Girls und Panzer

Japanese anime television series

Girls und Panzer is a Japanese anime series written by Reiko Yoshida, produced by Kiyoshi Sugiyama, and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima. The story takes place at Oarai Academy, a high school built on a large carrier ship. A team of girls forms the Tankery club, which has mock battles using World War II era tanks. They are led by Miho Nishizumi, a girl who had a traumatic experience with Tankery in the past, but begin to face those fears for the sake of her friends. The series has been adapted into manga and light novel collections, both published by Media Factory. The film, Girls und Panzer der Film was released in 2015.

Season 1


01 - Tankery, Here It Comes!

Saori: Hey girl, you want to grab some lunch?
Miho: Huh? [realizes she was talking to her] Ah...
Hana: See that, Saori, you startled Nishizumi. You'll make a bad first impression.
Saori: Sorry, I was just trying to be funny.
Hana: Anyway, to repeat the question, if you would like to have lunch with us, we'd both be delighted.

Hana: If she went out of her way to ask you to pick Tankery, you must be some sort of master fighter. Are you a war hero and were to shy to tell us? You don't have to be so humble about it. Tell us about your duels, your rampages, your extortion plots.

Miho: I come from a family with a long history of riding tanks.
Saori: Oh?
Hana: Wow!
Miho: But I don't like tanks much myself. That's why I came to this school, to try and avoid Tankery.

Anzu: So, we've decided to end our school's current hiatus on Tankery. If you choose it as your elective, we'll give you a bunch of cool benefits. Vice president?
Yuzu: Those who do well in the course will receive one hundred meal tickets, two hundred free passes for if you're late, and finally, three times the credit you'd receive in another class.

Saori: You pick whatever you like and we'll go with you.
Miho: No way, you two wanted to do Tankery.
Saori: It's fine, we want to be with you more.

[Saori and Hana are defending Miho's choice not to do Tankery]
Miho: These two wanted to do Tankery. And not only did they give up that, now they're fighting the student council too. They're doing this all for me. If I can just... [recalls a traumatizing Tankery match] Alright, that's fine.
Everyone: Huh?
Miho: I'll do it, I'll do Tankery.

[upon seeing the tank for the first time]
Hana: But they've got personality, wouldn't you say?
Saori: I think the word you're looking for is rust.
Miho: It looks like the armor and treads are just fine. We might be able to work with this.

02 - Tanks, We Ride Them!

Momo: Well, our school got rid of Tankery several years ago but the tanks that were used should still be around here somewhere. No, I'm sure they're here. Our Tankery instructor should be here the day after tomorrow. We'll find the remaining four tanks before then.
Takako: Where do you think we might find them?
Anzu: We're looking for them because we don't know where they are.

Saori: We did it, we found one.
Miho: A 38(t).
Saori: It's smaller than the last one. It's got screws all over the place.
Yukari: The 38(t). It was a mainstay of Field Marshal Rommel's 7th Panzer division, and was an important tank in the initial stages of the blitzkrieg. It's nimble and can cross distances quickly. Oh, and the t means that it was made in Czechoslovakia. It's not a unit of weight.
Saori: You went kind of crazy there.

Momo: We found one of them.
Anzu: So they can get things done if they try.

Saori: Which port were we going to visit? I have a boyfriend in every port so it's hard to keep track of where they all are.
Hana: I'll believe you if boyfriend means the curry place you always eat at.

Saori: I told you to go left.
Hana: Sorry, I couldn't hear you.
Miho: The tank commander indicates which way to go with her feet.
Saori: Feet?
Miho: Yeah, she kicks the operator in the shoulder of the direction she wants to go.
Saori: I couldn't do something like that to my good friend.
Hana: Kick me as hard as you can.
Saori: What? Fine, then left. [gives a hard, loud kick]
Hana: Could you kick me a little softer?

Ami: Tankery starts with a bow and ends with a bow. All contestants, bow.
Everyone: Let's have a good match.

03 - We're Having a Match!

Riko: I came, I saw, I shot.

Saori: Mako, you can drive?
Mako: I learned just now.

Saori: But I think the commander should really be Miho.
Miho: Huh?
Hana: We really don't know much about tanks, so the commander is going to have a hard time.
Yukari: But Miss Nishizumi knows what she's doing.
Miho: Huh, huh, I do? But I don't think that I'm really all that good at it, you know.
Hana: If you would, please.
Saori: Pretty please.
Yukari: Please, do us the favor.
Maho: Right, I'll do it. Thank you, I'll do my best.

