Grim Fandango

dark comedy neo-noir Windows adventure video game

The following quotes are from Grim Fandango, an adventure game by LucasArts, designed and written by Tim Schafer.

General edit

  • Manny: My scythe--I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.
  • Manny: This <*object*> looks like it's about to fall apart.
  • Glottis: I am an elemental spirit summoned from the Land of the Dead itself, given one purpose, one skill, one desire... to DRIVE!!
  • Manny: I can't go strolling through the halls now...I'm on the lam!
  • Salvador: Viva la Revolución!

Year 1 edit

  • Manny: Sorry for the wait Mr. Flores, I am ready to take you now.
Mr Flores:: Take me? Take me where?
Manny: Now, now. There's no need to be nervous.
Mr Flores: Nervous? No, it's not that. It's just your appearance, it's... well, a little intimidating.
Manny: Intimidating? Me? But I'm your friend. My name is Manny Calavera. I'm your new travel agent.
Mr Flores:: I don't want a new travel agent; I want to go home.
Manny: You can't go home Celso, you're dead! But you're not alone! Everybody here is just as dead as you! That's why we call it the Land of the Dead. Are you ready for your big journey?
Mr Flores: No! ...What journey?
Manny: The four year Journey of the Soul. It's quite a trip. And I'm not gonna lie to you, Celso. It could be very, very dangerous. Unless you were to take that money you were buried with and buy a better quality travel package from us! I mean, wouldn't you rather cross the Land of the Dead in your own personal sports car? Maybe try a luxury ocean cruise? Or, if you led a very good life, you may even qualify for the Number Nine itself.
Mr Flores: The Number Nine?
Manny: That's our top-of-the line express train. It shoots straight to the ninth underworld, the land of eternal rest, in 4 minutes instead of four years. But very few people qualify, so let's take a look at your records. (Types) Hmmm... Well, the bad news is the train appears to be just out of your reach. (Types) But I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve here... Mmm-hmmm... Yah-ha. Yes... That's the ticket; the Excelsior Line!
Manny: (Outside) Yes, she's a beauty. That compass in the handle will sure come in handy, too. Oh you're going to be having a great trip. Wish I was going!
Mr Flores: Why not? You could give me a lift.
Manny: Oh, I can't leave here until I've worked off a little debt to the powers that be.
Mr Flores: Community service huh? Well, I guess there are some folks worse off than me.
Manny: Oh I'll be leaving here soon enough! (Whispers) No thanks to dead-end, no commission, low life cases like yours, menso. (Inside) Where do they get these guys? They don't qualify for anything good, so I can't sell anything good, can't work off my time and I'm stuck. Stuck selling walking sticks to a bunch of burros for eternity. I need better clients. I need a real saint. I need a lead on a rich, dead saint.
  • Copal: All right you boneheads, thank your lucky stars and get to your freakin' cars! We have a mass poisoning on our hands! Too many dead to assign specific cases, so all clients are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! So, let's see some hustle out there!
Manny: Whatever you say, jefe.
  • Manny: Better take these cards-- it looks like a long day of solitaire for me.
Manny: This deck of cards is a little frayed around the edges. Then again, so am I, and I've got fewer suits.
  • Manny: My boss is always giving me these motivational sales books... "They Bought the Farm, Now Sell Them the Cows," stuff like that.
Manny: Read 'em already. Didn't help.
  • Manny: Ah the old files, the old clients, the glory days...
When people died with dignity, and Domino Hurley didn't exist.
  • Manny: {when looking at the door to Manny's office} Wasn't too long ago that the name on the door was, "Supply Closet."
  • Manny: {when using Domino's door} Domino's door is locked. Probably scared I'll steal one of his files. Not a bad idea, actually.
  • Manny: {when looking at Copal's door} Ah, the big, golden door to mediocre management.
Eva: A little respect for our fearless leader, please.
Manny: Why? I've worked here longer than he has, you know.
Eva: And you're proud of that?
Manny: Hmmm. Good point.
  • Manny: It's my boss' secretary, Eva.
Eva: It's my boss' whipping boy, Manny.
