Good Luck Charlie

American sitcom

Good Luck Charlie is a Disney Channel Original Series about a family trying to adjust a new member in their family, Charlotte, or Charile for short. The show stars Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan, Jason Dolley as PJ Duncan, Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Ducan, Mia Talerico as Charlotte Duncan, Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy Duncan, and Eric Allan Kramer as Bob Duncan.

Season 1. 26 Episodes (4/4/2010-1/30/2011)


Episode 1.Study Date


(After Bob drops Charlie and Charlie flys and Bob catches her)

Bob: Nobody tells Mom!

Teddy: Noooo-k.

Bob: (to Amy) Honey, you seem to have forgotten that I was fully involved in the raising of three kids.
Gabe: Oh yeah? When's my birthday?
Bob: July 12th.
Gabe: November 23rd.

Teddy: (singing to Charlie) Hush little baby, go beddie-bye, Teddy wants to kiss the really cute guy.

Emmett: So why are you hitting on my girlfriend?
Spencer: She's not your girlfriend.
Emmett: Then maybe you and I need to step outside!
(Spencer stands up. He is at least a foot taller than Emmett)
Emmett: So you can walk me to my bike!

Episode 2.Baby Come Back


Amy: A mother knows her baby and that is MY baby!

Episode 3.The Curious Case of Mr Dabney


Episode 4.Double Whammy


Episode 5.Dance Off

Ivy: What just happened?
Teddy: Emmett stole my date.

Spencer: Look, I'm sorry I got so caught up with Emmett and the dancing. I kind of like the way things were going before then.
Teddy: Yeah, me too. I'm glad we got to go to the dance together. I was a little nervous because Ivy said my window was closing. And then Lauren sandoval almost asked you. And then Ivy and Emmett showed up at my house and I was like, "oh, no. How is this gonna work?" And I just-- [Spencer cuts her off by kissing her on the lips.] That was a really nice way of telling me to shut up.

Episode 6.Charlie Did It!


Episode 7.Butt Dialing Duncans


(Teddy's phone makes noises)

Ivy: What's that?
Teddy: Just my phone it's always making noises.

Episode 8.Charlie Is 1


[Charlie smashes her birthday cake on her face.]

Gabe: Sure, when she does it, it's adorable. When I do it, it's wrong.
Teddy: That's because we were at a restaurant and it wasn't your cake.

Teddy: Dr. Singh is not coming.
Amy: Oh, alright. Fine.
Teddy: So, you're okay with this?
Amy: Of course.
Teddy: That's awesome, because I thought.. What are you doing?
Amy: Going home. We'll just do this tomorrow when Dr. Singh can be here.
Ivy: I don't think that's how it works Mrs D.
Amy: Oh, c'mon. The baby's been in here nine months. It can wait another day.

PJ: First baby?
Person: That obvious, ah?
PJ: Hey, I've been there.
Person: You have?!
PJ: Oh yeah. This is my third time sitting on these chairs.
Person: Wow! If you don't mind, i'm asking how old were you the first time?
PJ: Two.

Episode 9.Up A Tree

Teddy: (on video diary) Hey Charlie, that annoying sound you hear is Mrs. Dabney's new dog. Ever since she got that little rat none of us have got any sleep.

Gabe: You guys went to Hawaii?!

P.J.: Those years have not been kind.

Teddy: Well deals are meant to be broken.
P.J.: Right, the golden rule!

P.J: You can't ground someone who's not actually on the ground.

Teddy: Wow, almost every single word in that sentence was wrong.

Amy: You either got it or you don't.

Episode 10.Take Mel Out to the Ball Game

Teddy: Well, can you sweat on P.J.'s sandwich?
Amy: Gotta feel the burn!
Teddy: Gotta buy my lunch!
Bob: (enters the kitchen) Hey honey, honey!
Amy: What?
Bob: I'm leaving for work. Come on, give me a kiss.
Amy: Catch me if you can!
Bob: You know what? I've kissed you enough already.
Amy: Wait before you go it's about your uncle Mel he called.
Bob: I don't want to hear it.
Amy: Cmon! He begged me to pass on the message.
Bob: And now I am going to PASS on the message.

Episode 11.Boys Meet Girl

Bob: Hey Emmett if you want I might be able to get you a job too.
Emmett: Oh no thanks Mr. D. I already got a job.
Bob: Doing what?
Emmett: My dad pays me to stay out of the house.

Amy: Kitty Kat, ah?!
Bob: Well, i could come up with a nickname for you. Like, uhmmm...
Amy: You know that's really funny 'cause i'm thinking of lots of nicknames for you.