Saori: The Ankou dance? That's way too embarrassing. If you dance that, you'll never be able to get married.
Yukari: That would totally get uploaded to the net and sent to everyone across the country.
Hana: You'll never be able to live it down.
Maho: Is that dance really that bad?

04 - Commander Does Her Best!

Miho: I guess the operation can be, let's see, Operation Sneaky Sneak, because I want to sneakily see what the enemy is up to, then sneakily attack them.
Momo: Doesn't sound like much thought went into that.

Yukari: There are four Matilda IIs and a single Churchill, all advancing. They've got quite the tight formation there.
Miho: No kidding, it's amazing that they're able to move as a group without falling out of line at that speed.
Yukari: We won't be able to breach their frontal armor with the rounds we're carrying.
Miho: That's where tactics and skill come in.

Miho: New operation, now with more sneaky sneaks.

Darjeeling: Have you heard of this proverb before? The English have an old saying that goes like this: all is fair in love and war.

Yuri: The smell of oil and iron. Please tell me that you didn't take Tankery.
Hana: Well...
Yuri: Those delicate hands of yours, you laid them on a tank! [she faints]

Yuri: What's wrong. Do you no longer like flower arrangement?
Hana: No, it's not that.
Yuri: Then are you upset about something?
Hana: That's not it either.
Yuri: Then why Tankery?
Hana: I just, I keep arranging, and arranging some more but it just feels like it's not enough.
Yuri: No, elegant and clean, that's the way I describe your flower arrangements. They fully embody the Isuzu style.
Hana: But, I want to arrange flowers with more vigor. Mother?
Yuri: What happened to you? Where did the honest and kind part of my daughter go? Is this because of Tankery too? Tanks are barbaric, inelegant and loud. Don't you understand? All tanks should just be torn apart and turned into so much scrap metal.
Hana: I'm very sorry mother, but I just will not give up Tankery.

Hana: Someday, I'll prepare an awesome arrangement that will make my mother understand how I feel. I'm sure I can do it.

05 - Veterans of Their Trade: Sherman Corps!

Erika: Subcommander. Or would that be former subcommander?
Miho: Big sister.
Maho: I didn't think you'd still be doing Tankery.
Yukari: If I may say something, I don't think Miho's decision was incorrect in that match you had.
Erika: I think someone needs to mind her own business.

Erika: You're facing Saunders High in the first match. Be sure that you don't fight so poorly that you end up damaging the name of Nishizumi style.
Saori: Hey, what's your problem?
Hana: I do believe that was quite rude, ma'am.
Erika: I find you participating in Tankery rude. You're just some no name school. There's an unspoken rule that everyone knows: schools that would just embarrass Tankery should stay out of the tournament.
Mako: It should be pretty embarrassing if one of those teams beat the veterans who all sat around in their ivory towers coming up with that rule.
Saori: If we ever end in a match against you, you can bet we won't loose.
Erika: Yeah, good luck with that.

[Yukari has infiltrated Saunders High]
Naoimi: Have I seen her here before?
Kei: Huh?
Arisa: State your class and grade.
Yukari: Uh, the 6th armored division, Oddball, Sergeant third class.
Arisa: Huh?
[Kei starts laughing]
Naoimi: She's an impostor.

Mako: That was totally ridiculous.
Yukari: I worked hard.
Saori: Can you do something like that?
Yukari: Pre-match reconnaissance is approved for all tournaments. Miss Nishizumi, I did this offline and the editing isn't done, but please, use it to form your plan.

Kei: Hey there, Sergeant third class, Oddball.
Yukari: She found me.

Miho: As I explained, we'll win if we can take their flag tank out before they get ours. Saunders High is better at attacking and defending than we are, but let's try to fight them without getting too panicked. Make the most of your maneuverability, always keep moving and try to break up the enemy and draw them to the Assault III.

Hana: That was close.
Miho: Yeah, it was almost like they knew what we were going to do. [takes a closer look a a balloon flying over the Saunders camp]
Hana: Miho, what's wrong?
Miho: They have a device that's intercepting our transmissions up there.
Hana: But isn't that against the rules...
Miho: Shhh!
Yukari: Well, there's nothing in the rule book that says you can't put up wiretapping devices.
Saori: How terrible who cares how much money you have.
Hana: Let's say something.
Miho: In that case...