  • Manny: {to Eva} I forget... am I supposed to be somewhere right now?
Eva: Manny, do I have to explain your job to you again?
Manny: No, but I'd like to hear your description of it, just for kicks.
Eva: Well, the Manuel Calavera that I know picks up people in the Land of the Living...
Manny: Dead people.
Eva: Preferably. And he brings them here and tries valiantly to sell them the best travel package they qualify for. If he sells enough premium packages, our hero will be free to leave the Land of the Dead. Until then, he and I are stuck here...
...having the same conversation...
...over and over again for eternity.
  • Manny: {to Eva} What if we just skipped town tonight? You and me, baby!
Eva: Thanks for the offer, but we'd never make it out of the city alive.
Manny: But...
Eva: In one piece, I mean.
  • Manny: {to Eva} Well, enough about me. What's your job like?
Eva: Like babysitting, except I don't get to watch TV.
  • Manny: Why do some clients qualify for better travel packages?
Eva: They led good lives.
Manny: Que traes! How do you define a "good" life?
Eva: Better than yours and mine.
  • Manny: {to Eva} Any messages for me?
Eva: Besides the one about the poisoning?
Manny: Yeah.
Eva: I only have one other message for you, Manny... I'm not your secretary! I don't take your messages! So get it through your thick skull, and stop forwarding your phone to me!
Manny: Alright, but that sounded more like FOUR messages to me. In my heart, though, you're still my secretary.
  • Manny: {to Eva} Where is everybody?
Eva: Oh, Manny, did you forget what day it is today?
Manny: Oh, man. Did I come in on a Saturday again?
  • Manny: {to Eva} So... you going to the Christmas party?
Eva: After the spectacle you made of yourself last year? I wouldn't miss it for the world!
  • Manny: {when trying to pick up the hole punch} Could I take your hole punch?
Eva: Ha! I doubt you could take my HALF punch.
  • Manny: Mind if I use your hole punch?
Eva: Knock yourself out.
Manny: {after hitting the hole punch twice} Thanks.
Eva: Gets the aggressions out, doesn't it?
  • Manny: {when looking at the big sign in front of the D.O.D.} I remember the year they built that... Mostly because it cost so much we didn't get bonuses that year.
  • Manny: It looks like a rope...
...but it's really just a bunch of cheap ties tied together.
  • Manny: It's the festival of the Day of the Dead. Really more of a living person's holiday, but we play along.
  • Manny: The Bread of the Dead.
  • Manny: I'll just take a little more bread, to honor the dead.
  • Balloon twister: I can do anything. I can do birds, amphibians, famous poets--Go ahead. Name one.
Manny: A dingo.
Balloon twister: That's my specialty!
Balloon twister: Ta-da.
Manny: {when looking at the balloon dingo} It's just a regular-old balloon dog. I don't see what's so "dingo" about it.
  • Manny: {to the balloon twister} Could you teach me how to do that?
Balloon twister: Well, um, since your're a beginner why don't you practise the first step?
Manny: Which is?
Balloon twister: Blow!
  • Manny: {to the balloon twister} Practicing what?
Balloon twister: Wringing your neck, what does it look like?
  • Manny: {to the balloon twister} Some festival, eh?
Balloon twister: Yeah, yeah. Pretty busy. my carpal tunnel syndrome is really acting up.
Manny: But you don't have any... tendons...
Balloon twister: Yeah, well you don't have a tongue but that doesn't seem to shut you up, now does it?
  • Manny: Bound only by the paper-thin wrappings of mortality, a soul here lies, struggling to be free. And so it shall, thanks to a bowl of bad gazpacho, and a man named...Calavera.
  • Bruno: {upon meeting Manny for the first time} Nice bath-robe
  • Manny: {to Glottis} Hey, you a driver?
Glottis: Me? Ha! No. No no no. I don't ride 'em. Just wrench 'em.
  • Manny: Glottis... Glottis... Is that a German name?
Glottis: Oh, no. My roots lie not in any Earthly nation's soil. I am an elemental spirit summoned up from the Land of the Dead itself and given one purpose, one skill, one desire: To DRIVE. Or, to change oil or adjust timing belts if no driving jobs are open.
  • Manny: {to Glottis} You're not too big. The cars are just too small.
  • Manny: Those pictures come with the frames?
Domino: That suit come with those holes?
