Guest in the House

1944 film by John Brahm

Guest in the House is a 1944 film about a manipulative woman who turns a household against itself.

Directed by John Brahm. Written by Ketti Frings, the play Guest in the House by Hagar Wilde Dale Eunson.
SHE will never let you forget her!  (taglines)


Evelyn Heath: You make her very beautiful.
Douglas Proctor: I had a lot to start with. Until I found her I had to use two different models.
Evelyn Heath: How do you mean?
Douglas Proctor: One from the neck down and one from the neck up, but Miriam's got it both ways.
Miriam: I didn't know you cared darling.

Ann Proctor: That's a cheap chamber maid trick and I won't stand for it.
Hilda: If you would just let me go please ma'am.
Ann Proctor: I'll let you go for good if I catch you doing a thing like that again.

Evelyn Heath: You always feel the sea out their. Rough and cruel and mean.
Aunt Martha: Well, in Winter it is.
Evelyn Heath: I like it that way though.

Evelyn Heath: You're sending me away because you're jealous of me!
Ann Proctor: Why should I be jealous?
Evelyn Heath: Because he prefers me to you, because you've lost him.
Ann Proctor: You nasty little fool, you're in love with my husband.

Evelyn Heath: You can paint me and my love for you. You made me strong so I could be like this.
Douglas Proctor: Little Saint Cecilia... no wonder I couldn't paint a saint.

Aunt Martha: How can you do this to him? You can't really love him.
Evelyn Heath: It's odd how sure you can be of today and so unsure of tomorrow. Today I love him very much. You'll be lonely for a while but you'll get used to it. I've been lonely all my life. Only one thing I regret, I would've liked this house, quite pretty for a little one.


  • SHE will never let you forget her!
  • Pray You Never Have This Evil Guest in the House!
  • The Boldest love story ever told!


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