Giles Coren

British food critic, television presenter and novelist

Giles Coren (born 29 July 1969 in Paddington, London) is a British restaurant critic and broadcaster. He is the son of Alan Coren, and the brother of Victoria Coren.

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Jewish Chronicle, 23 February 2007 [1] edit

  • I get so excited when I know I’m going to a good restaurant, then, when I do the review, I write myself up into such a frenzy that I have to go out and eat all over again.
  • Some critics think the way I write is somehow disrespectful to food. But how can you write a restaurant column without being entertaining? You might as well not get up in the morning. People complain my sense of humour is puerile but the reason I have a job is because my sense of humour is puerile.
  • My dad was undeniably famous when I was a kid — he was on Wogan and Clive James and the radio every week, but as far as I was concerned he wasn’t famous enough. My best friend was Ben Brooke-Taylor. His dad Tim was in The Goodies — that was famous.
  • I wanted to be a great literary novelist so that people would eventually talk about Alan Coren the scribbler and father of the great Giles.
  • The Jewish religion has it completely right in maintaining you should think very carefully about what you eat.
  • I am very snobby. My family is Orthodox so I would never go to a Reform rabbi.

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