Girl Meets World

American television series

Girl Meets World is a teen sitcom on Disney Channel, a sequel to the 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World.

Season 1 edit

21 Episodes by June 27, 2014 - April 17, 2015

Episode 1.Girl Meets World edit

Lucas Friar: Hey, this isn't so different from Texas. Look, there's a pony.
Farkle Minkus: That's a rat.

Riley Matthews: Dad, you have a choice here. You can either understand that this is just a boy talking to me in the cafeteria...
Cory Matthews: I'm gonna do whatever you say next.
Riley Matthews: This is so innocent.
Cory Matthews: Honey, fathers don't see anything as innocent. We see it as... what's the opposite of innocent?
Maya Hart: [raising her hand] Right here!

Episode 2.Girl Meets Boy edit

Lucas Friar: Sir, if I might take a different position?
Cory Matthews: Yeah, save me, Mr. Friar, do I go too far?
Lucas Friar: Always, sir.

[Riley is hoping that Lucas will say he likes her]
Lucas Friar: Riley?
Riley Matthews: Lucas?
Lucas Friar: I've never told this to anybody before.
Riley Matthews: Yeah?
Lucas Friar: I think someday I might like to be a veterinarian.
Riley Matthews: [disappointed] That's cool, too.

Episode 3.Girl Meets Sneak Attack edit

Auggie Matthews: How's my breath? [breathes on Topanga]
Topanga Matthews: Ooh. Like flowers. How'd you do that?
Auggie Matthews: I ate your flowers.

Riley Matthews: You know what the easiest thing about having friends is?
Lucas Friar: What?
Riley Matthews: Sometimes all you have to do is trust them.

Episode 4.Girl Meets Father edit

Farkle Minkus: School dance. I'm gonna put you both down for Dance Numbers one through all of them. We will alternate. You and me, me and you. When you're not dancing with me, you may not dance with anyone else. So you may sit and wait until you dance with me again.
Maya Hart: Yeah, none of this is happening.
Farkle Minkus: Well, may I have one dance with each of you?
Riley Matthews: Sure.
Farkle Minkus: Ha! That's all I wanted. You just got played by Farkle.

Topanga Matthews: Wait, your dance is Friday?
Riley Matthews: You're doing that thing with your voice.
Topanga Matthews: But Friday is the last night of the Coney Island Cyclone.
Riley Matthews: But it's our first dance! And Dad takes me to ride the rollercoaster a bunch of times, right?
Topanga Matthews: Your father thinks of it as a tradition.
Riley Matthews: How bad is this?
Topanga Matthews: Your father thinks of it as the reason he wakes up in the morning.
Riley Matthews: Maybe he won't remember it this year.
Cory Matthews: [bursting through the door] Three days 'til Cyclone Day!
Topanga Matthews: When is my birthday?
Cory Matthews: 148 days from Cyclone Day!
Topanga Matthews: [to Riley] Good luck to you.

Episode 5.Girl Meets The Truth edit

Riley Matthews: Where did you get that locket?
Maya Hart: France.
Riley Matthews: You went to France?
Maya Hart: Si, señor.

Lucas Friar: Farkle, what are you doing? This is "Romeo and Juliet".
Farkle Minkus: Well, now it's "Romeo and Juliet and Farkle". I play Farkle.

Episode 6.Girl Meets Popular edit

Auggie Matthews: Weird Mommy's cool.
Cory Matthews: Way cool.

Cory Matthews: Ooh, seventh grade party. I didn't get invited to a lot of those.

Episode 7.Girl Meets Maya's Mother edit

Lucas Friar: Your name is Farkle Minkus?
Farkle Minkus: Don't wear it out.
Lucas Friar: I don't know how you could.

Stuart Minkus: So these are the two ladies you tell me keep chasing you, huh?
Farkle Minkus: [whispering to Riley and Maya] Please?
Riley Matthews: Yes, sir, it's us.
Maya Hart: I'm not doing it. [Riley gives her a nudge; she sighs] Yes, sir, it is us. We hope that one day one of us will be lucky enough to become the future Mrs. Farkle Minkus and have a lot of baby Minkii.

Episode 8.Girl Meets Smackle edit

Maya Hart: [about Smackle] She was using you to make Farkle jealous.
Lucas Friar: Wow. That's a new one.

Lucas Friar: [opens a wrapped up package] "Get-out-of-detention-free."
Maya Hart: Oh, I could use one of those! Give me that, and I won't call you Ranger Rick all week.
Lucas Friar: Here you go.
Maya Hart: Thanks, Ranger Roy.
Lucas Friar: Let me guess. Ranger Roy is filling in for Ranger Rick?
Maya Hart: All week.

Episode 9.Girl Meets 1961 edit

Cory Matthews: I'm talkin' about the 60's, man!
Riley Matthews: Nobody cares about when you were our age.
Cory Matthews: Riley, it was over fifty years ago. How old do you guys think I am?
Lucas Friar: There's no right answer to this, sir.

Riley Matthews: Whatcha lookin' at?
Maya Hart: Art book. Miss Kossal gave it to me. It's got all the best artists and their best paintings. It's amazing... and depressing.
Farkle Minkus: She's trying to motivate you.
Maya Hart: Ain't workin'! Look at these. I could never do anything near this. These people have all got something to say.
Lucas Friar: Well, you only know that because they went ahead and said it.
Maya Hart: You know, someday you're gonna make somebody a wonderful fortune cookie.

Episode 10.Girl Meets Crazy Hat edit

Farkle Minkus: All right, let's go out there and make some money! Cash, cabbage, cheddah-cheeze!
Cory Matthews: Those are your values, Farkle?
Farkle Minkus: What else should a company value but profits?
Lucas Friar: Well, if I had a company, I'd treat my employees well and make sure we did right by our customers.
Farkle Minkus: You are everything that's wrong with this country.

Farkle Minkus: Enjoy the taste of success, Riley. It's sweet.
Riley Matthews: Not to me. I have a very bitter taste in my mouth.
Maya Hart: You must have eaten one of ours.

Episode 11.Girl Meets World: Of Terror edit

Cory Matthews: You wanna spend the rest of your life scared?
Farkle Minkus: I was planning on it, sir.

Farkle Minkus: Why are you screaming? You scared us.
Maya Hart: What are you guys doing here?
Lucas Friar: We were passing by on our way home. We thought we'd say hi.
Riley Matthews: In the middle of the night?
Lucas Friar: It's a quarter after seven.
Riley Matthews: Then why'd you have me go to sleep, Maya?
Maya Hart: Trying to put myself out of my misery.

Episode 12.Girl Meets the Forgotten edit

Riley Matthews: Why didn't you wake me? It's electives day. The earlier we sign up, the better the chance we have of getting all the good ones.
Topanga Matthews: I tried to wake you up three times.
Riley Matthews: You know I don't think you're serious until six times.

