Gog (film)

1954 film by Herbert L. Strock

Gog is a 1954 film about a security agent who investigates sabotage and murder at a secret underground laboratory, the home of two experimental robots.

Directed by Herbert L. Strock. Written by Tom Taggart, based on a story by Ivan Tors.

David Sheppard edit

  • [to Joanna, who is in a hospital bed] The doctor says it isn't serious, just a little too much radiation.

Dr. Zeitman edit

  • Science is never frightening, Miss Merritt.

Maj. Howard edit

  • Get out of here, all of you. At this intensity, sound can kill.

Dialogue edit

Joanna Merritt: Now from this point on, photoelectric cells sound a warning when unauthorized personnel enter the corridor. Oh, and there are hidden television cameras along the ceiling.
David Sheppard: You mean to say they're watching us?
Joanna Merritt: All the time.
David Sheppard: They're interfering with my impulses.
Joanna Merritt: What impulses, Dr. Sheppard?
David Sheppard: Well, I can't mention them. They're unauthorized, but they're nice that way.

Dr. Peter Burden: This radioactive material, I'm the only one who has access to anything like that. I keep it under lock and key.
Dr. Van Ness: Then who could possibly have taken it?
Dr. Peter Burden: Someone who knows everything we know, Dr. Van Ness.

Joanna Merritt: In space, there is no such thing as a weaker sex.
David Sheppard: That's why I like it here.

Taglines edit

  • Exciting Science-Fiction Drama!
  • Built to serve man... it could think think a thousand times faster! move a thousand times faster! kill a thousand times faster ...Then suddenly it became a Frankenstein of steel!

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