Guardafui is concept of unity among Guardafui coast-inhabiting people or a concept that collectively classifies several aspects of Guardafuian society.

Guardafui refers to the geography or the people encompassing the area around the Guardafui Channel, including the Ṣayhadic people speaking the Ṣayhadic languages or those on the northeastern coast of Puntland. Guardafui-adjacent ethnic groups include Harti, Bathari, Harsusi, Hobyót, Mehri, Shehri and Soqotri.


  • The outlines of Capo Guardafui and Ras Shenaghef are similar , but the latter is 3,041 feet high ; .
    • United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Hydrographic Center, 1976
  • But Socotra lies much nearer to Cape Guardafui than to any point of the Arabian coast .
    • Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain) , 1891

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