Cory Matthews: You know, it's a funny thing about teachers. People don't often realize that without the lesson, without the education, no one will learn anything at all. There would be no gruff, no progress, there would be no doctors, or lawyers, or anything at all, really. In fact, when you think about it, teachers are the foundation of the whole country. Our whole world! Teachers should be appreciated, and never forgotten. (looks up to find everyone has left except Harley)
Harvey "Harley" Keiner: I appreciate you, Baboon. Now get out of here so I can go home.

Episode 13.Girl Meets Flaws edit

Cory Matthews: Gandhi. What'd he do?
Maya Hart: Freed Ireland.
Cory Matthews: Try again.
Maya Hart: Freed Ireland.
Cory Matthews: Freed India.
Maya Hart: Before or after he freed Ireland?

Harvey 'Harley' Keiner: Give me your lunch money!
Cory Matthews: I'm a teacher. I don't have any.

Episode 14.Girl Meets Friendship edit

Maya Hart: I will never get to you, will I?
Lucas Friar: No. But I sure do appreciate the effort.

Lucas Friar: Thank you for the video. That wasn't what I expected to see.
Riley Matthews: No more going home for the weekends?
Lucas Friar: [pause] I am home.

Episode 15.Girl Meets Brother edit

Riley Matthews: Well, another year we're not going to be cheerleaders.
Maya Hart: Why do you make me do these things? Pom-poms are stupid and pyramids made of humans freak me out. [pointing to her legs] And what are these?
Riley Matthews: These are your legs.
Maya Hart: Have you ever seen anything so white?
Riley Matthews: One time, when I looked into the sun.

Topanga Matthews: Okay, look, Riley, your father and I gave you a 7:00 curfew because we knew that even when you got all rebellious you'd still be home by 7:30.
Maya Hart: What?
Riley Matthews: [embarrassed] Yeah.
Topanga Matthews: So when you come in here at 7:07 acting all dangerous, it's hard... [cracks up] I'm sorry. I can't even keep a straight face.
Riley Matthews: What are you laughing at? I'm outta control!
Cory Matthews: Maya, you couldn't keep her out any later than that? I mean, what kind of bad influence are you?
Maya Hart: You're right. I gotta up my game.

Episode 16.Girl Meets Home For the Holidays edit

Shawn Hunter: Hey, Mrs. Cory.
Topanga Matthews: Hey, Mr. Cory.

Shawn Hunter: Cor, this is real life, not a TV show. I'm not your wacky neighbor.
Cory Matthews: But, you could be!

Riley Matthews: It’s Maya’s first time here and I NEED the holiday to go good for her. Cory Matthews: Well, I need the holiday to go good for you mother! Topanga Matthews: Liar!

Episode 17.Girl Meets Game Night edit

[Riley has abandoned her family's game night to hang out with her friends]
Cory Matthews: See this? "The Family Game. The game for families." Not "The Friends Game. A game for friends." I saw that game. I didn't buy that game. I bought this one. Because I used to have a family.
Topanga Matthews: Will you stop?
Cory Matthews: How could she choose her friends over us? I mean, did they burp her? Did they change her diapers?
Farkle Minkus: We haven't yet, but we will when she's old.

Cory Matthews: Oh, Farkle! Where'd you get the cannon?
Farkle Minkus: From my cannon guy.

Episode 18.Girl Meets Master Plan edit

Topanga Matthews: Honey, hide the cake before Maya gets here.
Cory Matthews: I know, but you know what we should do? We should bring this cake to Maya's mother just in case she forgot to get her own kid a cake.
Topanga Matthews: Oh, you think that could actually happen?
Cory Matthews: Honey, I grew up with Shawn Hunter. Remember his mother? She forgot where she lived.

Topanga Matthews: Wait a minute, who let you in?
Shawn Hunter: I have a key.
Topanga Matthews: [to Cory] You gave him a key?
Cory Matthews: [to Topanga] Fine, I'll give you a key.

Episode 19.Girl Meets Farkle's Choice edit

Riley Matthews: "Hi, I'm Riley Matthews, and these are your John Quincy Adams middle school morning announcements."
Cory Matthews: Why are you even rehearsing?
Riley Matthews: I'm going to get it perfect this time.
Cory Matthews: And you're on.
Riley Matthews:"Hewo, I'm Miley Flatshoes and these are your flurning amousenits. Today's lunch in the cafamatorium will be hot males."
Cory Matthews: "Hot tamales", I'm hoping.

Topanga Matthews: Judy, I'm so glad you were able to join our little book club. Auggie is such a fan of your daughter Ava.
Judy Morgenstern: Oh well, who isn't? And I must say, what a surprisingly decent idea, Topanga. I think a book club is such a wonderful forum to exchange ideas and intellectual conversation.
Topanga Matthews: Judy, are you British?
Judy Morgenstern: No, I'm just better than everyone else.

Episode 20.Girl Meets First Date edit

Riley Matthews: Do you remember your first date with Dad?
Topanga Matthews: Aw. We were two years old, we played in the playground. No, we were eight, and we caught fireflies. No, we were in sixth grade and we kissed against the lockers. No, we threw socks into a laundry basket. No, we fell into a llama pen at the zoo. No... that was his first date with Shawn.

Riley Matthews: So you're feeling better about my Uncle Josh?
Maya Hart: No, that's just another lump of coal I'll bury deep in my dungeon of sadness, next to my daddy issues and ballerina dreams.
Topanga Matthews: Maya, I didn't know that you dreamed of being a ballerina.
Maya Hart: I don't. I dream of ballerinas kicking me with their point toes while they're stabbing me in the face with their bun heads.
Topanga Matthews: Oh. Well, you look great.

Episode 21.Girl Meets Demolition edit

Riley Matthews: You got any money?
Maya Hart: I never have any money.
Riley Matthews: How do we make money immediately?
Maya Hart: What we need is a Bat Mitzvah!
Riley Matthews: Are there any special requirements?
Maya Hart: Yeah, and I'm thinking it's gonna need to be you.
Topanga Matthews: Get out! You guys have been sitting in that window all day. You know what's great about a window? There's a world outside. Go there.
Maya Hart: (looks out the window) It looks fakey.
Topanga Matthews: Get out of my house!
Riley Matthews: Why don't I get a Bat Mitzvah?
Topanga Matthews: What's your Hebrew name?
Riley Matthews: Riley Matthews.
Topanga Matthews: There you go. What do you want a Bat Mitzvah for?
Riley Matthews: There comes a time in a young woman's life when she just wants to sit in a room and open envelopes.
Topanga Matthews: Riley, do you even know what this holy rite of passage is about?
Riley Matthews: Yes. This holy rite of passage is about 12 hours before you open the envelopes.
Topanga Matthews: What do you need money for?
Riley Matthews: Buy stuff.
Topanga Matthews: Specifically
Riley Matthews: Buy stuff for me-e-e-e.
Topanga Matthews: Money needs to be worked for. It's pretty hard to come up with a scheme when all you've got is the clothes on your back, isn't it?
Maya Hart and Riley Matthews: (Looks at each other and nods)