Sanders Radio Operator: Dog team is out.
Arisa: What!?
Naomi: What!?
Kei: Why!?
Saori: We weren't talking on our radios, we were using our cells.

06 - Our First Battle Comes to a Climax!

Arisa: Head to high point 128.
Kei: What's going on?
Arisa: It looks like all enemy tanks are going to head there.
Kei: Hey, Arisa, are you sure about that? How do you know that's what's going on?
Arisa: Trust me, this is a slam dunk.

Kei: No one's here!
Arisa: That can't be. Wait, did they trick us? Where are Oarai's tanks then?
[one of Oarai's tanks appears next to her]

Arisa: Stop, stop! [they avoid a direct hit] Reverse, reverse! Oarai's tanks are all coming for us.
Kei: Wait, that doesn't match what you told me earlier. What happened?
Arisa: Well, I think they must have realized that we were intercepting their...
Kei: You fool!
Arisa: I'm sorry.
Kei: Haven't I always told you to fight fair, Arisa?

Arisa: This tough Sherman isn't going to go down. Fifty thousand of these things were build, countries couldn't stop buying them. They were built strong, never broke down, not to mention they're really comfortable. The controls are so simple an idiot could drive this thing.
Saunders Gunner: If I can speak freely here, your words aren't very reassuring at the moment.

[Arisa is leaning out of her tank, yelling at Oarai's tanks but cannot be heard]
Hana: It appears she's shouting at us as they're running away.

Yuzu: Momo-chan, you keep missing.
Momo: Shut up!

Takeko: A tank filled with holes, for that is what we shall be, boom we go.
Takako: It's not the time for a parting haiku.

Miho: Everyone calm down. Stay calm and continue your attack. The enemy is firing while moving as well. The chance of them hitting us is low. Focus on hitting their flag tank. We need to seize this chance. We win if we can just hit them, we lose if we give up.

Hana: If I focus just like when I do flower arrangements.
Yukari: Loading complete.
Miho: Make it happen, please.
Hana: Fire.

Kay: Are you the commander?
Miho: Huh, well, yes.
Kei: Exciting. [she hugs Miho] I never thought I'd be able to have a match like this.
Miho: Say...
Kei: What is it?
Miho: Why did you only come after us with four tanks?
Kei: I matched our numbers to the number of tanks you had.
Miho: But why?
Kei: Because that's Tankery. This isn't war. The tanks would be sad if we forgot that, you know.

07 - Up Next is Anzio!

Shiho: You will carry on the Nishizumi school as well. The Nishizumi school is the one that will continue to move forward. Our tradition is to value, above all else, strength and victory.
Miho: But, but mother, I just want...
Shiho: You cannot be grandly victorious without sacrifice, you know that.

Miho: Since I moved here, I've been thinking it was fun too. Before now, I just kept thinking I had to win and that was about it. That's why, when I lost, I decided to start avoiding tanks.
Yukari: Hey, I saw that match on TV.
Miho: Huh?
Yukari: You left the lines to go and help your other team member, didn't you?
Miho: My tank was the flag tank, and because I went to help, my tank got shot and we lost. I broke our winning streak.
Yukari: I don't care. I think you made the right decision in that situation.
Miho: Huh?
Yukari: I've said this before, I think the team members that you saved are really happy that you helped them, Miss Nishizumi.

Yukari: I can't believe Miss Nishizumi told me "thank you". Wait, isn't this the second time? I think you said "thank you" to me when I went to do that reconnaissance.
Mako: Sergeant Oddball.
Yukari: Stop saying that already!

Saori: Tankery isn't just a set of rules, Tankery is what you make of it.

Mako: What kind of club would hang out laundry all the way out here?
Miho: Wait, is that?
[realizes the laundry is hanging from a long tank barrel]

Momo: Everyone, good job working until late. We won't be able to make it in time for the next match, but now we hope for a path forward. We're going to win our match against Anzio. Nishizumi, do it.
Miho: Huh?
Momo: Wrap it up.
Miho: Uh, everyone, let's kick some serious butt.
Everyone: Right!

08 - We're fighting Pravda!

Darjeeling: The semifinals are next, but you seem pretty laid back. Are you sure you don't have to practice?
Katyusha: It'll be a waste of fuel. They're just some small time team no one's ever heard of.
Darjeeling: But the commander's from a Tankery school, the Nishizumi school.
Katyusha: Huh? Why didn't you tell me something so important before now?
Nonna: I've told you several times.
Katyusha: First I've heard about it.

