Great Teacher Onizuka

Japanese manga series

Great Teacher Onizuka (more commonly abbreviated to GTO) is a manga, anime and drama series created by Tohru Fujisawa, featuring the protagonist Onizuka Eikichi who's purpose in life is to become the greatest teacher ever.

Onizuka EikichiEdit

  • There's no gender distinction among the bad.
  • I want to be a teacher. The greatest teacher ever...
  • I'm Onizuka Eikichi, 22 years old, at your service!!
  • Damn brats... I want to kill them. KILL THEM.
  • Teacher Banzai!!!
  • You're just a little brat that needs a HUGE spanking!
  • Fuyutsuki, sometimes violence is the only way to get the message across.
  • For you, she maybe just someone among the 400 students, but for a student, there's only one teacher for them.
  • A 16 YEAR OLD WIFE AT 40!!!!!
  • Listen, Uehara, real love will make you blind.

Kyoto-sensei/Hiroshi UchiyamadaEdit

  • My Cresta, my home, my family, my daughter...
  • ON... ON... ON... ON... ON... ON... ON... ON... ON... ONIZUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Azusa FuyutsukiEdit

  • Uwaa.. will my salary this month are finished to treat this good-for-nothing Onizuka?
  • (Angry) That Onizuka...

Kanzaki UrumiEdit

  • What do you mean when you were talking about the autistic girl earlier?
  • I envy you because you can easily forget your troubles and sadness.


  • Thug: You're Yakuza, aren't you? What "family" are you with?
    Onizuka: Class 2-C, idiot.
  • Kanzaki: Every now and then there are nights when I feel so lonely... and depressed. I wonder why someone like me was born into this world. I even wish I could vanish from this world... and pretend that I never existed...
    Onizuka: Stand up, Kanzaki. When I get negative thoughts like that, it usually means I'm hungry.

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