Maya Hart: We've lost.
Riley Matthews: She beat us.
Maya Hart: We got crushed.
Riley Matthews: I don't like it very much.
Maya Hart: Have I let you down?
Riley Matthews: No, Peaches. How could you ever let me down?
Maya Hart: What kind of bad influence am I on you if I let another bad influence be a better bad influence than me in your eyes?
Riley Matthews: Hey. I will never have a better worse influence than you.
Maya Hart: Thanks. You will always be my favorite chump.
Riley Matthews: Thanks. Would I still be your favorite even if I wasn't a chump?
Maya Hart: You will always be my favorite, no matter what you are.
Riley Matthews: Okay, good. Because I may have to not be a chump for a minute.
Maya Hart: But then you will again?
Riley Matthews: I know you secretly like it.
Maya Hart: I do.

Season 2 edit

30 Episodes by May 11, 2015 - March 11, 2016

Episode 1.Girl Meets Gravity edit

Farkle Minkus: [raising his hand] Farkle time, sir?
Mr. Martinez: Go ahead, kid. If you gotta Farkle, you gotta Farkle.

Riley Mathews: The sun doesn't go around the Earth. We are the ones moving. We orbit the sun because we need it. We need its light and its heat. And if it wasn't there, we'd be dark and alone. I wasn't in Mrs. Svorski's orbit for very long, and I missed out on someone wonderful. My brother knew better. He was her very good friend. We think that we are the center of the universe, but the truth is... we need to circle the ones we love for as long as they're here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It's gravity, and without it, we'd just all float away from each other. We are not kings at all. We are just tiny little specs.

Episode 2.Girl Meets The New World edit

Cory Matthews: Riley, what is going on here?
Maya Hart: Farkle kissed my hand!
Cory Matthews: [to Farkle] You did?
Farkle Minkus: It was glorious.

Riley Matthews: Hey! Lucas and I are friends. That's what we are, that's what we've always been. And we are not going to hurt that because you guys want us to be something we're not. So go back to your own lives, because nobody is moving too fast.
[Maya enters wearing a wedding gown and throws a bouquet, which Riley catches]

Episode 3.Girl Meets The Secret of Life edit

Farkle Minkus: [mumbles] I was "wroh."
Cory Matthews: Excuse me?
Farkle Minkus: I was "wrohh!"
Cory Matthews: Well, it takes a big man to admit when he was "wrohh."

Cory Matthews: You got a transcript, kid?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: [hands it to Cory] I do. Check out them grades. Here, let me sing 'em to you: [to the tune of "Shave and a Haircut"] D-D-D-D-D D-F!
Maya Hart: Yeah, I know that song.

Episode 4.Girl Meets Pluto edit

Farkle Minkus: Don't worry, Riley, Pluto will always be a planet in my room.

Cory Matthews: It's our time capsule, remember?
George Feeny: I remember everything.
Cory Matthews: We wanted to see how time treated us. If we turned out like we hoped we would. You got any advice for us while we're all here together, Mr. Feeny?
George Feeny: Well, yes. It's been a long time, and you're still together. What else do you need to know?

Episode 5.Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels edit

Auggie Matthews: Uncle Eric, how come you look like this?
Cory Matthews: Because they elected him mayor.
Riley Matthews: Who would do that?
Topanga Matthews: The good people of Stupidtown.
Eric Matthews: It's not pronounced Stupidtown!
Topanga Matthews: How is it pronounced?
Eric Matthews: St. Upidtown!
Topanga Matthews: Oh. How St. Upid of me.

Eric Matthews: Now, which one of you is Riley's friend Malisha?
Maya Hart: It's Maya.
Eric Matthews: Oh, okay. So, what are you fighting about?
Maya Hart: She didn't take my side.
Riley Matthews: I couldn't take her side based on what was said, which is the problem with this whole thing, 'cause Maya is making too big of a deal of what was said.
Eric Matthews: Uh-huh. Okay. Okay. Now, which one was she?

Episode 6.Girl Meets The Tell-Tale Tot edit

Riley Matthews: You can't do this. Your conscience will always bother you.
Maya Hart: I don't have a conscience.
Riley Matthews: Everybody does. And until yours shows up, I'm going with you.

Cory Matthews: What is a lie? What are the effects of a lie on the human soul?
Riley Matthews: Why are you looking at me?
Cory Matthews: The man who summed up the price of a lie was Edgar Allan Poe in "The Tell-Tale Heart". Farkle?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: So this guy chops somebody up, hides him in the floor. He's cool for awhile, but all of a sudden, boom, boom. Boom, boom. Boom, boom! His guilty conscience made him hear the heartbeat under the floorboards. So, he gave himself up. Some people just ain't cut out for this stuff.
Farkle Minkus: He called on me, you know.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: I know stuff. I know a lot of stuff. I know stuff about you.
Farkle Minkus: You don't know anything about me.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Boom, boom.
Farkle Minkus: Why would you do that?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Boom, boom.
Farkle Minkus: I don't understand.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Boom, boom!
Farkle Minkus: [panicked] All through kindergarten, I never fell asleep once! I was faking all my naps! Faking them. I can't do it. I don't know how Maya can just fall asleep anywhere!

Episode 7.Girl Meets Rules edit

Cory Matthews: Lucas! Why are you the only one here that didn't say "I'm sorry?"
Lucas Friar: 'Cause I never do anything.
Cory Matthews: No, because you respect the rules. Because you know without them, civilization becomes chaos. The rest of you are gonna spend the afternoon thinking about that, with the exception of Lucas the Good.
Lucas Friar: Aw, boy. Is that gonna stick?
Maya Hart: I'm already making T-shirts.

Lucas Friar: Maya, if there's no good kids out here noticing us, what's the point?
Maya Hart: [pulls Lucas in by his shirt collar, so they are face to face] You questioning my leadership, Hopalong?
Lucas Friar: Okay, these names you're calling me are killing my street cred.
Maya Hart: Aw. Then what would you like me to call you?
Lucas Friar: [deep voice] I'd like you to call me Mad Dog.
Maya Hart: You don't seem like a Mad Dog to me.
Lucas Friar: Then what do I seem like to you?
Maya Hart: You know that lamb that Mary had?
Lucas Friar: I don't like the way that this is going.

