1946 film by Charles Vidor

Gilda is a 1946 American film noir about the sinister boss of a South American casino who finds that his right-hand man Johnny and his sensuous new wife Gilda already know each other. In 2013 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me "The Bar Nothing."
Pardon me, but your husband is showing.
Directed by Charles Vidor. Written by Jo Eisinger (adaptation) and E.A. Ellington (story).
There NEVER was a woman like Gilda!taglines

Gilda Mundson Farrell

  • If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me "The Bar Nothing."

Johnny Farrell

  • Pardon me, but your husband is showing.
  • She didn't know then what was happening to her. She didn't know then that what she heard was the door closing on her own cage. She hadn't been faithful to him when he was alive, but she was gonna be faithful to him now that he was dead.


Mundson: Gilda, are you decent?
Gilda: Me? Sure... I'm decent.

Mundson: Look your best, my beautiful. This will be the casino's first glimpse of you.
Gilda: I'll look my very best, Ballin. I want all the hired help to approve of me.

Mundson: For some reason, she doesn't like you, Johnny... I know my wife... How would she form an instant antagonism like that? It's an odd coincidence, Johnny. Listen to this. She told me she was born the night she met me. All three of us have no pasts, just futures. Isn't that interesting?
Johnny: I thought we agreed that women and gambling didn't mix.
Mundson: My wife doesn't come under the category of 'women,' Johnny.
Johnny: I could have made a mistake.
Mundson: You did. Don't make it again.
Johnny: It starts already. [He hands back the house key]
Mundson: What's this?
Johnny: Tact.

Gilda: I can never get a zipper to close. Maybe that stands for something, what do you think?
Mundson: I think you were very rude to him.
Gilda: To whom?
Mundson: Johnny.
Gilda: Was I? Oh, dear. That's one of the things you'll have to teach me, Ballin. Good manners.
Mundson: I want you to like him.
Gilda: You sure about that?
Mundson: What do you mean?
Gilda: He's a very attractive man, if you like the type.
Mundson: He's a boy.
Gilda: Boys have the darndest way of growing up, Ballin. Almost when you're not looking.
Mundson: But I'll be looking.

Johnny: [about Mundson, him, and the cane-dagger] Well, just a few weeks ago, we drank a toast to the three of us.
Gilda: Well, who was the third one then? Should I be jealous?
Mundson: Hardly darling. Just a friend of mine.
Gilda: Is it a 'him' or a 'her'?
Mundson: That's a very interesting question. What do you think, Johnny?
Johnny: A 'her.'
Gilda: Oh!
Mundson: Why that conclusion?
Johnny: Because it looks like one thing, and then right in front of your eyes, it becomes another thing.

Gilda: Now isn't this something? It's a small world in Argentina, isn't it?
Johnny: Isn't it? Why did you marry him?
Gilda: My husband's a very attractive man.
Johnny: You don't love him.
Gilda: What was that word again, Johnny?
Johnny: You married him for his money.
Gilda: That happened to come with it.
Johnny: Now, that's a great way to make a living.
Gilda: That wouldn't be the big pot calling the little kettle black, now would it?
Johnny: I was down and out. He picked me up. Put me on my feet.
Gilda: Now isn't that an amazing coincidence, Johnny. That's practically the story of my life.

Johnny: You can't talk to men down here the way you would at home. They don't understand it.
Gilda: Understand what?
Johnny: They think you mean it.
Gilda: Mean what?
Johnny: Doesn't it bother you at all that you're married?
Gilda: What I want to know is, does it bother you?

Mundson: You're a child, Gilda, a beautiful greedy child. And it amuses me to feed you beautiful things because you eat with so good an appetite.
Gilda: But I shouldn't make any mistakes.
Mundson: No, you shouldn't.
Gilda: If you're worried about Johnny Farrell, don't be. I hate him.
Mundson: And he hates you. That's very apparent. But hate can be a very exciting emotion. Very exciting. Haven't you noticed that?
Gilda: You make it sound---
Mundson: There's a heat in it that one can feel. Didn't you feel it tonight?
Gilda: No.
Mundson: I did. It warmed me. Hate is the only thing that has ever warmed me.

