Giosuè Carducci

Italian poet and teacher (1835-1907)

Giosuè Carducci (July 27, 1835 – near Lucca, February 16, 1907) was an Italian poet, one of Italy's greatest, and a teacher. He was very influential and was regarded as the unofficial national poet of modern Italy.

Giosuè Carducci


Hymn to Satan (1865)Edit

Inno a SatanaEdit

  • To thee of All Being /A te, de l’essere
The First Cause immense /Principio immenso,
Of matter and spirit, /Materia e spirito,
Of reason and sense /Ragione e senso;

Whilst in the full goblet /Mentre ne’ calici
Shall sparkle the wine, /Il vin scintilla
So bright the pupil /Si’come l’anima
The souls of men shine, /Ne la pupilla

Whilst earth still is smiling, /Mentre sorridono
And the sun smiles above, /La terra e il sole
And men are exchanging /E si ricambiano
Their sweet words of love, /D’amor parole

Thrills mystic of Hymen /E corre un fremito
Through high mountains course, /D’imene arcano
And broad plains are heaving /Da’ monti e palpita
With life's fertile force, /Fecondo il piano;

On thee in verse daring, /A te disfrenasi
From tight rein released, /Il verso ardito,
On thee I call, Satan, /Te invoco, o Satana
The King of the feast. /Re del convito

  • -lines 1-20 (as Printed by the Nobel Prize Library)

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