Episode 8.Girl Meets Hurricane edit

Cory Matthews: You know, a little discipline isn't a bad thing, Maya.
Maya Hart: Oh, thanks, Mr. Matthews, I'll ponder on that.
[Riley does a head movement towards Cory while looking at Shawn]
Shawn Hunter: I'm sorry, what?
[Riley does the same movement again]
Shawn Hunter: Yeah, just because you do the same weird gesture twice, doesn't mean I get it.

Cory Matthews: The clothes look nice, Maya. But it's the hope that looks great on you.

Episode 9.Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington edit

Lucas Friar: Why don't you elect people who care enough to make things better?
Cory Matthews: I like to think I do every time I vote. But the truth is, I'm not responsible for the quality of people running for office.
Riley Matthews: How are these people even chosen?
Cory Matthews: Well, the parties choose the best candidates they can come up with.
[Eric bursts into the room, then pauses to catch his breath]
Eric Matthews: I am running for senator of the great state of New York, and I need your votes!
Riley Matthews: Kids don't vote.
Eric Matthews: Then, aww.
Cory Matthews: Everybody close your books, it's the end of the world.
Eric Matthews: I'm really dizzy. I've done this in every classroom!

Eric Matthews: They played me. I'm just supposed to lose.
Tommy Murphy: Supposed to.
Riley Matthews: Like Kennedy was.
Maya Hart: Or Nixon.
Eric Matthews: Yeah, but those guys weren't real!

Episode 10.Girl Meets The New Teacher edit

Maya Hart: Where's Garaboski?
Lucas Friar: Uh oh.
Riley Matthews: Did we do it?
Farkle Minkus: Did we finally break him?
Cory Matthews: [walks in] You broke him!
[class cheers]
Cory Matthews: Quiet! Mr. Garaboski retired yesterday.
[class cheers again]
Cory Matthews: Quiet! The guy survives Vietnam *and* *Mrs.* Garaboski, and he can't get past you. Now, he left a letter here that expressed his feelings. "Dear you little"- okay, I can't read this.
Lucas Friar: He always talked about the good old days, before 1985.
Riley Matthews: What happened in 1985?
Farkle Minkus: That was the year the New York Board of Education said you couldn't hit a kid with a ruler.

Cory Matthews: Ms. Burgess is here to teach you about great books and great ideas. Please give her the same respect that you give me.
Riley Matthews: Aw, we could do better than that.

Topanga Matthews: Girls, slow down! What is the rush?
Maya Hart: Dinner is keeping us from our homework.
Riley Matthews: The new English teacher wants us to read this.
Topanga Matthews: This looks like a comic book.
Cory Matthews: Yes!
Topanga Matthews: Didn't we have a teacher who taught us...
Cory Matthews: Yes!
Topanga Matthews: Tell me more about this new English teacher.
Riley Matthews: Motorcycle.
Maya Hart: Leather jacket.
Topanga Matthews: Sounds familiar... [turns to Cory] Weren't you on the committee to hire the new English teacher?
Cory Matthews: Yes!

Episode 11.Girl Meets Fish edit

Ava Morgenstern: Let's go over the suspect list, doll face.
Auggie Matthews: I like when she calls me doll face. Makes me feel dainty.

Riley Matthews: How long are goldfish supposed to live?
Phil: Well, with proper care, they can go 15, 20 years.
Riley Matthews: Then that's when we'll see you next. [to the fish] Right, guys?
Phil: I hope so, kid. I'll miss you.
Riley Matthews: You will?
Phil: Yeah. You're sincere, you're honest. You changed me today.
Riley Matthews: Really?
Phil: Yeah. That'll be $17,000.

Episode 12.Girl Meets Yearbook edit

Lucas Friar: Maya, you are the most secure person in this room. You have a great life! Why would you change? I mean okay, not great life... I mean, your family life could, you know, be better, but... uh, at least at school you're uh... you're here a lot!

Maya Hart: I have no interest living in a world without Riley and Farkle. And I'm not going anywhere until you to come back, you hear me?
Farkle Minkus: Maya, the people you knew aren't here any more.
Maya Hart: Then can you please tell me where I can find them?
Riley Matthews: They're in the yearbook. Keep in touch and have an awesome summer.

Episode 13.Girl Meets Semi-Formal edit

Riley Matthews: Lucas hasn't asked me to the semi-formal. We're Riley and Lucas, aren't we, Maya?
Maya Hart: I don't know anymore. Just tell me what to say.
Riley Matthews: It's all over the front of my notebook. "Riley hearts Lucas 4-ever."
Maya Hart: What's on the back on your notebook?
Riley Matthews: "Riley and Lucas, we're just friends."

Cory Matthews: Semi-formal coming up. Young men and young women interacting. Mixing in a social situation. So, to avoid any casualties, I thought we could discuss etiquette. Can anyone here tell me what etiquette is? [Farkle raises his hand] No, you can't.
Farkle Minkus: Etiquette is treating people politely and with respect. Maya and I will demonstrate in a short play we put on before every dance. It's called, "No". [in a formal voice] Miss Hart, would you do me the great honor of accompanying me to the semi-formal festivities?
Maya Hart: No.
Farkle Minkus: Etiquette.
Maya Hart: Etiquette.
Farkle Minkus: Thank you.
Maya Hart: Thank you.
Farkle Minkus: We'll see you at the holidays for "A Christmas No".

Episode 14.Girl Meets Creativity edit

Ms. Kossal: Maya has something very special, Riley. She paints from a place that few of us are able to reach.
Riley Matthews: That's because she has an awful life.
Maya Hart: I love it when I'm reminded.

Chairperson Sanchez: You know, Picasso painted a masterpiece called Guernica. Adults going to war on horses with swords. Except for one horse who was horrified at what the adults were doing. He's horrified because he knows it's wrong. I've always loved that horse. And when I was as young as you, I made a promise to myself that if I ever go to war, I would never forget Guernica and the horse that knew better. Thank you, Ms. Hart, for reminding me.

Episode 15.Girl Meets Farkle edit

Ms. Oben: Farkle, I have the results of your...
Farkle Minkus: [interrupting] Of my IQ and aptitude test? I'm a genius, right? You know how I know? Because I'm a genius. It's not conceited when it's true, Mr. Matthews?
Cory Matthews: I wouldn't know. I'm barely literate.

Isadora Smackle: We are both geniuses now.
Farkle Minkus: Yup. That makes us even more alike that we were. And as we both know...
Isadora Smackle: [sadly] Like forces repel. Yes, science says we may never be together.
Farkle Minkus: And science never makes a mistake.
Riley Matthews: Really? Have you seen the blobfish? [shows them a picture of one and pretends to cry] Why, science? Why?

Episode 16.Girl Meets Cory and Topanga edit

Farkle Minkus: Every sport is the same. Being good at sports is just a matter of physics.
Lucas Friar: Don't you mess up America's most favorite thing with America's least favorite thing!