Johnny: I take care of everything that belongs to the boss.
Gilda: What's his is yours?
Johnny: I got some news for you, Gilda. He didn't just buy something. He's in love with ya.
Gilda: Is that so hard to understand?
Johnny: And you're not going to do anything...
Gilda: I've got some news for you, Johnny. I'm going to do exactly what I please when I please. I was true to one man once, and look what happened. I made up my mind then...
Johnny: This isn't about us, it's about him.
Gilda: Really? You don't say so.
Johnny: And get this straight. I don't care what you do, but I'm gonna see to it that it looks all right to him. From now on, you go anywhere you please with anyone you please, but I'm gonna take you there and I'm gonna pick you up and bring you home. Get that? Exactly the way I'd take and pick up his laundry.
Gilda: Shame on you, Johnny. Any psychiatrist would tell you that your thought associations are very revealing.
Johnny: What are you talking about?
Gilda: Any psychiatrist would tell you that means something, Johnny.
Johnny: Did you hear what I said?
Gilda: Sure, I heard what you said. You're gonna take me there and pick me up - all to protect Ballin. Who do ya think you're kidding, Johnny? [she leaves]
Johnny: [voice-over] I hated her so, I couldn't get her out of my mind for a minute. She was in the air I breathed, the food I ate...

Gilda: Why don't you make it easy on yourself and let him find out about me, or are you afraid of what he might do to me? Johnny! I am...
Johnny: What?!
Gilda: ...afraid.
Johnny: You?
Gilda: Oh Johnny, I wish I'd never...
Johnny: Never what?
Gilda: Getting married on the rebound is so stupid.
Johnny: Rebound from what?
Gilda: You. Because, you don't know a man you've only known one day.
Johnny: He doesn't know you either. That way, you start even. All fair and even.
Gilda: Would it interest you to know how much I hate you, Johnny?
Johnny: Very much.
Gilda: I hate you so much I would destroy myself to take you down with me. Now I've warned you. Now that's all fair and even.
Johnny: All fair and even... Now would it interest you to know that I know why you're hanging around here at five o'clock in the morning?
Gilda: I told you. I'm the laundry. I'm simply obeying instructions.
Johnny: Now who's kidding who, Gilda?

Johnny: Get your clothes on. You're gettin' out of here.
Gilda: Are we, Johnny? Are we?
Johnny: Not we! You!
Gilda: You do hate me, don't you, Johnny?
Johnny: I don't think you have any idea how much.
Gilda: Hate is a very exciting emotion. Haven't you noticed? Very exciting. I hate you too, Johnny. I hate you so much, I think I'm gonna die from it. Darling. [She falls into his arms and they kiss passionately] I think I'm gonna die from it.

Det. Obregon: You two kids love each other pretty terribly, don't you?
Johnny: I hate her!
det. Obregon: That's what I mean. It's the most curious love-hate pattern I've ever had the privilege of witnessing. And as long as you're as sick in the head as you are about her, you're not able to think about anything clearly.

Obregon: You know, I'm a great cop, Mr. Farrell. I'm certainly a push-over for a love story... [To Uncle Pio and Johnny] You two can quit being noble any time you like, you know, because a man can only die once, and Mundson committed suicide three months ago. Besides, didn't you ever hear of a thing called justifiable homicide?
Gilda: Johnny, let's go home. Let's go home.




  • There NEVER was a woman like Gilda!
  • "I didn't think I'd be true to a man again as long as I lived..."
  • "I was true to one man once... and look what happened..."
  • Bewitchy !
  • RITA HAYWORTH...dynamic as never before...scaling new dramatic heights in her most exciting role!
  • Gilda gambles as recklessly as she lives!
  • Johnny, let me go, please let me go. I can't stand it any more...
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