Grizzly (film)

1976 film by William Girdler

Grizzly (also known as Killer Grizzly on television) is a 1976 American thriller film directed by William Girdler, about a 15-foot-tall, man-eating grizzly bear that terrorizes a National Forest. It stars Christopher George, Andrew Prine and Richard Jaeckel. Widely considered a Jaws rip-off, Grizzly used many of the same plot devices as its shark predecessor, which had been a huge box-office success during the previous year. The giant grizzly bear in the film was portrayed by a bear named Teddy, who was 11 feet tall.

Directed by William Girdler and David Sheldon. Produced by Lloyd N. Adams (executive producer), Edward L. Montoro, Harvey Flaxman and David Sheldon. Written by Harvey Flaxman and David Sheldon.

Don Stober edit

  • Let's give that son-of-a-bitch a run for his money!
  • If ya feel a wet snout in ya face, whatever you do, don't move. And don't kiss it back 'cause it ain't me.
  • You're chasin' somethin' about the size of a D8 cat with teeth.

Dialogue edit

Ranger Michael Kelly: Well let me tell you something Kittridge, while you've been sitting around here on your fat ass, I've made this forest part of me!
Charley: You listin here...
Ranger Michael Kelly: No you listen. Those campers are in my jurisdiction, now I'm going to deal with it the way I've seen it fit. Now you just try and stop me!

Ranger Michael Kelly: Bears don't eat people!
Dr. Hallitt: This one did.

Don: Well let me tell you a little story boy. A long time ago their was a tribe of Indians up here in these woods. They were all laying down in these parts... or something I can't remember. Any way these herd of grizzlies smelt them out. They came in an they ate them. They thorn them all up. Little children, sick ones everybody! Their were few braves to go out on the hunt. They came back and them grizzlies turned on them! So their you got yourself a little situation. A whole herd of man-eating grizzlies. Just running around tearing up them Indians!
Arthur Scott: That's kind of hard to believe Don.
Don: Unless of course you happen to be one of them Indians!

Kelly: [frustrated] But there's something I'm not doing!
Allison Corwin: [lighthearted] Sure, you're not killing the bear.

Taglines edit

  • 18 feet of gut-crunching, man-eating terror!
  • Not since JAWS has the terror been like this!
  • This summer the National Park will be besieged by a killer grizzly bear!
  • 18 Feet of Man-Eating Terror!
  • The most dangerous jaws on land!!!

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