  • Manny: {to Domino} I wanna punch you in the mouth.
Domino: Oh, no. Not the Christmas party all over again.
  • Manny: {to Domino} What happened at the Christmas party?
Domino: Blacked out on the whole thing, huh? Maybe you should switch to lemonade, kid.
  • Manny: {to Domino} I wanna tell you something.
Domino: Good, go on and let it all out. There's no reason for you to be afraid of me.
Manny: You know, this used to be my office.
Domino: Yeah, I know. I found your name on some comic books in the desk.
Manny: I want my office back.
Domino: Don't worry, you'll have years and years to enjoy it after I get promoted out and you're still here.
  • Manny: Can I have one of your clients?
Domino: Sure, Cal. Just as soon as I get one I think you could handle...
Manny: I can handle anything you got. Especially if that's your best right jab. Is it hard to kiss up to the boss so much with no lips?
Domino: Hey, I got all the lip I need. I get it from you.
  • Manny: Why do you get all the good clients?
Domino: You're asking the wrong guy. You should be taking a good long look at the man in the mirror.
Manny: No thanks. I don't enjoy that the same way you do.
  • Manny: Look at all the diplomas!
Domino: You have to have the proper attitude to get diplomas like those, Manny!
Manny: Really? I thought you just had to have the proper postage.
  • Manny: I think Dom would call the company shrink if I left through the window.
  • Tube-switcher guy: Grmmmble, grrr... You and your fancy suits and your nose holes way up in the air... Sticking your empty beer bottles down the message tubes, how fancy is that? Huh? Don't you boys upstairs realize the tube switcher is a sophisticated and delicate piece of machinery?
Manny: Uh...
Tube-switcher guy: You think you're better than me??
Manny: No.
Tube-switcher guy: Good.
  • Manny: What's so special about you?
Tube-switcher guy: I, sir, am an elemental spirit, summoned from the Land of the Dead itself...
Manny: Yeah, yeah, let me were given one purpose, one skill, one desire: fixing pneumatic tube switchers?
Tube-switcher guy: No, I was created to run the elevators, but they put in those dang motion detectors... ...and put me outta work!
  • Manny: Just curious--How'd you get in there?
Tube-switcher guy: I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie! How d'ya think I got in here? Through the door, just like you!
  • Manny: Hey, I'm still not getting any messages.
Tube-switcher guy: I'm giving you one right now, but you can't see my hand.
  • Manny: As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself.
  • Manny: Buenos dias.
Meche: You're not the nurse...
Manny: No.
Meche: You're not here to give me my medication?
Manny: No, but I am here to ease your pain.
Meche: Guess they couldn't save me, eh?
Manny: No, but there's still a chance you could save me.
  • Manny: Are you SURE you're Mercedes Colomar?
Meche: Yes, would you like to see my birthmark?
Manny: Sure. Where is it?
Meche: It's wherever you guys put my skin!
  • Manny: Did you kill much when you were alive?
Meche: Very little.
Manny: Never killed anybody.
Meche: I have to confess... I never killed anybody.
Manny: Not even a teensy bit of killing?
  • Manny: Anything about your past you haven't told me?
Meche: Quite a bit, considering I've told you nothing.
  • Manny: {when trying to pick up Meche} I don't like to get involved with the customers that way.
  • Manny: Who's out there?
Salvador: I'm you. Or rather, I was you years ago.
Manny: Yeah, well I'm me now, so get lost.
  • Manny: What are they going to do to me?
Salvador: I don't want to alarm you, Agent Calavera... But have you ever seen a man SPROUTED?
Manny: No, I don't go to those parties anymore.
Salvador: Then you don't know......there's nothing more horrible than the bite of the sprouter. Its deadly stinger spreads a green disease through every calcified pore on your body......leaving you veined with roots and flocked with grass......steadily growing thicker and thicker until you crash and bloom a horrifying bouquet of pain and fragrant suffering......screaming until your mouth fills with petals and your nostrils shoot out thorny stems......and the bulbs sprout in your eyes......leaving you nothing but a patch of wildflowers on the ground, swarming with butterflies.
Manny: Are you done?
Salvador: Yes.