Anzu: It's gotten pretty cold, hasn't it?
Momo: That's because we've passed a latitude of fifty degrees north.
Yuzu: Our next event is in the extreme north.
Momo: I wish they'd stop deciding where we're holding our matches by roulette.

Katushka: You prepared these tanks just to make Katyusha laugh, did you not?

[Katyusha is sitting up on Nonna's shoulders]
Katyusha: All of you are below Katyusha. Your tanks, your technology and your height.
Momo: You're just on her shoulders.
Katyusha: I heard that. How dare you insult Katyusha. I'll destroy the lot of you.

Katyusha: Oh, the Nishizumi girl.
Miho: Huh?
Katyusha: Thank you for last year. We were able to win because of you. Work your magic with your talent again for us this year.

Miho: Understood, we'll attack all at once.
Yukari: Are you sure?
Hana: What happened to being cautious, Miho?
Miho: If the match goes too long, they gain the advantage since they're used to fighting in the snow and we're not. Also, since all of you are all pumped up over this.
Anzu: Sun Tzu says the same. Though I have heard of military operations that were clumsy but swift, I have never seen one that was skillful and lasted a long time. It is better to fight a quick and focused battle. Am I right, Nishizumi?
Miho: Yeah, they're strong, but let's get out there and do this.

Miho: Eleven o'clock, enemy tanks. All tanks on alert. Just three tanks? They set up a defensive perimeter? [then enemy tanks open fire] They've discovered us. Now might be the time to make use of that long barrel. Prepare for bombardment. Hippo team, begin snipping. Anglerfish team engage as well.

Saori: Why are they running?
Yukari: Don't you think it's because we're chasing them with all of our tanks, Miss Takebe?
Saori: Oh, that's right. Guys run away when you chase them too, for some reason.

Miho: We've been surrounded.
Saori: All I can see is reds.
Momo: It was a trap.

Miho: All tanks, move towards the large building to the south west. We're going to baricade ourselves in there.

Pravda Messenger: We bring a message from Commander Katyusha. "Please surrender. I'll forgive all of you if you bow before me." So she says.
Momo: What was that? That's...
Pravda Messenger: The commander says she has a big heart, so she'll wait three hours for your response.

Momo: No, we can't lose. We're fighting until the end.
Miho: But...
Momo: We're going to win. We're going to win. We have to win.
Miho: Why do you want to win so much? We made it so far when it was just our first time out here. Tankery isn't war after all. There are more important things than winning.
Momo: What's more important than winning?
Miho: I came to this school and met all of these people, and learned for the first time what it meant for Tankery to be fun. I've fallen in love with both this school and Tankery. And I want to end this tournament keeping those feelings in tact.
Momo: What are you saying? Our school is gone is we lose.
Miho: Our school, will be gone?
Anzu: Kawashima is right. If we don't win the national tournament this year, our school will be shut down.

09 - Last Ditch Effort!

Anzu: Shut down?
Minister of Education: It takes money to maintain and run school ships. And after looking at the costs again, we decided to begin consolidating. We will start by shutting down those schools that fail to yield results.
Yuzu: So you're saying that we won't have a school anymore after the end of this year?
Momo: I can't allow this.

Minister of Education: Oarai, as of late, has been losing students, and currently has no attractive programs. In the past, they had quite the active Tankery team, but...
Anzu: Well, then let's take up Tankery.
Momo & Yuzu: Huh?
Momo: Tankery, really?
Anzu: You wouldn't shut down the winning school now, would you?

Anzu: Well, I thought if we had such an a-rank team in the past, we'd have better tanks lying around. But they didn't have any cash, so they sold all the good ones.
Yukari: So that means all the tanks here are?
Anzu: Yeah, the one's that didn't sell.

Miho: The match isn't over yet. It's not like we've lost the match already.
Anzu: Nishizumi?
Miho: We just have to do what we can do. I mean, I still want to do Tankery next year at this school, with everyone here.

Midoriko: There's a T-34-85 over there.
Mako: 85.
Midoriko: There's a Molotov in the back over there.
Mako: There's no tank with that name, Sodoko.
Midoriko: [annoyed] I just made a small mistake, okay!

Miho: What's wrong everyone? Cheer up and let's do this. We all decided we were going to do this together, that we were going to fight until the end and not surrender.
Everyone: [apathetically] Yeah, we know.
Momo: Come on, you need to raise their spirits more than that
Miho: Huh?
Momo: At this rate, they're not going to be able to fight. Do something, you're the commander.

