Ghosts (American TV series)

American television sitcom

Ghosts (2021–present) is an American sitcom, airing on CBS, about a young couple whose dreams come true when they inherit a beautiful country house, only to find it's both falling apart and inhabited by many of the deceased previous residents.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot [1.01] Edit

[First lines of the series]
Trevor: It won't be long now.
Alberta: At least she's comfortable.
Pete: There's definitely worse ways to go.
Alberta: Amen.

Isaac: We are ghosts. While most spirits pass on to the afterlife, we are the unfortunate few cursed to spend eternity... Oh, and she's gone.

Isaac: We are ghosts, those poor spirits who dwell on, compelled for reasons unknown to...
[Crash is headless. Samantha screams in terror.]
[final lines]

Hello! [1.02] Edit

Isaac: Okay, I need you to look up "Alexander Hamilton" on this.

Viking Funeral [1.03] Edit

Jay: You're not even listening to me.
Samantha: Babe, you're not listening to me.

Dinner Party [1.04] Edit

Pete: Unbelievable!
[final lines]

Halloween [1.05] Edit

Alberta: We hate Halloween.
Jay: What did they say?
Samantha: They don't like it.
Jay: OK, that feels off brand.

Pete's Wife [1.06] Edit

[first lines]
Pete: And just like everything else, when it comes to nature and safety or even plain old life lessons, it's all in this book. Which brings us to today's lesson: archery!
Scouts: Yay!
Pete: Now, I'm sure we all just want to just start flinging arrows at the targets, but, first, we need to go over some basic safety rules, okay? Rule number one... and I cannot emphasize this enough... never notch an arrow when someone is downra...
[A scout shoots the dart on Pete's neck with an arrow.]
Pete: Is it... uh... is it in my neck? Uh... this is actually a great opportunity to discuss what to do in this situation, right? Becky. Becky, you want to run and tell the lady at the house and see if you can use her phone? I'm gonna... I'm actually gonna take a nap, uh, behind the sh-shed over there. Let's reconvene in 15, okay? Mm. You know, 15, 20.

Flower's Article [1.07] Edit

[first lines]
Bank Robber #1: This is a stickup. Everybody down on the ground. Just stay on the floor, and nobody gets hurt.
Bank Robber #2: Hurry up before the pigs get here.

D&D [1.08] Edit

[first lines]
Isaac: Troops, we're running low on fresh water, so I must speak against this ridiculous new trend of hand-washing.

Jay: Seriously, this is super creepy! Are you guys still in here? Please leave.
[final lines]

Alberta's Fan [1.09] Edit

[first lines]
Alberta: Let's go, Sam! We don't have all day!

Possession [1.10] Edit

Hetty: Careful, you cad. Those sconces are made of pure leaded crystal. They are worth more than Oklahoma.
Jay: Okay, yep. Easy-peasy...
[Jay gets electrocuted and falls on top of Hetty.]
Samantha: Jay! Oh, my gosh. Are you okay?
Flower: What's going on?
Samantha: I think Jay electrocuted himself.
Isaac: Oh, he's fine. Ben Franklin used to do the same thing all the time for attention. More like Needy Richard's Almanack, am I right?

Sam's Mom [1.11] Edit

Sasappis: And also to remind you to leave the TV on when you go.

Jay's Sister [1.12] Edit

Samantha: He used the kitchen iPad. I knew we needed a better password than 1234.

The Vault [1.13] Edit

Jay: Okay. I'll just stay in here with the corpse and all the ghosts. I was kidding. Sam, please slow down! Sam!

Ghostwriter [1.14] Edit

Thorfinn: Yes! Is favorite story that does not involve killing Danes.
[final lines]

Thorapy [1.15] Edit

Trevor: Sam!

Trevor's Pants [1.16] Edit

[first lines]
Trevor: Boys, boys. Notice anything different about me?
Ari: Uh, no, but I noticed something different about your mom when I left her house this morning.
All: Oh!

Attic Girl [1.17] Edit

Samantha: Alexa, play "Kiss Me".
Alexa: Playing "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer.

Hetty: You should take it down.
Stephanie: No, that's my poster.
Hetty: Take it down.
Stephanie: That's my special new poster.
Hetty: Take it down!
Ghosts: No!
[final lines]

Farnsby & B [1.18] Edit

Samantha and Jay: Welcome to Woodstone B & B.

Season 2 Edit

Spies [2.01] Edit

Tom: I feel as if I've died and went to heaven.
Alberta: If only if it were that simple.

Alberta's Podcast [2.02] Edit

Samantha: A podcast is like a... like a TV show but without the pictures.
Alberta: Baby, that's called radio. What you're describing is radio.

Jay's Friends [2.03] Edit

Jay: Yeah, okay, so he's a bit hippie-dip pie, I'll give you that, but you don't know him yet.

The Tree [2.04] Edit

Samantha: She says hi.

Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty's Past [2.05] Edit

Both: Spirit, spirit, listen clear.

The Baby Bjorn [2.06] Edit

Isaac: Through a combination of shrewd bargaining and a general disdain for physical touch...

Dumb Deaths [2.07] Edit

Thorfinn: Yeah. Ugh.

Isaac: And while today he may be celebrated as a great man, it turns out Hamilton was a bit of a nose-picker.

The Liquor License [2.08] Edit

Ben Franklin: Higgintoot.

The Christmas Spirit Edit

Part 1 [2.09] Edit

Thorfinn: Careful.
[Samantha gets electrocuted and falls on top of Thorfinn.]
Samantha: What happen? Why hands so small and clean?
Ghosts: Merry Christmas, Sam!

Part 2 [2.10] Edit

Pete: It-it wasn't your fault, though. I mean, you were still figuring things out yourself.

The Perfect Assistant [2.11] Edit

Flower: Ooh. What's going on?

The Family Business [2.12] Edit

Hetty: It's time we finally discuss our little Christmas dalliance.

Ghost Hunter [2.13] Edit

Sasappis: My relationship's on the line and Jay's pinching pennies.

Trevor's Body [2.14] Edit

Hetty: Tara Reid is giving a speech.

A Date To Remember [2.15] Edit

Jay: Okay. What do Vikings eat?

Jay: Happy Valentine's Day to me.

Isaac's Book [2.16] Edit

Terry: So, you're proposing a book about a regular guy who was near some things and then crapped himself to death?

Weekend From Hell [2.17] Edit

Pete: Hey, Sam, I'm ready!

Alberta's Descendant [2.18] Edit

Alberta: Don't let up.

Alicia: Her toenail?

Ghost Father of the Bride [2.19] Edit

Alberta: We found Crash's head.
Crash: Hiya, Toots.
Samantha: Oh, my God!

Woodstone's Hottest Couple [2.20] Edit

Stephanie: Are you happy to see me?

Stephanie: You know, I'm technically 54 years old now.

Whodunnit [2.21] Edit

Samantha: I have one day to solve Alberta's murder.

Thorfinn: You just drink alcohol even though no idea who gave it to you.
Alberta: What's your point though, we all got here somehow.

The Heir [2.22] Edit

Pete: Cheese & crackers!

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