  • Salvador: {to Manny} Young man, you are an enemy of the Department of Death! Welcome to the club!
  • Manny: You're keeping me here because you need the eggs?
Salvador: Why are you still here, Calavera? Go get me an air force before it hatches Now, that's all the briefing you need, soldier! Viva la Revolución!
  • Manny: {to Eva} Any messages for me?
Eva: Yes: "Join or Die!"
Manny: But I'm already--
Eva: Again!
  • Manny: It's my boss' secretary's evil twin!
Eva: Just me, honey.
  • Manny: Have you thought about using messages tied to balloons? I can get you plenty of balloons.
Salvador: PIGEONS, Manuel, bring me their EGGS!
Manny: Pues, okay.
Salvador: Viva la Revolución!
  • Salvador: {to Manny, about Meche} Manuel? Are you... in love with her?
Manny: Love? Love is for the living, Sal. I'm only after her for one reason - she's my ticket out of here.
  • Manny: I don't have a net, or a desire to have a pet pigeon.
  • Manny: I just locked an open door. Strange, yet symbolically compelling.
  • Manny: He doesn't even HIDE his booze in a file cabinet. What kind of salesman is he?
  • Manny: I'm going to try to guess his password...
Nope. It's not "GOLDEN BOY."
And it's not "MR. D" either.
So much for "DOMMY."
"ARROGANT FRAUD" doesn't work...
Whew. I was scared it might be "EVA."
Well, he likes "BOXING" too, but that ain't it.
Not "GREED."
I give up.
  • Manny: I prefer to eat out of clean dishes that aren't nailed to the roof.
  • Manny: You must come with me, young ones, for I am the Grim Reaper.
Manny: I think I should get out of here with these eggs before those vent-vultures come back.
  • Manny: {after seeing the "improvements" Glottis made to his car} Glottis! Are you loco? What got into you? That was a company car!
Glottis: Oh yeah! And it's even better company now! Hop in! Yeeeeaha! Woo!
  • Manny: {trying to scare off a flock of pigeons with a balloon shaped like Robert Frost's head} Run you pigeons, it's Robert Frost!
  • Glottis: Uh-oh! Crazy road! Too crazy for the Bone Wagon!
Manny: You know, if I had had a car like this when I was alive, things would have been different.
  • Glottis: Manny, I don't know if I like driving over people.
Manny: They can't feel it. They're dead.
Glottis: You're dead, and I wouldn't wanna drive over you.
Manny: That's because you and I, Glottis... Are friends.
Glottis: Oh, Manny...
  • Manny: {when looking at pile of bones} It's an ugly pile of bones, like me.
  • Manny: These spiders have Glottis' heart in their web!
And a bone, but that's my fault.
  • Manny: Oh, poor spiders. No more demon heart to eat.
  • Glottis:
Hey, is that my car?
  • Manny: Wanna go for a ride?
Glottis: I thought you'd never ask!
  • Glottis: Manny, until now we scraped along the ground like rats, but from now on, we soar! Like eagles! Yeah! LIKE EAGLES...ON...POGO STICKS!!!
  • Manny: {while Glottis is showing off the Bone Wagon's new shocks} What a relief. I was getting concerned that our transportation wasn't ostentatious enough.
  • Manny: {when falling into the Sea of Lament} Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Velasco: Ohhh, tourists! You gotta watch your step around here, stranger. Rubacava ain't the quaint little port town she used to be. Wwwweeell-hell-hell. Looks like there's a new vessel in town. Pardon me whilst I go check her out!
  • Glottis: {Glottis and Velasco about the Bone Wagon} Well, actually, it's mostly stock, with a few mods here and there...
Velasco: So would those be glass packs I'm hearing, or turbos?
Glottis: There was this one high-pitched whine it was making--really grating noise, you know?
Glottis: And I searched and searched, but I couldn't find the source of the noise, until we pulled in here.
Velasco: Was it the blowers?
Glottis: No, it was Manny screaming in the back like a cat tied to a cruise missile!
Velasco: Ah-ha ha! That's a good'n.
  • Velasco: You folks gonna stay in Rubacava for a spell?
Manny: We're here looking for a woman named Mercedes Colomar.
Velasco: I'm not too good with names...Did she have any distinguishing marks or a tattoo?
Manny: Not that she showed me.
Velasco: Well, like I said, I'm as good with names as you are with the fog...
Heh heh.
  • Manny: How do you get around here with all the mist?
Velasco: Ah-uh, when you've strolled these docks as long as I have, pilgrim...