Miho: [starts to sing and dance the Ankou dance in attempt to raise morale] Everyone sing with me, I'll do the Ankou dance.
Momo: Hey, that's going to have the opposite effect.
Hana: Miho gets embarrassed so easily, but she's...
Yukari: So she's trying to cheer everyone up.
Mako: I'm not sure that's quite right.
Yukari: I'm going to dance with her.
Hana: Let's do it.
Saori: Everyone, let's go.
Mako: Guess I have to.

Katyusha: I made an area of the siege that is weaker than the others. I'm sure that's where they're headed. They come, we surround them, and it's over.
Nonna: I hope it goes well for us, commander.
Katyusha: There's no way a plan that Katyusha set up will fail.

Anzu: Sorry about that. We were only able to take out two, and we got taken out ourselves. Take care of the rest for us.
Miho: Thank you. I understand
Momo: We're counting on you, Nishizumi. Pull it off for us.

10 - Classmates!

Katyusha: I weakened part of the blockade, tried to lure you in to that section and hit you there. I never expected you would be able to break through the blockade head on.
Miho: Me neither. We might have lost if you hit us with everything you had at once.
Katyusha: I'm not sure about that. Just maybe... anyway, you guys are pretty good, I guess. I'm just saying, I'm not frustrated by this loss at all.

Shiho: She won because her opponent let her guard down.
Maho: No, she has skill.
Shiho: Did you say skill?
Maho: Miho doesn't let herself become constrained by the book. She has the ability to adapt to the situation. Her team won because of her decision making and her ability to bring her team together as one.
Shiho: That's absolute heresy. if you're my daughter, you'll show her the one true way to fight, Maho.
Maho: I swear on the name of the Nishizumi style that I will not fail to defeat her.

Yukari: This is a super rare tank, you know.
Momo: The Porsche Tiger.
Yukari: People really into tanks love this one. [the tank's treads dig into the ground] But it digs into the earth really easily. [smoke begins rising from the engine] And it overheats. [the tank catches fire] And catches fire. It's known for breaking easily.

Miho: There was a Type 3 Chi-Nu here?
Karina: No way, this thing still works?
Aya: It's been here the whole time without anybody touching it, so I thought it was worthless.

Yuri: The flowers that she's arranged before were proper, but they lacked personality and freshness. It might be Tankery that has allowed you to make something so bold and powerful.
Hana: Mother?
Yuri: You've diverged from me, and created your own style.

Miho: We're going up against Kuromuromine Academy tomorrow. It's the school I transferred from. But Oarai is the school I consider my alma mater now, it's important to me. That's why I'm going to, keep a calm head and try my best in this competition. Everyone, let's do our best.

Darjeeling: You're a strange person.
Miho: Uh?
Darjeeling: You always end up making friends with all the people you fight.

Darjeeling: I'll tell you an English proverb for this situation. "A horse may stumble, though he has four legs". Strength and victory are not forever.

Erika: It's been awhile. I suppose you managed to become a commander since you're on such a weak team.

Erika: Don't get all cocky just because you managed to make it this far by chance. Just wait and see, we'll destroy your heresy.

Akaboshi: Wait, Miho. Thanks for what happened before. I've been worried ever since you left, since we caused problems for you and everything. But I'm glad you didn't quit Tankery, Miho. I think it would be such a real shame if you weren't in Tankery anymore.
Miho: I won't quit, not ever.

Yukari: Miss Nishizumi, this is great. You saving your friend wasn't wrong after all, it was the right thing to do.
Miho: I still don't know whether it was the right thing to do or not. But, back then, I wanted to save her, my teammate. And that's good enough for me.

11 - The Battle Gets Fierce!

Miho: All tanks, we're doing the Smokey Smokes Plan.

Yuzu: They're really bombarding each other.
Momo: It's like they're slowly choking each other to death up there.
Anzu It's almost like they predicted that we'd use that location as a stronghold. Well, I guess they would.

Miho: Initiate Operation Teasy Tease.

Miho: No way, they're fixing the Tiger while it's running?
Yukari: They're the Automotive Club for a reason.

[Miho is attempting to pull Rabbit team out of the river after their tank has stalled]
Mako: I never thought she'd choose to save her friends rather than continue forward.
Hana: Miho will always be Miho, right?
Yukari: That's why everyone continues to follow Miss Nishizumi. And why we managed to make it this far.
Saori: That's right.
Hana: I want to win this match. I want to help prove that Miho's Tankery isn't wrong, that she has the right idea. I want to win for that.

