Grace Mumbi Ngugi

High Court Judge in Kenya and co-founder of the Albinism Foundation for East Africa

Grace Mumbi Ngugi is a Kenyan lawyer and a Judge of the High Court of Kenya serving in the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Division of the High Court. She is a co-founder of the Albinism Foundation for East Africa.



"Albinism Awareness Campaign" (2015)Edit

"Albinism Awareness Campaign - Grace Mumbi Ngugi" (March 20, 2015)

  • When you think about it if you close your eyes and listen to me, would you know that I'm a person with albinism is there anything in my voice that says I'm a person with albinism? so in everyway l am like everyone else.
  • If I am a young girl or a young boy, l think of the same hopes, the same aspirations as every other child, as every other woman, as every other man.
  • I would like a society in which lam allowed to grow and fulfil my desires, my dreams because we all have dreams.
  • People judge you as this child with albinism and basically there is nothing that they can see and value in you. We are human in everyway like you, that we are entitled to the same dignity as you, that we feel the same cold and the same pain and the same heat that you do, only that we don't have pigmentation.

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