You know where you are by smell of the sea, by the sound of the lonely fog the icy touch of the cold, salty air.

Glottis: Wow... Manny? Could I have an eyepatch?
Manny: Can I just ask--what IS under the eyepatch?...because I KNOW it's not an eye.
Velasco: Oh, well, when I was alive I had an eye patch like this......this one's just for the phantom pain... And that one eye socket used to scream like a banshee when the trade winds blew, so I plugged her.
  • Manny: {to Celso} What are you doing here?
Celso: Well, if you must know, it's about my wife... I got word that she passed away not long after I, and that she, too, was crossing the Land of the Dead on foot. It is said that all lost souls come to Rubacava, so I came here to wait for her.
Manny: You must love her very much, Celso.
Celso: Yes, this is true... Of course, she also has all of my money...
  • Manny: I'll help you find your wife. What did she look like?
Celso: Oh, here. I got this from the DOD, and made copies to hand out. Isn't she something?
Manny: She must have been beautiful with skin.
Celso: Weren't we all?
  • Manny: {when looking at the photo of Celso's wife} It's Celso's wife--Actually I don't think skin would help.
  • Manny: So, know a good place to stay in town?
Celso: What's your price range?
Manny: Somewhere around the high-end of nothing.
Celso: Then maybe, young man, it's time you started thinking about a job.
  • Velasco: Look, I know how you feel son. Once I lost a very special lady myself. I waved to her from the docks as she sailed out of port and I never saw her again.
Manny: What was her name?
Velasco: The "SS Lamancha" was her name... But don't make me talk about her 'cuz I...I just can't do it.
  • Celso: Oh, Manny. Is there a greater constant in nature than the treachery of women?