Farkle Minkus: I've never even understood this game. You run around the bases and try to get home, right?
Lucas Friar: Yeah.
Farkle Minkus: Well, why do you need the other bases?
Lucas Friar: Because you can't get home until you've run all of them.
Farkle Minkus: But the quickest way between two points is a straight line.
Lucas Friar: You wanna get rid of the bases?
Farkle Minkus: Yeah, game's over sooner and we can all get back to physics.

Episode 17.Girl Meets Rileytown edit

Maya Hart: Why are you my second, Huckleberry? Shouldn't you be over there with Riley?
Lucas Friar: Well, it was decided that if things get out of hand, I was the best choice to... contain you.
Maya Hart: Oh, you think you can?
Lucas Friar: Yeah, but I'll probably pay for it pretty good.

Riley Matthews: You're the worst bully ever, Peaches.
Maya Hart: I know. "Peaches the bully" just doesn't strike fear into the hearts of anybody.

Riley Mathews: Thank you for meeting me.I know you probably have something to say, you always have something to say. But now it's my turn to talk. You need to listen, you need to watch. Welcome to Rileytown. I twirl around when I'm happy. I dance by myself. And sometimes I give awards to myself for doing something good so that maybe I'll do something good again. And you're not going to stop me by showing everyone your little video that shows everyone that I do it. Because I'm going to show everyone right now. Welcome back to the Riley Awards! And now your host British Riley!
Maya Hart: Hi British Riley.
Riley Matthews: And now, for the biggest award of the evening! This here award is for not only facing your fears, but doing it in front of everyone I know in my horrible accent! and the winner is... Riley! I would like to thank everyone who helped me get here. My friends... Because true friends let you be who you are. I'd also like to thank you because this was hard. But I've grown today, so thank you. Hey, where are you going?
Maya Hart: Look Riles, the farther away she goes, the smaller she gets.

Episode 18.Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 edit

Riley Matthews: We don't need adult supervision anymore. We're becoming wonderful young adults.
Cory Matthews: Says who?
Riley Matthews: The ghost of the bay window.
Cory Matthews: Oh, the ghost of the bay window.
Riley Matthews: When you guys go to sleep, she floats in.
Topanga Matthews: She goes, "boo." We go, "aah!"
Corey Matthews: We all laugh and discuss the way ghosts are portrayed in the media.
Riley Matthews: Are you making fun of us?
Cory Matthews: Pretty sure we are.

Riley Matthews: Today is the best day ever. Peaches! Oh, my gosh. I have never felt better in my life. Let's go rob a bank!

Episode 19.Girl Meets Rah-Rah edit

[Maya is trying to talk Riley out of trying out for the cheerleading squad]
Maya Hart: How many years are you gonna do this to me?
Riley Matthews: What am I doing to you?
Maya Hart: Every year I have to tell you that you're good. You know what? You're not good. You're not as good as Samantha, you're not as good as Heather, you're not as good as any girl with any name, or doesn't have a name, or doesn't exist, or is a rock.

Cory Matthews: [pointing at his drawing of a light bulb] Who invented this?
Farkle Minkus: Thomas Edison, the Wizard of Menlo Park.
Cory Matthews: After how many tries?
Lucas Friar: Six!
Cory Matthews: No! Anyone think he invented it after his first try?
Lucas Friar: I do!
Cory Matthews: No!
Lucas Friar: All right, I was trying something, and now I'm going back to the way things were.
Farkle Minkus: Why didn't he invent the lightbulb on his first try?
Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux: 'Cause it was dark! [pats Lucas on the shoulder] Got your back.

Episode 20.Girl Meets Texas: Part 1 edit

Maya Hart: What's the difference between riding a sheep and riding a bull?
Lucas Friar: DEATH! Death is the difference!

Riley Matthews: He's going to do great, Maya. Zay, tell him he's going to do great.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: [without conviction] You'll do great.
Maya Hart: Truth.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: You're gonna die.

Episode 21.Girl Meets Texas: Part 2 edit

Farkle Minkus: You won't do anything to me 'cause I'm a New York intellectual and you don't wanna be a cliche.
Pappy Joe: ...Lucas, fetch me my shotgun.
Lucas Friar: Okay!

Lucas Friar: Brother and sister. Riley and I are brother and sister now. What does that even mean?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: What does anything mean out the mouth of a girl?

Episode 22.Girl Meets Texas: Part 3 edit

Farkle Minkus: [about Lucas and Maya] You think they like each other?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: I do. But I think they liked each other better when she was yelling at him all the time.

Auggie Matthews: [to Lucas] Riley's my sister. I'm her only brother. And her only brother's telling you, whatever happens, don't hurt my sister. Now get of my room, I'm doing my podcast.

Episode 23.Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project edit

Farkle Minkus: [reading his "forgiveness note"] "Dear Farkle, I forgive you for ruining every single movie we've ever seen together." How do I ruin every single movie?
Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux: Ah, read mine. Read mine.
Farkle Minkus: (reads) "I forgive you for figuring out the end of every movie and shouting it out before it happens."
Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux: Because, see, we don't want to know.
Farkle Minkus: I just want to share my abilities with my friends.
Lucas Friar: We don't want your abilities.
Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux: Your abilities make us want to hurt you.
Farkle Minkus: (talks to Maya and Riley as they leave Mr. Matthews' classroom) Riley, Maya, movie with me?
Riley Matthews: Are you crazy?
Maya Hart: Never again.
Riley Matthews: "She dies!"
Maya Hart: "He blows up!"
Riley Matthews: "She's the killer."
Maya Hart: "Nobody gets out of Monkey Town."
Riley Matthews: Are you crazy?
Maya Hart: Hurt you.
Farkle Minkus: (to Lucas and Zay) Well, thank you for forgiving me. Do you think we could still go to the movies if I stop telling you what happens next?
Lucas Friar: Do you think you can?
Farkle Minkus: Of course I can. "Oh, let's give him one more chance." "Hey!" Then you chase me, and then I scream.
Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux: Oh, let's give him one more chance.
Lucas Friar: Hey!
Farkle Minkus: It's just too much fun! Ahh! (Lucas and Zay chase Farkle)
Topanga Matthews: You don't think I can do this, do you?
Katy Hart: I think that you are Topanga Matthews, attorney at law, and that might perhaps color the way that you deal with customers, who I don't even think will believe that you're a waitress.
Topanga Matthews: I could be a fine waitress. And what will you have, sir?
Customer: Yeah, give me the cheesecake.
Topanga Matthews: You want to try that a different way, chief?

Episode 24.Girl Meets Belief edit

Riley Matthews: You know why it's a great day?
Maya Hart: For you? Because it's a day.

