Grace Jones

Jamaican singer, model and actress

Grace Jones (born 19 May 1948) is a Jamaican singer, model and actress.

Jones (2009)

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  • I was (...) determined to look the way I wanted to look, and I wanted to cut my hair. I wanted to look different because I was used to looking different. Because of my religious background I'd always been encouraged to look different.
(25 June 1983)"The Ice Lady". NME: 28–29. ISSN 0028-6362.
  • I don't believe in marriage. To take these vows that were set up decades ago – it just doesn't work anymore. Most people don't think about what they're saying when they vow to cherish, love and obey. Marriage was designed to give males the advantage. (...) Unless you have to do it for tax reasons, or to get a loan or something. But basically it's a contract that I don't think should be connected with a romantic situation.
(25 June 1983)"The Ice Lady". NME: 28–29. ISSN 0028-6362.
(25 July 1981)"In Between the Bumpers". NME: 48–49. ISSN 0028-6362.
  • [M]en need to be penetrated. At least once in their lifetime. Because then they would understand what it is like to receive. It’s my own theory, which I think could help take some of the aggression out of the world. It's the nature of man to give and receive – to be man and woman, all in one.
Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude [2009]. (20 May 2013). Retrieved on 5 February 2021.

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