Year 2 edit

  • Manny: Think she'll come in tonight?
Lupe: Manny, you ask me that every night...
...what am I supposed to say?
Manny: You're supposed to say, "Yes, I think tonight's the night."
Lupe: Yes, I think tonight's the night...
That you finally go nuts from waiting for the grand entrance of Ms. Mercedes Colomar!
Manny: Let's try that again, shall we? Think she'll come in tonight?
Manny: Thank you. It's my fault she's out in the woods alone, you know.
Lupe: (sigh) If you say so, Manny.
  • Manny: How's the flow tonight?
Lupe: We're dead tonight, Manny. Everybody's back home for the Day of the Dead, I guess...
...except for the casino. The casino's hopping.
Why is it that all the people who don't go home are the same people who just love to gamble?
Manny: Well, I guess when you've got nothing to go home to, you've got nothing to lose.
Lupe: Hey, we should put that over the door!
  • Manny: {looks at Velasco} That Dockmaster Velasco is one salty old bag of rope.
Velasco: We-uh-uh-uh, you should see his wife!
  • Manny: {when looking at the croupier at Manny's casino} An honest roulette croupier is hard to find...
And guys like this are even harder.
  • Manny: {when looking at the gamblers in the casino} Ah, my bread and butter...
Thrill-seeking rich folk with a poor grasp of statistics and probability.
  • Manny: Why aren't you over at the roulette tables?
Charlie: Ah, roulette is for lonely widows and Frenchmen.
Why don't you get some slot machines, Manny?
Everybody--old women, little children--they all love slot machines!
And I have a system, an infallible system, for beating them!
Manny: All my friends are lonely widows and Frenchmen.
Charlie: Except me, Manny. I'm here to keep you sane.
  • Manny: Tell me your system, Charlie.
Charlie: I can't tell you my secrets, uh, just this: You have to become one with the bandit Manny. have to get inside the machine, and... and make it WANT to pay!
Manny: On second thought, stay away from my roulette tables.
  • Manny: I think slot machines attract an undesirable element.
Charlie: Oh, we're all undesirable, Manny...
Manny: Yeah, but your credit's no good to boot.
  • Manny: I had no idea you liked gambling so much, Glottis.
Glottis: Well, the doctors made me promise I wouldn't do it anymore... BUT THEY CAN'T GET IN THE HIGH ROLLER'S LOUNGE, NOW CAN THEY???
  • Manny: {when trying to pick up the moon} Don't have that kind of equipment.
  • Manny: {looks at the moon} It shone, pale as bone / as I stood there alone. / And I thought to myself how the moon...
Manny and Velasco: {together} ...that night, cast its light / on my heart's true delight / and the reef where her body was strewn.
  • Manny: {looks at the locked gate near SS Limbo} It's locked.
Velasco: I know, I locked it!
  • Manny: {when the player attempts to use a pile of dirty dishes} Not to sound like a capitalist oppressor, but I have people who do that for me now.
  • Olivia Ofrenda: [reading a poem] With bony hands I hold my partner/ On soulless feet we cross the floor/ The music stops as if to answer/ An empty knocking at the door/ It seems his skin was sweet as mango/ When last I held him to my breast/ But now we dance this grim fandango/ And will four years before we rest.
  • Manny: [at open mic night] Testing...check one...check two....Alright! WHO'S READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?!
Crowd: *Dead Silence*
Manny: ...Maybe later, okay?
  • Manny: Anyone know where I can find some tools?
Alexi: The only tool in here is you!
  • Carla: {to Manny} Why is it all men are after the same thing - except you?!
  • Manny: Don't you ever worry that your job is getting to you, Membrillo?
Membrillo: Well, foresnic Botany is a trying job, Manny, but have you ever spent much time here with a florist? In life, they became florists because they love flowers, but here, a flower is a symbol of pain, of death within death. Their conflicting feelings build and build, and they become quite mad.
Manny: Thanks for the tip, I guess I'll send Balloon Bouquets from now on.
  • Slisko: You smell like bacon and oppression, man.
  • Glottis: {after getting thrown out of the cat track} Hey, come on! You gotta let me back in! I'M A VIP!
Manny: Does that stand for Very Inebriated Pianist?