Farkle Minkus: We are somehow surrounded by the people we need in our lives. They're right in front of me. I can see them. I don't know how it happened that the four of us are here together in this place at this time right now. That part is a mystery to me. But I'm grateful that it happened.

Episode 25.Girl Meets The New Year edit

Farkle Minkus: [about Isadora] You can say whatever you want. She's mine.
Lucas Friar: Tell her that!

Harper Burgess: Do you give in to your feelings or let your mind rule over your heart?
Maya Hart: I follow my heart. It gets me into trouble.
Farkle Minkus: What about you, Riley?
Riley Matthews: My mind tells me to do what's right.
Harper Burgess: Can anyone answer which is more valuable to follow?
Lucas Friar: It depends on the situation.
Harper Burgess: No, it doesn't.
Lucas Friar: [shouting] Just taking a shot!
Harper Burgess: Very passionate.
Lucas Friar: Thank you!
Harper Burgess: ...And that's where we run into trouble.
Lucas Friar: You set me up!

Episode 26.Girl Meets STEM edit

Maya Hart: Boo, this class.
Farkle Minkus: Do you even know which one it is?
Maya Hart: I'm gonna need a clue.
Farkle Minkus: Doo dah, doo, dah, doo doo dah da-da-dah da-da dah! Science.
Mr. Norton: Morning, Farkle. What's new?
Farkle Minkus: I'm reading this great book on anti-gravity. I can't put it down. Ha!
Mr. Norton: Ha!
Maya Hart: I hate this class.

Riley Matthews: It all started with Eve. Women have been treated as second-class citizens ever since. Thank goodness for strong women like Queen Elizabeth, then Susan B. Anthony helped get women the vote, and then Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique, and then Riley Matthews refused to drop the marble, and then here we are.

Episode 27.Girl Meets Money edit

Riley Matthews: Farkle, how come you never have us over to your house?
Farkle Minkus: I've already told you.
Riley Matthews: No, you say you're embarrassed by it, but how big could it possibly be?
Farkle Minkus: I don't know. I haven't seen it all.

Riley Matthews: Mr. Cuban, I know you don't take the Knicks very seriously right now, but just you wait!
Mark Cuban: Yeah, I don't have that kind of time.

Episode 28.Girl Meets Commonism edit

Cory Matthews: I got this judgey thing down. I got the hang of punishing people and I like it.

Topanga Matthews: Do you want to take piano lessons?
Auggie Matthews: Does it take work?
Topanga Matthews: Anything worth doing takes work.
Auggie Matthews: Then I'd rather just become a lawyer like you.
Topanga Matthews: You don't just get to become a lawyer. Do you want to know what I had to do to become a lawyer?
Auggie Matthews: Please, no. It'll just happen. I'm a chip off the old block. You're the old block.
Topanga Matthews: Oh, well, thank you.

Episode 29.Girl Meets The Bay Window edit

Maya Hart: You're my favorite person in the world. I wouldn't change a thing about you.
Riley Matthews: I wanna tear down the bay window.
Maya Hart: You shut your face!

5-year old Riley Matthews: Are you a stranger?
5-year-old Maya Hart: Yeah.
5-year-old Riley Matthews: Are you a stranger coming through my window?
5-year-old Maya Hart: Yeah.
5-year-old Riley Matthews: Then, AAAAAAAHHHHH!

Episode 30.Girl Meets Legacy edit

Cory Matthews: Now, the most important thing you can do in life is give people a reason to remember you. The people who do that are the ones we study in here. So, your last assignment from me and for yourselves is to figure out what you will give back.

Riley Matthews: I'm not ready for high school and I don't wanna go.
Cory Matthews: Why not?
Riley Matthews: 'Cause we did great here. This was the time of our lives! We were kings, Matthews. What will I be next year?
Cory Matthews: Not kings.
Riley Matthews: No. The opposite of kings. Freshmen. Worms. Worse than worms. Freshmen.
Cory Matthews: You'll do fine, Riley. You all will.
Riley Matthews: Also, and I don't say this a lot, but I like you.
Cory Matthews: You do?
Riley Matthews: Yeah. You said you had a lot more to teach us.
Cory Matthews: And I will. You're my daughter.
Riley Matthews: What about the rest of my friends, Dad? You need to teach all of us more.
Maya Hart: We're a mess. We shouldn't feel. We don't know how to feel and you need to teach us how to not feel.
Cory Matthews: What?
Maya Hart: You got one last lesson for the road?
Cory Matthews: Yeah. I do.
Maya Hart: Well, I've never said this before, but you have my attention.
Cory Matthews: Good. This one's important. I've gotten to watch you guys become friends and I've gotten to watch you grow. You guys grew up so fast and I've been trying to teach you to keep your feelings inside.
Maya Hart: And you were right. Look at us.
Cory Matthews: I was wrong. Your teacher was wrong. I can't keep you in this place. You've outgrown it. You guys are graduating to whatever comes next.

Season 3 edit

21 Episodes by June 3, 2016 - January 20, 2017

Episode 1.Girl Meets High School: Part 1 edit

Cory Matthews: Riley's looking for the best in people, right?
Lucas Friar: Yes! Would you tell her to stop?

Ava Morgenstern: What happens next, Maya?
Maya Hart: When people you've loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave? Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you'll try to figure it out. And you'll blame yourself. But it isn't your fault. You probably won't believe that, though, and you'll think you did something wrong, but... you didn't. It isn't your fault. And most of all, you stay with your best friend. People make their own decisions. And sometimes, they decide to go away for a while. Sometimes, it takes time to understand why. It isn't your fault.

Episode 2.Girl Meets High School: Part 2 edit

Maya Hart: Riles?
Riley Matthews: Peaches?
Maya Hart: How are you feeling today?
Riley Matthews: Well, I didn't cry all night.
Maya Hart: That's good.
Riley Matthews: 'Cause I stopped when I passed out from crying.

Isadora Smackle: You feel bad about finding out that there are people here bigger than you?
Lucas Friar: No, I expected that. That's not it.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: You feel bad 'cause you know it's not gonna be anywhere near as easy as we thought here?
Lucas Friar: Nah, I'm fine with the challenge. That's not it either.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: It's about us, isn't it?
Farkle Minkus: Is there an us anymore?
Lucas Friar: That's it.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: So look, man, let's go back to Riley and Maya and tell 'em we feel bad.
Lucas Friar: No, I can't do that.
Isadora Smackle: Why not?
Lucas Friar: Because I feel bad!

Episode 3.Girl Meets Jexica edit

[Riley wants to create an alter ego]
Riley Matthews: Jexica!
Maya Hart: Jexica?
Riley Matthews: Like Jessica, but x-ier.

[the group talks about their favorite movies]
Lucas Friar: Oh, Butch Cassidy!
Farkle Minkus: Empire Strikes Back.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: The Notebook.
[Lucas and Farkle just look at him]
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Hey, love never dies, man.

