Greta Gaines

American singer, songwriter and cannabis rights activist

Greta Gaines is an American singer, songwriter, and activist for marijuana legalization, who became prominent competitor in the early years of the development of snowboarding as a sport.

I am waking from a dream,
I am choking on a scream,
You were trying to show me something.

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"Light breaks where no sun shines"
So shine for me tonight — firefly.
Firefly that's what you are
Burning for me in my darkest hour…
Not only is pot way cooler than alcohol, it’s also non-toxic. Dylan Thomas could not have smoked himself to death.
  • I wake to "magnolias sweet and fresh",
    Lines of poetry on my breath
    You were here but you have stolen away.
    My inspiration is an evening star,
    So come to me wherever you are,
    I will wait for you tonight alone in the dark…
  • When I was younger I was always looking for someone’s approval. Then I had kids and what I needed from music totally changed. Motherhood just kind of sliced away all self-defeating behavior. The lesson I learned from the experience of releasing Whiskey Thoughts was that if I make another album, it has to be for me. It has to be much more personal and honest, unique and raw, and that is what I hope that we have done here. After 20 years playing and touring, 5 studio albums and one live album I finally feel that I have found my sound. Like it or leave it the sound on this album is mine and mine alone.
  • My parents wrote their own rules, so it didn’t seem odd to me to invent my life as I went along. …  I picked up a guitar and started writing songs late, when I was 22, but quickly became devoted to the craft of song writing, relieved that I had found my inner calling.

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Greta Gaines is a true original and rocks hard at everything she does. ~ Sheryl Crow
  • I think the best camp for women is the Wild Women’s Snowboard Camp, launched by women’s 1992 World Extreme Champ, Greta Gaines, and co-directed by Mary Seibert. It follows a philosophy by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, in that women need to break free; that there is a need and obligation for each woman to reach this level and let go. Snowboarding’s a fluid sport that allows you to do just this. Like rock climbing, it’s more about balance and grace than strength and ego. Therefore, women excel.
  • Greta Gaines isn’t afraid of a challenge and she’s as courageous in her artistic life as she is in her professional life. Singer/songwriter, bandleader, adventurer and extreme sportswoman — Gaines is a woman set on living life to its fullest.
    Gaines comes to her blend of sports and art honestly. Her father is novelist, screenwriter and outdoorsman Charles Gaines (Pumping Iron, Stay Hungry) and the inventor of the game of Paintball. Her mother is painter, sculptor and former Miss. Alabama, Patricia Ellisor Gaines. Hunter S. Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities were frequent visitors to her family’s rural farm growing up so pushing boundaries and living life to its fullest were part of her upbringing.
  • Greta Gaines is a newcomer to the movement of legalizing marijuana. Having spent the last 20 years immersed in the extreme sports and rock n roll world, however, she has been smoking and thinking about smoking pot for a very long time.
  • Is it enough to be an Extreme Snowboarding National Champion? An on air TV host? A professional fly fisherman?
    Not for Greta Gaines. This multifaceted woman also has just released her fifth studio album, Lighthouse & The Impossible Love, and what a rollicking ride it is. Dripping with vintage tone and sultry but gritty vocals, Gaines' latest effort is a study in tension and release. Sweetness and sorrow. A good old-fashioned stomp juxtaposed with a bluesy narrative.
    And you know what? It’s all good.

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