Green Room (film)

2015 film by Jeremy Saulnier

Green Room is a 2015 film about a punk rock band that is forced to fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo-Nazi skinhead bar.

Directed and written by Jeremy Saulnier.

Darcy Banker

  • Now gentlemen and ladies. Whatever you saw or did... is no longer my concern. But let's be clear... this won't end well.
  • He breathing? Let him bleed.


  • Reece: So, in a tournament, I snap his arms or he taps out and we all go get burgers.


Punk Rocker: Okay, I'm with The Ain't Rights from Washington, DC. You guys are hard to find. Why no social media presence?
Pat: Music is shared live. It's time and aggression. You gotta be there.
Punk Rocker: Sorry, guys, we gotta clear out. Follow me.
Pat: And then it's over.

Pat: There's been a stabbing!
Daniel: In the room, go!
Big Justin: Cops are on the way.
Sam: We haven't done anything.
Amber: It doesn't matter.
Big Justin: We sit and we wait.
Amber: And we die?
Big Justin: Not if you sit and you wait.

Reece: You can't keep us here, you gotta let us go.
Gabe: We're not keeping you here, you're just staying.

Pat: I know what it is.
Amber: What what is?
Pat: My "desert-island band."
Amber: Tell somebody who gives a shit.

Pat: What are they doing?
Amber: They're coming.
Reece: We gotta go.
Sam: Then we die.
Reece: The longer we wait, the surer that is.
Amber: Is that a pep talk? You stab him with the shiv and get ready to run.

Pat: I can't die here.
Amber: So don't.

Pat: This... is a nightmare.
Darcy: For us all.
Amber: Please tell me those stupid fucking words are his last!


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