Episode 4.Girl Meets Permanent Record edit

Maya Hart: Smackle's the genius in your chemistry class?
Farkle Minkus: Smackle's the genius everywhere.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Well, you're with us now.
Isadora Smackle: Don't hit on me in front of Lucas.
Lucas Friar: Smackle!
Isadora Smackle: Don't hit on me in front of Farkle!
Farkle Minkus: Smackle!
Isadora Smackle: You, me, Lucas and Zay. We're better than a triangle. We're a quadrilateral.
Maya Hart: What's that?
Farkle Minkus: It means square. Over here we say square.

Lucas Friar: [about not getting into the football team] It's all right. Baseball's our sport anyway.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Yeah. Lucas was our star in middle school.
Isadora Smackle: What were you?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: I was his cute friend.

Episode 5.Girl Meets Triangle edit

Topanga Matthews: [about Maya] What's wrong with her?
Riley Matthews: She's been getting good grades, she's behaving all over the place... What is that?
Topanga Matthews: Well, we like to believe that we helped contribute to the perfectly civilized lovely young lady we see sitting before us.
Riley Matthews: It's Maya!
Topanga Matthews: Oh, yeah... We broke her.

Maya Hart: My voice is still my voice, Riley. You're gonna need to show me a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn't.

Episode 6.Girl Meets Upstate edit

Riley Matthews: There can't be two Rileys, just like there can't be two Mayas. For the world to work, there need to be one Riley and one Maya.
Shawn Hunter: I know that language. That's Topanganese.

Cory Matthews: Why do I have to be here? Do you know what kind of a schlup this is? Is this even a place? My GPS said "end of the world" forty miles ago!

Episode 7.Girl Meets True Maya edit

Cory Matthews: Now, who here knows about Mount Vesuvius?
Maya Hart: Mount Vesuvius was a pent up, boiling cauldron of I-wanna-do-somethin'.

Farkle Minkus: The soil from volcanoes grows the most beautiful flowers.
Lucas Friar: And deep down, Maya is beautiful.
Riley Matthews: Okay, calm down.

Episode 8.Girl Meets Ski Lodge: Part 1 edit

Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: We're just going up to see the leaves change color. Nature puts on a great show when it wants to.
Farkle Minkus: Indeed, Zay. The leaves seem to scream out...
Isadora Smackle: "Hey, look at me!"
Farkle Minkus: "You think I'm pretty!"
Isadora Smackle: "But I'm actually dead!"
Farkle Minkus: The preceding was brought to you by the Smarkle Corporation.

Lucas Friar: You're always such a romantic.
Riley Matthews: I am, I love romance. This triangle needs to die right now.
Maya Hart: What? Why?
Lucas Friar: How? We've tried before.
Riley Matthews: Yeah... but this time there's something stronger. Seasons change. It's nature. Nature knows it's time for the triangle to die.

Episode 9.Girl Meets Ski Lodge: Part 2 edit

Maya Hart: We're letting boys into our lives. How do I know if he's the right guy for you? How do I know if he's good enough?
Riley Matthews: You're the only one who's good enough for me.
Maya Hart: This we've always known.

Lucas Friar: Do you remember when we all first met? In the subway? Then I came into your school, and Riley and I tried to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but we weren't ready for that? So then, you and I tried, and you poured a smoothie on my head?
Maya Hart: Best date ever.

Episode 10.Girl Meets I Do edit

[Mr. Feeny is officiating Shawn and Katy's wedding]
George Feeny: Do you, Katy [makes a face] Cleeterbooskay....
Katy Hart: It's "Clutterbucket.".
George Feeny: Yes I know, I was just trying to give you some dignity.

Maya Hart: [to Shawn, who has just married her mother] Am I your daughter now?
Shawn Hunter: Well, that's what I'd like to think of you as, if that's okay.
Maya Hart: That's the most okay thing that's ever happened to me.

Episode 11.Girl Meets the Real World edit

Cory Matthews: Zay, what have you found out?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: I know that she ate my cookie.
Cory Matthews: Do you forgive for that?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: No.
Cory Matthews: And do you not forgive her because you're an evil person?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: No, I do not forgive her because I'm a good person who lost a good cookie.

Lucas Friar: She feels bad, man.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: I don't care, I want my cookie back.

Episode 12.Girl Meets Bear edit

Lucas Friar: Sometimes it's just a little bag of bubble gum. But if the right person gives it to you, then it's gold.

Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Do you remember when I first got here, and everybody was washing the car, and you sat next to me on that bucket, you talked to me, and I talked back to you?
Maya Hart: Yeah.
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Yeah. Do you remember how you were very nice to me, you didn't really know me, but you sat next to me and talked to me anyway?
Maya Hart: Yeah. Did I say anything important?
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: Didn't matter what you said. It was just that you sat there next to me. At a time where I was feeling like an outsider. I remember that. And I appreciated that.

Episode 13.Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York edit

Riley Matthews: We need to report on our cultural heritage.
Topanga Matthews: Ooh, good idea. Wish we had one.
Riley Matthes: We're not anything?
Topanga Matthews: We are multi-generational American.
Riley Matthews: So I got no story? What about Auggie?
Topanga Matthews: He's a rescue. He could be anything.

Riley Matthews: Once upon a time, Riley Matthews lived in New York City, and because of that, she lives everywhere. That's my story. I have a story.
Cory Matthews: Thank you, Riley. I'm sure the Great Lady of New York is smiling even bigger today. I know she holds a torch for all of us.

Episode 14.Girl Meets She Don't Like Me edit

Riley Matthews: I am so excited for today's Health class.
Maya Hart: "Our bodies, our friends." Yikes.
Riley Matthews: Oh, I'm sure that the teacher's sensitive take on life will be a lovely way to learn how our bodies work. [takes a look at the teacher, a large, gruff man] What's that?
Mr. Fanucci: All right, all you creepy little child-adults, settle down. Let's get this over with, huh? Ugh. [Riley raises her hand] Put your hand down, Sunshine. You'll all pass no matter what. You know why? 'Cause if I fail ya, I gotta meet your parents. I don't want to meet your parents. I don't want to meet you. All right. [snorts] Let's talk about your bodies.

Topanga Matthews: Riley, you can't worry about what people think because you can't control what people think. The truth is, when you try to control life, life does its best to teach you not to.
Riley Matthews: There's a girl who doesn't like me.
Topanga Matthews: [angry] What's that you say now? [pauses, composes herself] Okay, honey. You just keep being you, and she's gonna come around.
Riley Matthews: So, we don't try to control it?
Topanga Matthews: No.
Riley Matthews: We just let it be?
Topanga Matthews: Yes.
Riley Matthews: How?
Topanga Matthews: Well, see, what's gonna happen all on its own is that Daddy's gonna get me her phone number, see? And then perhaps, I don't know, maybe I have a little howdy do with her mommy. And if you don't have a new friend by 9:00 tomorrow, as natural as flowers in the springtime, well, then maybe Leonard, the income tax attorney in Mommy's office, he's gonna do just a little bit of research into their family's paperwork and see if there are any inconsistencies.

