Greg Brockman

American entrepreneur, investor, and software developer

Greg Brockman (born 1988 or 1989) is an American entrepreneur, investor and software developer who is a co-founder and currently the president of OpenAI.

Greg Brockman

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  • We spent a lot of time trying to understand what GPT-4 is capable of,” Brockman said. “Getting it out in the world is how we learn. We’re constantly making updates, include a bunch of improvements, so that the model is much more scalable to whatever personality or sort of mode you want it to be in. There’s policy issues like facial recognition and how to treat images of people that we need to address and work through. We need to figure out, like, where the sort of danger zones are — where the red lines are — and then clarify that over time.
  • I think this technology is so desirable, it will be built with or without us,” he said. “But what we can do, what we can all do, is help steer it, is help decide how we want this to integrate with society, how we want to work with it, how we want this to integrate with our lives.

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