Ghost Shark

2013 film by Griff Furst

Ghost Shark is a 2013 film about a Great White shark, killed by rednecks on a fishing trip, whose spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport.

Directed by Griff Furst. Written by Eric Forsberg.


Finch: You think ghosts are logical, Sheriff?
Sheriff Martin: Who said anything about ghosts, Finch?
Finch: I did. You know that's the trouble with people like you sheriff, never want to deal with the truth 'till its too late. Ghosts are real, as real as the lies this town is built on, as real as the price were gonna to pay for those sins. You mark my words, you mark my words.
Sheriff Martin: Well maybe if you dried out occasionally, your words might actually mean something.
Me: Hi


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