Episode 15.Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3 edit

Farkle Minkus: He's talking chaos theory. A mathematical hypothesis postulating that within our universal complexity any small alterations can have vast repercussions.
Isadora Smackle: You brainiac!
Farkle Minkus: You brainiac!
Cory Matthews: I'm not sure anyone understands what you said. Explain it for the common person.
Farkle Minkus: You do something over here, it can affect what happens over there!
Cory Matthews: Demonstrate.
Farkle Minkus: Over here.
Lucas Friar: Hey!
Farkle Minkus: Over there.
Riley Matthews: It's for science, Lucas.
Lucas Friar: Thanks, Riles.
Maya Hart: Only I call her "Riles"!
Lucas Friar: Okay, Peaches.
Riley Matthews: Only I call her "Peaches"!

Corey Matthews: Sir Isaac Newton!
Farkle Minkus: [raises his hand] Farkle time, sir?
Cory Matthews: [sighs] If you must.
Farkle Minkus: Farkle time. It's what I'm going as for Halloween! It's a quarter after Farkle! Ha!
Cory Matthews: [annoyed] Isaac Newton!
Farkle Minkus: Gravity, sir! He sat under a tree, apple fell on his head. He said, "Hey, Gravity!" Thank you, I am Farkle!

Episode 16.Girl Meets Her Monster edit

Riley Matthews: This is normal, healthy teenage rebellion. This is supposed to happen. I'm right on schedule. How could this go wrong?
Farkle Minkus: Educate her, Hambone.
Cory Matthews: Chapter One: Crushing defeats. Godzilla versus Japan.
Farkle Minkus: Japan loses, Riley.
Cory Matthews: Really loses.
Farkle Minkus: Tell her how bad they lose.
Cory Matthews: They lose so bad their voices come out of their mouths three seconds later.

Riley Matthews: I would like to begin with peace talks.
Topanga Matthews: Is this an apology?
Riley Matthews: This is a diplomatic solution. May I sit at the table?
Cory Matthews: Why don't we let her sit down and see what she has to say?
Riley Matthews: Mother.
Topanga Matthews: Daughter.
Riley Matthews: I understand that you wanted me at the bakery because it was important to you. You understand that I wanted to do something else that was important to me, even though you didn't see the value in it.
Cory Matthews: Bad road, Riley.
Riley Matthews: You don't care about what's important to me. You only care about what's important to you.
Cory Matthews: [nervously] It's good to see her again, huh? Yeah. [to Riley] Really bad bumpy dirt road, Riley, with no lights and a cliff, and some sort of weird hitchhiker with a banjo! Turn around now!

Episode 17.Girl Meets Hollyworld edit

Maya Hart: Are we best friends?
Riley Matthews: How could you even ask me that?
Maya Hart: Yeah, but what are best friends?
Riley Matthews: You and I, who would do anything for each other.
Maya Hart: Would you give me your kidney?
Riley Matthews: I'd give you my left one.
Maya Hart: I want your right one.
Riley Matthews: But that's Nicole Kidney!

D.W. Preminger: You know what else Hollywood loves? Authenticity. So, in the interest of authenticity, D.W. Preminger is going to extend an invitation to the friends of his daughter's imagination, because what could be more Hollywood authentic than holding out false hope to you, who inspired the roles, to audition for the roles of [points at Lucas] Dookus...
Lucas Friar: "Dookus"?
D.W. Preminger: [points at Zay] Zed...
Isaiah 'Zay' Babineaux: "Zed"?
D.W. Preminger: [points at Farkle] ... and Farkle Poopypants McStupidhead!
Farkle Minkus: [points at Lucas] Ha ha, Dookus!

Episode 18.Girl Meets A Christmas Maya edit

Riley Matthews: We need to teach Maya the meaning of Christmas.
Maya Hart: Bah, humbug! My mom and I don't know how to do Christmas. We throw snowballs at the skaters in Rockefeller Center.
Corey Matthews: That was you? I almost died!

Auggie Matthews: I know what you did, Riley. Because I understand the story, too.
Riley Matthews: What did I do?
Auggie Matthews: You gave Maya back to her family. Even though it was hard for you, and you wanted to keep her for yourself. You gave her the gift that would make her truly happy.
Riley Matthews: Don't tell her.
Auggie Matthews: I don't have to. She knows.

Episode 19.World Meets Girl edit

Cecilia Balagot: Oh, hi! Because this is "World Meets Girl," we went all over the world, just not in America, because we wanted you guys to be part of this. Why am I telling you this? Because I don't think I was in the show enough.

Audience member #1: I love you, Ben Savage!
Ben Savage: Oh, thank you!
Audience member #1: I love you!
Audience member #2: I love you more!
Ben Savage: Are you fighting over me?

Episode 20.Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen edit

Farkle Minkus: [to Lucas] If Smackle is into you, I won't take it out on you. I'll just make a clone of you and do terrible things to the clone.

[Topanga has been offered a job in London]
Cory Matthews: Girls listen, I know this is difficult. Don't worry. We're gonna make the right decision.
Riley Matthews: [fighting tears] Mom, there's a decision?
Topanga Matthews: Yeah. Girls, I'm sorry, but there's a decision.

Episode 21.Girl Meets Goodbye edit

Topanga Matthews: There are a lot of exciting reasons to go. A new place, a new adventure, my promotion. There are a whole lot of reasons to go.
Riley Matthews: Without any reasons to stay?
Topanga Matthews: Only one. Every time I watch you girls in the bay window, I remember how much we wanted a place like it of our own.
Cory Matthews: Yeah, we called it a nook.
Topanga Matthews: Yeah. A place where important decisions are made, and the best next steps of your life are planned and considered. We would do great in England. We would do great anywhere in the world. I could run the London office. Maybe someday I'll get to run the New York office. But the place I love running is this place, where you're in right now, where your friends come in and you plan the best next steps of your life. Like we're doing right now. This is my bay window, and I'm not leaving it.
Cory Matthews: Told you she would make the right decision.

Riley Matthews: Big world.
Maya Hart: Ours now.
Riley Matthews: People are gonna come in and out of our lives. Who knows where we're gonna end up? Who knows if the decisions we're gonna make are right or wrong? Promise me this.
Maya Hart: Okay.
Riley Matthews: Time and distance have no power over us. You and I are together for as long as we live.
Maya Hart: Thunder.
Riley Matthews: Lightning.
Maya Hart: Done.

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