Episode 12.Kit and Kaboodle

Amy: P.J. Honey, can you watch Charlie after school? I have to work.
P.J.: I can't. I'm working too. I can take Charlie with me if you want. You want to help your big brother deliver chicken?
Amy: Or you could come to the hospital and help mommy change bedpans. You take her.
Bob: Gabe are you wearing an aftershave?
Gabe: A little.
Bob: Why, you don't have to shave yet.
Gabe: As long as we are being logical why do you still have a comb?
Bob: Get in the car.

Episode 13.Teddy's Little Helper


Episode 14.Blankie Go Bye-Bye


Episode 15.Charlie goes Viral


(PJ makes a video of Charlie making a rude noise)

Amy: PJ, you have to post it online so grandma can see it.
PJ: Grandma knows how to go online?
Amy: PJ , you have to put it on CD so grandma can watch it on her DVD player.
PJ: Grandma has a DVD player?
Amy: Ok PJ you just have to go to Grandma's house and act it out for her.

Episode 16.Duncan's Got Talent


Episode 17.Kwikki Chick



Episode 18.Charlie in Charge


Episode 19.Sleepless in Denver

Amy: Come here Charlie. Let's look at your new bed, you'll love it!
Charlie: NO!
Teddy:I bet you're glad you spent two hours putting that together, ah!?

Amy: I'm not bothering you, am I?
Gabe: A little. Can we talk about my sleepover for a second?
Amy: Gabe, you're distracting me from my housework! Of course we can talk about your sleepover.
Gabe: Ok. First question: what are you serving us for dinner?
Amy: Well, i was thinking of making my famous meatloaf with a nice side salad.
Gabe: Pizza it is. Now, I'm gonna need you to rent us a scary movie.
Amy: I don't know Gabe, i don't want you boys to be up all night.
Gabe: Oh, you just described the perfect sleepover. The last thing is, Charlie is writing on the wall.
Amy: What?
Gabe: Charlie, she's writing on the wall.

Amy: Liam, honey, is there a problem?
Liam: I'm afraid of upstairs.
Amy: Excuse me?
Liam: We live in a one story house. I've never been upstairs. And I'm not gonna start now.
Amy: Interesting new phobia.

Teddy: Stupid parent.
Amy: Heard that.
Teddy: Ah, stupid baby monitor.

Amy: Ok guys, listen up. Zombies aren't real! Now, GO TO BED! Goodnight everybody.

PJ: Here's some really big news. I'm eating healthy now, because I decided to like myself just the way I am.
Teddy: Yeah, she's not interested.

Episode 20.Girl Bites Dog

Teddy: Hi. You're Skyler, right? I'm Teddy.
Skyler: Oh right. I saw your picture in Spencer's wallet.
Teddy: Spencer keeps my picture in his wallet? That's so sweet. Of course, I put it in there but it's so sweet he didn't throw it out.
Skyler: What do you got there?
Teddy: Pie on a stick.
Skyler: Where did you get it?
Teddy: Pie On a Stick. It's um my way of saying sorry to Spencer because I kinda freaked out earlier. I didn't know you two were cousins.
Skyler: (confused) I thought you too were cousins.
Teddy: (frowns) No, um, Spencer's my boyfriend.
Skyler: No, Spencer's my boyfriend.
Spencer: (walks in and sees Teddy and Skyler) Uh oh. (walks to them) So you two have met huh?
Teddy: Yeah, turns out we're cousins.
Skyler: Anything you want to say, Spencer?
Spencer: Free sample?
Skyler: Sure, I'd love one. (takes a sample) Mhmm. Delicious. You should try some. (takes the blender jar and pours the juice on Spencer's head and leaves)
Teddy: Yeah, and don't forget dessert. (puts the pie on Spencer's face and leaves)
Spencer: Wait!
Teddy: (turns to him and crying) How could you?
Spencer: I–I'm sorry. I can—
Teddy: Just don't. (leaves)

