Graham E. Fuller

American writer

Graham E. Fuller (born November 28, 1937) had a 27 year career with the State Department and CIA, was vice-chair of the National Intelligence Council, the CIA Station Chief in Kabul (Iraq) and is an American author and adjunct professor of history specializing in the Middle East.


  • Many observers, including myself, had long since ceased to believe there ever was any serious intention on the part of Israel to permit a meaningful Palestinian state to come into being alongside Israel; successive far-Right election victories have exposed the true face and end game of the Israeli Right — endlessly enabled by the charade of the so-called US “peace process.”
  • This latest act of “foreign policy by assassination” will be largely rejected by most in the world. Only a few craven Gulf kings and princes and Israel will applaud it. And worst of all, the US has now taken one more giant step towards convincing the world that the US has indeed become a “rogue nation” no longer willing to follow the rules of international law and procedure—and wisdom—that it claims to lead.... This was a blatantly political assassination, and, in the calculations of most practitioners of international law it was an act of war. One can only imagine the US response to a similar Iranian assassination of a top US regional commander.
  • The trembling puffery and outrage on the part of most politicians and commentators in the US that “Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of any number of American soldiers in Iraq” reflects either childish naivete or massive self-delusion...
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