinn Asuka: Ummm... I... I'm so...
Kira Yamato: No matter how many times people try to blow away the flowers, we'll always replant them back. I'm sure of it.
(Shinn open his eye wide in apprehension)
Shinn Asuka: Umm... Yeah...
Athrun Zala: That's exacly our fight.
Kira Yamato: Let's fight together, okay?
(After brief moment, Shinn shakes Kira's hands with tears on his face)
Shinn Asuka: Yeah!

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Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Stargazer


Stage 02

Mudie Holcroft: My teacher once said, "The only good Coordinator is a dead Coordinator."
Sol Ryuune L'ange: Edmond said this before, right? "Look up and move on. Because you'll become jealous or frightened if you look to your sides or below you. The one who looks up. The one who'll look at the stars beyond. Stargazer."

Stage 03


Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition 1-4

Kira Yamato: Right now, it's the only option we have. We all wanna do something to help, and really, none of us are sure if this is the best way to help out. But we can't just give up now, can we. And knowing something's not right but doing nothing about it is just as bad. We know what that will bring. I think we know all too well. That's why we have to go: to prevent history from repeating itself.
Athrun Zala: In battle, your forces must use only enough power to cause the enemy to lose the will to fight, eliminating the threat with the least amount of damage. Anything less, and your forces will lose. Anything more, and newer different difficulties will arise. The problem lies in the fact that on the battlefield, there are many who understand this.. and many who don't.
Athrun Zala: Thou may freely eat off every tree in the garden, but never touch the tree that grants the knowledge of good and evil. For the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shall surely die. But the serpent, who was the most cunning of all the creatures brought forth at that time, had this to say, "Ye shall not die, for God doth know that the day ye eat thereof, thine eye shall be opened. Ye will know of good and evil, and ye shall be as God is." And that God knows that fact. And so it is said that the first humans ate of the fruit.
Athrun Zala: It was as if I was in the middle of a nightmare. Why do we keep fighting like that? Why do we have to fight? About things I thought I knew, with a friend I thought I knew, but now, bit by bit, piece by piece, things are once again falling apart. There's what we can do, and what we should do. It felt like even those words were beginning to fade away into nothingness.
Athrun Zala: Everyone was hurting. Everything that's happened. Is it the price we have to pay for what we've done? All of us hope for the same thing. We wanted a world with no war, a world in which this tragedy would never occur again. But with the path we're on right now, it seems that if we choose that dream, it will only come at the cost of everything we have. Given the situation, will people be able to keep their hopes alive? Was this really the only path open to us? We know how to say no, but it was as if the words we're looking for, keep fading into the distance, lost in the hazy skies of war.
Kira Yamato: We take things for granted when times are peaceful, and we quickly forget. But moments like this, are among the happiest of life.
Athrun Zala: Eventually everyone learns. Like the first person did, about good and evil. Now the fear was, that they'd reach out for the fruit from the tree of life, and live forever. As a result, people were punished, and exiled from paradise and eternal happiness. Could this be the reason why humanity is forever stretching their arms out? Searching for the garden they lost in the distant past, forbidden from ever returning to it? But time only flows one way, that's why I believe that what we're really searching for still lies ahead. Somewhere in our future, though there may not be a tree of life, I'd like to think that some day we will fashion a garden with our own hands. One where we can live in peace and in happiness.
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