At Teddy's room

Amy: Teddy honey. Are you okay?
Teddy: (on her bed in tears and shakes her head no)
Amy: No. Oh. (gets on Teddy's bed) Scoot over. Look I know this probably won't make you feel better but I know what you're going through.
Teddy: You had your heart broken too?
Amy: I did, by Warren Snodgrass.
Teddy: (laughs lightly) Warren Snodgrass?
Amy: Yeah, he's a lot cuter than he sounds. Anyway I was madly in love with him and then one day out of the blue he dumped me for Kim Brooks. I was devastated.
Teddy: So how did you deal with it?
Amy: I didn't. I was a mess. Thought my life was over. But then I started dating this tall, blond goofball named Bob.
Teddy: Dad?
Amy: No, Bob Diddlebock but he introduced me to Dad. Look honey, the point is if I hadn't had my heart broken I would have never met your father.
Teddy: Then I wouldn't have been born…then I wouldn't have been to sad right now.
Amy: Oh no, honey. It's terrible I know. It stinks. But you know what baby? It will get better. I promise. (sees Teddy's camera and starts recording) Hi, Charlie. I'm here with your sister who's having her first broken heart.
Teddy: First? There's gonna be more?
Amy: No, honey. This is it. Anyway by the time you're watching this you might experiencing your first heart break. So just remember: it always gets better.
Teddy: And, um, I just wanted to say you were right about Spencer. It's too bad you won't have a little sister looking out for you when you're my age. Although we never know. (looks at her mom)
Amy: Oh, we know.
Teddy: (laughs) Good luck Charlie.

Spencer: (walking then he hears a roaring noise and he turns around) What the-
Charlie: (size of a giant and roars and chases Spencer)
Spencer: I'm sorry! (runs away) Leave me alone!
Charlie: (laughing and chasing Spencer)
Spencer: (trips and falls down) No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Charlie: (steps on Spencer)

Dream ends

Teddy: (wakes up and smiles at Charlie) You're such a good sister.

Episode 21.Broken Heart Club Band

Ivy: (smells something horrid) Oh, what died in here?
Teddy: My heart.


Ivy: (pushes Spencer against the lockers) I'm going to ask you again, Spencer. I want that girl's name and number AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

(Flashback ends) Ivy: I found her on the internet.

(After Teddy and Skyler finish performing.)

Ivy: Ladies, that was perfect! Now just one more take and this time I'll hit record.

Teddy: This is Skyler. Isn't she pretty?
Ivy: (takes the camera) Wish her good luck, Charlie.

Episode 22.Teddy Rebounds

Austin: Well you know Teddy, (sits down) I may be only eleven but I'm old enough to know that you deserve someone that appreciates how wonderful you are. And for your information, Spencer ain't it.
Teddy: Did you just say ain't?
Austin: Listen to me. I'm so passionate that I'm throwing grammar to the wind!
Teddy: Thanks Austin. And you know as first dates go, this wasn't all that bad.

(A clown approaches Teddy.)

Austin: Not now Slappy!
Slappy: (leaves)
Teddy: Anyways, you deserve someone great too. Somebody who's smart and kind, and well, eleven.
Austin: Shall we grab our goody bags, quick kiss and get out of here?
Teddy: What did you say?
Austin: I said let's grab our goody bags.

Bob: Oh, that's right. You don't know how to count to 3 yet.

Episode 23.Pushing Buttons

Bob: Hey, see ya later.
Gabe: Hey Dad, before you go, can I ask you something?
Bob: Oh ask your mother.
Gabe: Why can't I ask you?
Bob: Because whatever answer I give you, she's gonna tell me its the wrong one.
Gabe: Wow Dad, when did you ever become so afraid of mom?
Bob: Ask your mother.

Episode 24.Snow Show Pt 1


Episode 25.Snow Show Pt 2


Episode 26.Driving Mrs Dabney


Season 2. 30 Episodes


Teddy's Bear (2011) Ep 2x09

Amy: A disciplinary notice.
Gabe: Yes! I knew it! Finally, little Miss Perfect did something bad!
Amy: Okay, honey, what did you do?
Teddy: Well, nothing. I just got mad at a teacher because he lowered my grade for not filling in a stupid oval, so I snapped one of his stupid pencils.
Gabe: That's it? I've waited my whole life for that?!

Principal: There's good news and bad news. Mr. Piper has agreed not to press charges. But your mother is banned from campus.
Teddy: What's the bad news?
Principal: Mr. Piper is demanding an apology.
Teddy: Oh! Okay, okay. I'll say sorry to him the next time I see him.
Principal: Not from you!
Teddy: Oh, there's the bad news.

Bob: What'd you do?
Amy: Nothing!
Teddy: MOM!
Bob: Oh! I think we're gonna find out what nothing means!

The Break Up (2011) Ep 2x12

Teddy: Oh, hey Derek i was wondering if maybe after school you wanna go mini-golfing.
Derek: Whatever.
Teddy: Okay, so.. Is that a whatever like, i don't wanna go or whatever like: mini-golf wow!?
Derek: Whichever.
Teddy: Okay, okay. So, is that a whichever like, whatever or a whiever like: mini-golf wow!?

