Gui Minhai

Chinese-born Swedish scholar and book publisher

Gui Minhai (Chinese: 桂敏海 or 桂民海; pinyin: Guì Mǐnhǎi or Guì Mínhǎi; born 5 May 1964), also known as Michael Gui, is a Chinese-born Swedish scholar and book publisher. He is a prolific author of books about Chinese politics and political figures; Gui authored around 200 books during his ten-year career under the pen-name Ah Hai (阿海). and is one of three shareholders of Causeway Bay Books in Hong Kong.

Quotes about Gui Minhai

  • The deplorable verdict and shockingly harsh sentence handed to Gui Minhai on completely unsubstantiated charges demonstrates yet again that the Chinese authorities are not letting the coronavirus crisis distract them from repressing dissidents… Unless China can provide concrete, credible and admissible evidence of the crimes Gui has allegedly committed, he must be released immediately and unconditionally.
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