Year 3 edit

  • Manny: {when trying to pick up Glottis} We're underwater--we're not on the moon.
  • Manny: Glottis! Do something!
  • Manny: {to Chepito} Amigo!
Chepito: Huh? Who?
Ah, geez, another shipwreck!
You see?
THAT'S why I never travel by boat!
Manny: We've had a little accident. Think you could help us out?
Chepito: Depends on what kind of help you're looking for...
Manny: Could we borrow that light for a second?
Chepito: Sorry! I'm kind of attached to it!
Manny: Could we tag along with you?
Chepito: Well, it's a long walk you're talkin' about...
Manny: We don't have any other choice.
Chepito: Oh, all right then, lift those knees, stick close to my light, and try to sing in key!
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine...
Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine...
Hide it under some seaweed, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine...
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Chepito: I'm gonna let it shine!
Glottis: I'm gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah! I'm gonna let it shine...
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah! I'm gonna let it shine!
Chepito: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Glottis: Scare away sea monsters, yeah!
Chepito: I'm gonna let it shine!
Glottis: I'm gonna let it shine!
Glottis: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine... Wee-ah-ha!
Chepito: Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Chepito: I'm not gonna let you touch it, NO! I'm gonna let it shine...
I'm not gonna let you touch it, NO!
I'm gonna let it shine...
Not gonna let you touch it, NO! I'm gonna let it shine...
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Manny: I thought that looked like our ship!
Chepito: That's just a trick the ocean plays on your mind, kid. Makes everything look the same after a while, like you was going in circles.
Manny: {after returning to where they started} Well, this isn't the kind of progress I was hoping for.
Chepito: Ah, well, the wet march of the soul ain't for everybody!
  • Manny: {to Chepito} Could you send for help?
Chepito: Oh, sure!
I promise to call for help at the next phone booth I walk by.
  • Manny: {to Chepito} Is everything okay with your eyebrows?
Chepito: Them is barnacles, genius!
I don't move fast enough to shake 'em, so they tend to pile up.
I don't mind though--they're the only company I got!
Hee hee, ain't ya boys?
  • Manny: {to Chepito} How long have you been down here?
Chepito: Well, let me put it to you this way--
I wasn't always this color!
  • Manny: Why are you walking instead of taking a ship?
Chepito: Got sick of waiting around Rubacava for a boat!
Figured I'd make better time this way.
Manny: Why didn't I think of that?
  • Manny: How do you know where you're going?
Chepito: See the moon over there?
I just keep it on my right, that way I know I'm headed in a straight line!
Manny: But...
Chepito: Oldest trick in the book!
  • Manny: Hey kiddles, check out my BONE SAW!
  • {Manny opens the cage door}
Manny: {to the Angelitos} Fly! Be free! Go bite Domino!
Pugsy: Leave us alone!
Bibi: If we get out of here, he'll hurt Meche!
Manny: {closes the cage door} Fine then, stay in there.
Bibi: He IS mean.
  • Manny: {to the Angelitos} I'm the one who's going to take Meche out of here.
Bibi: What?!
Pugsy: You can't do that!
Bibi: Who's gonna take care of us? {sob} We'll be all alone!
{the Angelitos start crying}
Manny: Hey, hey. Don't cry, children... Please... stop crying... Why am I so bad at this?
  • Manny: {after closing the vault door} Oh, Raoul... I'm so, so sorry!
  • Domino: I don't believe you Calavera, you're losing a fight so you pick on one of my pets?! Why aren't you more like me Manny? I've been trying to show you how but you don't listen! If you'd just adopt the proper attitude, just look what could happen to you! (is dragged into coral grinder) AAAAAAAAAGHH!!!!

Year 4 edit

  • Manny: (Examining the booby-trapped Bone Wagon) About to be known as the 'Blown Wagon'.
  • Hector: Listen to me once and for all, Bowlsley: You are not a florist! You are a manufacturer of weapons!
  • Manny: Listen, Bowlsley, I'm not here to hurt you...
Bowlsley: {to himself} Listen, Bowlsley, I'm here to hurt you...
Manny: It's not Hector, it's Manny Calavera.
Bowlsley: {to himself} It's not Hector, it's Manny Calavera come to sprout ya!
  • {Manny tries to pick up the boxes at Bowlsley's hideout}
Bowlsley: What's that? {pulls out a gun and points it at Manny} What are you doing? Are you crazy? Get back! {crawls under the desk} Put your hands over your head, put your head in your hands, put your head in your lap!
  • Manny: I'm not touching any of these human remains.
Bowlsley: I'm not touched! This human remains... sane!
  • Manny: {upon riding the Neon cat sign, also while being attacked by a skull raven not long before} Ayyyyyyyy chihuhahuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Manny: You have a really bad taste for men.
Olivia: No I have taste for really bad men. There's a difference.
  • Hector: She loves me, she loves me not...
Manny: Well you're half-right.
  • Hector: Oh Manny... so cynical... What happened to you, Manny, that caused you to lose your sense of hope, your love of life?
Manny: I died.
  • Hector: I guess Domino was right - you don't have a shred of optimism
Manny: Well when it comes to shreds, Dom's the expert.
Hector: And by that same logic, Manuel, you're about to become an expert in botany.
  • {Manny shoots at the greenhouse window}
Hector: {approaches the window} Olivia? Who's out there?
Manny: I'm the Grim Reaper, lard-ass! And you're my next customer!
  • Manny: Hmmm... Hector supplies water to keep the flowers alive? Does he see them as a memorial, or as trophies?
  • Meche: Manny, when we get to the other side, will we still be together?
Manny: You know, sweetheart, if there's one thing I've learned, it's this: nobody knows what's gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.

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