Teddy: I think we should break up.
Derek: Ah, okay.
Teddy: Okay?
Derek: Yeah, i mean if it's what you want.
Teddy: Yeah, that's what i want.
Derek: No worries.
Teddy: Great. Okay. Well, goodbye.
Derek: Bye.
Teddy: Okay, sorry. Quick question: you're taking this really well. Why is that?
Derek: I mean, well If it's not working.
Teddy: Well it wasn't working for me, but it was working for you right?
Derek: Sure, whatever.
Teddy: Cool. Goodbye, again! I'm sorry. I'm breaking your heart here, the polite response will be show a little bit of emotion!
Ivy: Hey.. How we doing over here?
Teddy: Not so great! I just broke up with Derek and he's taking it really well!
Ivy: But that's good right?
Teddy: NO! No, no i want him to be devastated! Why aren't you devastated!?
Derek: Teddy, people are staring.
Teddy: Ah, so i'm embarassing you. No, no, you are supposed to be embarassing me, fella! Woh, woh!
Ivy: First break up, people.
Teddy: Oh no! This break up is not over! I'm calling you later!

Teddy: Hey Charlie! Listen, i don't have a lot of time, gotta go meet with Derek 'cause we're still breaking up.


Amy: Okay, okay, okay. I have my sunglasses, my keys, my purse, what am i missing?
Gabe: Your teeth?

Monkey Business (2011) Ep 2x16

Ivy: The missing earring is..
Ivy/Teddy: Inside the monkey.
Teddy: Hi Charlie. What you got there?
Charlie: Monkey.
Teddy: Can i see it? Get that monkey!

Ivy: Calm down. If the earring isn't in this monkey, it has to be in the other monkey.
Teddy: Right! Right, right, right. Deedee's monkey. That's in the police chief's house. Is that calm enough for ya?

Teddy on Ice (2011) Ep 2x30

PJ: Charlie said a bad word? What is it?
Amy: We think you may know.
PJ: No, i don't.
PJ: That's terrible!
PJ: What does it mean?
Amy: You're free to go.
Amy: Charlie said a bad word.
Gabe:And what does that have to do with me?
Amy:We think she learned it from you.
Gabe:Mom, if she did learn it from me, she has to spend time with me.

Season 3. 21 Episodes


Make Room for Baby (2012) Ep 3x01

Amy: Hey Charlie, the basement is a mess. After breakfast I need you to go downstairs, and pick up your toys.
Charlie: NO!
Amy: What did you say to me?
Charlie: Yes!

Amy: So, the baby will be sleeping under the stairs. Like Harry Potter.
Bob: Hey, Harry Potter now, he had some fun adventures, ah!? Say something you know about Harry Potter.
PJ: Quidditch.

Amy: Okay, Charlie. What's it gonna take to get you into the new house, today?
Charlie: Pony.
Amy: Done. BOB

Bob: What did you do?
Gabe: I didn't do anything!
Mrs. Dabney: AAAAAHHHHHH!!
Gabe: Ignore that!

Amy Needs a Shower (2012) Ep 3x03

Bob: How old is Bob?
PJ: Fif-
Bob: AH!
Gabe: Six-
Bob: No, no!
PJ: Seven-
Bob: Alright! Next Question! When is Bob's birthday?
Gabe/PJ: ...
Bob: Oh, c'mon you guys! You gotta know this one!
Gabe: January 1st?
PJ: January 2nd.
Gabe: January 3rd?
PJ: January 4th.

Teddy: Call! Anyone. Anyone at all. Oh, hey, in fact, why don't we just go crazy? Open it up to foods of all kinds. We can talk vegetables, steak, sausage, bacon...Dad, if you're out there, please call!

Karen: Well, what a pretty girl you are. My name is Karen.
Charlie: My mommy don't like you.
Karen: Of course she does. Why would she invite me to the party?
Charlie: You're rich.
Karen: Oh. Well yes, I am rich. Which means I have a large car to put my large present into and drive away.
Debby: Well, that was awkward. I'm certainly glad your mommy likes me. Ah, Charlie?!
Charlie: My mommy says you talk funny.
Debby: Pardon me?
Charlie: It hurts her head.
Debby: Really?
Charlie: Yeah.
Debby: Well then, I guess I'll take my snickerdoodles and skidoodle.
Mary-Lou: You're leaving?
Debby: Oh, you betcha!

PJ: July 7th.
Gabe: July 8th.
PJ: July 9th.
Bob: Alright. You know what? This wasn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be. I think I'm going to ask somebody else to go to the hockey game.
PJ: Wait, wait, wait. Dad, just...let me say something. July 10th.

Mary Lou: Okay. Spill it, Charlie. What did she say about me?
Amy: (to Charlie) Maybe you should come with me.
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