Glenn Jacobs

American professional wrestler, actor, and politician

Glenn Jacobs (b. 26 April 1967) is an American professional wrestler and politician, better known by his WWE ring name, Kane.  An actor and a libertarian, co-founding the Tennessee Liberty Alliance, Jacobs made his leap into politics following his election as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee in 2018 as a Republican.

The government should be bound by the same moral laws that the rest of us are.



May 2013 interview by FranchiEdit

Quotations from Glenn Jacobs, interviewed by Gary Franchi on WHDT World News 9, "Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs Mental Smackdown of Tennessee Lt Governor," (17 May 2013).

  • Keynesian economics is really just models and numbers and how things would work in a laboratory, not how things work in the real world.  The beauty of Austrian economics is [that] it studies how things work in the real world.  Economics is not a predictive science, okay?  You can't say, "If we do this, this is what's gonna happen."  It is a descriptive science; in other words, it describes what's going on.  Austrian economics says the economy runs itself, and all that we're trying to do is understand how the economy really works.
    • 07:20–08:05.
  • I think, as a society, though, I think more and more people are starting to question this idea that the government can do anything, [that] it has some sort of magical power to solve all of the problems; in fact, I think more and more people are coming to the conclusion that government is the problem.
    • 13:12–13:32.

Oct 2013 interview by WoodsEdit

Quotations from Glenn Jacobs, interviewed by Thomas E. Woods, titled "WWE Wrestler Kane Talks Libertarianism, and His Heroes" on TomWoodsTV, (28 October 2013).

  • Then I realised that it really is a philosophy that we're talking about, you know—the nonaggression axiom, that the government should be bound by the same moral laws that the rest of us are.  Once you realise that, you're like, "Oh!"  Your entire world opens up, and then your entire paradigm changes.
    • 05:52–06:08.
  • There is no way to sort-of compartmentalise human liberty into "okay, I have social liberty and I have economic freedom."  No, they're the same thing.  You have—  If you don't have economic freedom, you don't have personal liberty, and vice versa, if you don't have personal liberty, you don't have economic freedom, either.
    • 06:17–06:34.
  • Once you come across Rothbard, it's all over with.  The arguments he makes are so logical and they're so faultless that you really can't disagree with him.
    • 06:55–07:07.
  • He has made more people realise that they're libertarians perhaps than anyone in history with the Ron Paul Revolution and all of the things that it launched.
    • 15:29–15:40.
  • What is it—medieval serfs paid about twenty-five percent of their crops to the estate lord, to the manor lord, and Americans are paying fifty percent in taxes by the time you figure out income tax and then all the various state and local taxes, and, to think we're not, y'know, overtaxed is insane.
    • 18:57–19:19.
  • The whole idea, the whole premise of taxation needs to be examined.  It's based on theft.
    • 19:20–19:25.
  • Any tax rate is actually overtaxation.
    • 19:54–19:56.

Interviewed on The Independents (2014)Edit

Quotations from Glenn Jacobs, interviewed by Matt Welch and Kmele Foster (26 February 2014).

  • The great thing about libertarianism is [that] it really is the American Dream—it is the ability of everybody to live their life, to build their life, according to what they want so long as you don't hurt anybody else.
    • 9:41 P.M.
  • I think libertarianism does appeal to most people because that's how we lead our lives until the state gets involved.  We lead our lives in voluntary interactions with other folks, and we follow what libertarians call the nonaggression axiom which means you're not supposed to initiate force against someone else except, of course, in defence of your own liberty or property.  So that's something that's the Golden Rule, and that's something we can all relate to.
    • 9:44 P.M.
      • This quote is effectively a condensed version of Alexander S. Peak's "Libertarianism: Ideology for the Common Man" (15 January 2008), which also references libertarianism's appeal to the common person, voluntary interactions in society, libertarianism's prohibition on initiatory force, and the connection between libertarianism and the Golden Rule.

2018 victory speech after winning Knox County mayoral raceEdit

video here

Quotations from Glenn Jacobs's victory speech following his mayoral election as Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee (August 2, 2018).

  • I'd also like to thank my Democratic opponent, Linda Haney. We all know that a Democrat is gonna have a struggle in a countywide race in Knox County, but she did step up to the plate and she put fourth a good effort, and I think that is admirable. Democracy works when everyone has a voice and we can hear everyone's ideas.
    • 1:14–1:40.
  • What happens if that big red wall is ever breached? If it is, our state and our country will fundamentally change and we can never, ever let that happen. The Republican Party must remain a bulwark against European democratic socialism which unfortunately the Democratic Party has become. In order top do that we have to grow our party, and we have to grow it among young people and among minorities, we have to become more inclusive, but what I mean by that is we do not abandon our ideas, we need to stand even more firm.
    • 3:16–4:13.
  • The Republican Party stands for individual liberty [and] free markets; its the party of growth, its the part of economic opportunity, those are things that benefit everyone. That's how we need to grow this party, by ensuring that those are the ideas that we are spreading.
    • 4:14–4:38


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