Gladys Olebile Masire

First Lady of Botswana (1980-1998)

Gladys Molefi Olebile Masire, Lady Masire (30 July 1931 – 17 May 2014) was a Botswana teacher and political figure who served as the longest ruling First Lady of Botswana from 1980 until 1998.

Gladys Olebile Masire-Lady Masire "MmaGaone" (Lady Masire) in 2011

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  • Things like washing-up after meals, cleaning the classrooms, working in the gardens, preparing the playing fields have much to teach the somewhat careless, superficial teenager. [citation needed]
  • Yes, we must endeavour to be global citizens, learning from each other - learning from the variety of solutions which have been arrived at for what could have been essentially the same problem - but we must retain our individuality, our culture, our beliefs - those things which make us different, those things that make us what we are.

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