Asuza: Commander, thank you so very much.
Aya: Thank you, Commander.
Yuki: Sorry for the trouble.

Erika: She's as soft as ever. That is gonna be what does her in. All tanks, prepare to advance. Once we pass this hill we're gonna sink them in the river.

Miho: Two tanks were taken out. We only have, five left.

12 - The Battle We Can't Back Down From!

Midoriko: I don't get it, what's so mouse about something that enormous? [a play on words as the tank name Maus means mouse in German]

Miho: If we want to finish this in the city, we're going to need to take out that Maus. If we take too long, their main force will show up.
Yukari: The Maus is pretty impressive. We can't break through the front or back.
Saori: It's just too big. It's like someone put a tank on top of another tank.

Momo: Commander Nishizumi.
Miho: Sorry.
Momo: You don't have to apologize, it was a good plan.
Anzu: Take care of the rest for us.
Momo: Do it.
Yuzu: Fight on.
Miho: Right.

Miho: We will begin our final operation: the Dizzy Dizzy Plan.

Maho: There is no running away in the Nishizumi style. We have no choice but to finish this battle here.
Miho: I accept your challenge.

Hana: This single shot, has the emotions of everyone contained within it.

Momo: Commander! Nishizumi, I can't express enough gratitude for all you've done. But, I am really, I am really grateful. [starts to cry]
Yuzu: You're crying way too much.
Anzu: Nishizumi.
Miho: Yes?
Anzu: Since we won, the school won't get shut down.
Miho: Right.
Anzu: Our school is saved, thanks to you.

Miho: Sister.
Maho: Congratulations on your victory.
Miho: Uh?
Maho: We didn't even come close.
[the sisters shake hands]
Maho: You fought like you, Miho, completely different than the Nishizumi style.
Miho: You think so?
Maho: I do.

Miho: Sister, I finally found it. I found my Tankery.

Saori: What do you want to do when you get back?
Miho: Take a bath.
Mako: Eat ice cream.
Miho: And then?
Saori: Get in a tank!

OVA Series


01 - Water War!

Mako: The school swimsuit will be fine.

Miho: I forgot to buy a swimsuit.

02 - Survival War!

Yuzu: You're smiling, Momo-chan.
Momo: I am not.
Yuzu: You are to.
Momo: I said i'm not smiling, so i'm not smiling.

Miho: Are those okay to eat?
Yukari: Well, these rations were mostly bought for the purpose of collecting, so they should only be consumed at your own risk.

03 - School Ship War!

Hana: I've been wondering for awhile.
Saori: What, what? What is it?
Hana: Just why are all the schools on ships anyway?
Saori: That all? Well of course, that's because... I guess I never really thought about it.

Hana: There's general courses, the ship course, intelligence course, tailor course, nutritioning course, and what else was there? I forget.
Mako: Engineering, fisheries and agriculture.
Miho: Wow, we have all of those?
Yukari: Everything on the ship is operated by students.

04 - Ankou War!

[there are no lines in this episode as it's just the cast doing the Ankou dance]

05 - Snow War!

Riko: Red peppers?
Yukari: This way your sweat won't freeze inside your boots and your feet won't get too cold.

Yukari: I'm wearing socks with heat generating materials, and shoes made from waterproof materials.
Riko: Wow, you came prepared.
Yukari: Actually, I bought them just because I liked them, but I've had no where to wear them before this tournament. This is the first time I've gotten to use them.
Riko: I totally understand. I have military uniforms that I bought that I haven't worn yet.

06 - Banquet War!

Momo: Thank you for all of your hard work in the championships. Thanks to all of your excellent work, our school emerged victorious. Who would have thought that a school like ours, which had no name in Tankery, could defeat such a pretegious school. This will surely go down in school Tankery history. This is merely...
Yuzu: Momo-chan, get on with it.

Momo: We will now have each team participate in a hidden talents competition. Each team will be prohibited from doing things they are skilled in. Leopons: nothing to do with cars. Anteaters: no internet games. Hippos: nothing to do with history. Ducks: nothing to do with volleyball. Anglerfish: no dancing the Ankou dance.

Miho: Akiyama?
Hana: Your face is really red.
Mako: She's drunk.
Miho: On orange juice?

Anzu: And the first prize is, one hundred thousand yen worth of [the curtain pulls away from the prize] premium dried potatoes. A whole year's worth!


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